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  • IMDb page: Watch Full Movie Sairat (2016) Free
  • Rate: 8.7/10 total 4,774 votes
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  • Genre: Drama | Romance
  • Release Date: 29 April 2016 (India)
  • Runtime: 174 min
  • Filming Location: Karmala, Maharashtra, India
  • Director: Nagraj Manjule
  • Stars: Rinku Rajguru, Akash Thosar, Arbaz Shaikh |See full cast & crew »
  • Original Music By: Ajay Gogavale  Atul Gogavale
  • Soundtrack: Yad Lagla
  • Plot Keyword: Politician | Love | Caste Differences | Casteism | Forbidden Love

Sairat (2016) Writing Credits By:

  • Nagraj Manjule (story and screenplay)
  • Nagraj Manjule (dialogue) &
  • Bharat Manjule (dialogue)

You can watch Sairat (2016) movie online streaming in High Definition Now, Get Free watch Sairat (2016) movie online with simple fill in sign up form by click the button image, Enjoy all the top new movie releases with All Faves Film Streaming! Just watched this Sairat (2016) Free movie online, It is truly spectacular and may one of those rare amazing, The acting was great all round, The direction, cinematography and visual effects were all greatly innovative and brilliant, The screenplay fun, often humorous and has a lot of heart for all its characters which are all really well developed.

If you love Rinku Rajguru, Akash Thosar, Arbaz Shaikh |See full cast & crew » you must watch and download Sairat (2016) full HD onliine…

Sairat (2016) Known Trivia

  • Sairat is the first Indian Film to record music at Sony Symphony Studio at Los Angeles, United States with more than 60 musicians ! 27 of 28 found this interesting Interesting? Yes No |
  • Akash Thosar was a wrestler and he had lost almost 14 Kg to prepare for the role of parshya. Sairat 2016 16 of 16 found this interesting Interesting? Yes No |
  • Officially selected for 66th Berlin International Film Festival, Received a standing ovation after the show. Sairat 2016 15 of 15 found this interesting Interesting? Yes No |
  • For song “Yed Lagla”, Ajay-Atul recorded symphonies with an orchestra of 66 musicians as 45 string section, 6 piece woodwinds, 13 piece of brass including 6 piece of horn section and 1 harp in Sony Scoring Stage,Hollywood. Sairat 2016 It was conducted by the renowned Mark Graham, with an emphatic stress on the arrangement of instruments like cello, violin, harp, horns and brass. Sairat 2016 14 of 14 found this interesting Interesting? Yes No |
  • Both Akash Thosar & Rinku Rajguru were from non acting backgrounds. Sairat 2016 Sairat was their debut movie. Sairat 2016 Akash & Rinku were handpicked by the Director Nagraj Manjule 12 of 12 found this interesting Interesting? Yes No |
  • 90% of actors in this movie are debutants. Sairat 2016 12 of 12 found this interesting Interesting? Yes No |
  • Rinku Rajguru received Special Mention at 63rd National Awards for her acting in Sairat.This is also her debut movie. Sairat 2016 11 of 11 found this interesting Interesting? Yes No |
  • Rinku Rajguru was just 14 years old and studying in standard 9th during the film’s release. Sairat 2016 10 of 10 found this interesting Interesting? Yes No |
  • Sairat is the highest grosser film in the history of the Marathi Cinema. Sairat 2016 9 of 9 found this interesting Interesting? Yes No |
  • The film has a soundtrack from the movie ‘Fandry’ end credits. Sairat 2016 It is played at the cricket match and at the birthday party by a group of people for cheering the mob. Sairat 2016 Even the song ‘Zingat’ starts with same tune played on different instrument. Sairat 2016 Fandry is made by the same director. Sairat 2016 8 of 8 found this interesting Interesting? Yes No |

Tag Sairat (2016): Sairat – Wikipedia Sairat (English: Wild) is a 2016 Indian Marathi-language musical romantic drama starring Rinku Rajguru and Akash Thosar, It is directed by Nagraj Manjule and produced , Sairat (2016) Marathi Movie Cast Story Trailer Release , Tags, sairat c, sairat marathi movie cast, sairat filam budget, sairat movie poster, Sairat marati movie, sirat aal actor name, sairat, marath sahirat , Sairat Marathi Movie Songs.jpg – Sairat (2016) – Free , Sairat (2016) marathi movie songs download,Sairat (2016) Marathi Movie mp3 Free, Sairat (2016) full video songs, lyrics, Albums, HD MP4, 3GP, dvdrip, ringtones , Sairat Full Marathi Movie HD MP4.jpg – Sairat (2016 , Sairat (2016) marathi movie songs download,Sairat (2016) Marathi Movie mp3 Free, Sairat (2016) full video songs, lyrics, Albums, HD MP4, 3GP, dvdrip, ringtones , Sairat (2016) Marathi Movie Songs Download for Free Sairat Songs, Download Sairat (2016) Marathi Movies MP3 Songs from DJMaza, Music by Ajay-Atul, Sairat (2016) – IMDb Directed by Nagraj Manjule, With Rinku Rajguru, Akash Thosar, Arbaz Shaikh, Tanaji Galgunde, In interior Maharashtra, a fisherman’s son and a local politician’s , Sairat (2016) :: A To Z Movie Songs > SSS Free Download , Sairat (2016) marathi movie songs download,Sairat (2016) FunMarathi Movie mp3 Free, Sairat (2016) full video songs, Full Hd lyrics, Albums, HD MP4, 3GP, dvdrip , Sairat (2016) Marathi Songs Download – VipMarathi.Co Sairat (2016) Marathi Mp3 Songs Download – VipMarathi.Co Sairat (2016) Free Download Sairat (2016) Marathi Movie Mp3 Songs Download, , full video songs download, HD MP4, dvdrip, lyrics, ringtones, Trailer, Movie watch online, Sairat, Sairat songs, Marathi Album Sairat 2016, , Sairat songs online, Listen to Marathi songs from Sairat, Sairat 2016, Songs from Sairat, Music by Ajay-Atul, Starring Akash Thosar, Rinku Rajguru

Goofs: Errors made by characters (possibly deliberate errors by the filmmakers): In scene when Parshya confesses his love to Archie, he then looks down, slightly rubbing his face with his left hand while Archie says “Marathit sangitlela kalat nahi, english madi sangu” dialogue.. Sairat 2016 his hand had folded fingers and closed palm, but in the next shot his fingers are unfolded with palm open as the camera angle changes.

Sairat (2016) Plot: In interior Maharashtra, a fisherman’s son and a local politician’s daughter fall in love against the restrictions of caste hierarchy. Sairat 2016 Full summary » |  »

Sairat (2016) Story: Sairat is a love story, as advertised. Sairat 2016 Aarchi , a rich upper class girl falls for her classmate Parshya , a poor but smart boy from the lower social strata. Sairat 2016 The magic happens, and they start seeing each other. Sairat 2016 Secretly at first, but they get bolder with passing time. Sairat 2016 The problem is that Aarchi is not just from the upper class, her father is a powerful politician, and her brother Prince is following in on his footsteps. Sairat 2016 The entire affair is a recipe for trouble, and as expected, trouble arrives. Sairat 2016 With the help of Parshya’s friends, Baalya and Salya, they decide to make a run for it, but fate has other plans. Sairat 2016 Written byjadhav-kishore

Produced By: Watch Full Movie Sairat (2016) Free

  • Nishant Roy Bombarde known as executive producer
  • Kulkarni Gargee known as executive producer
  • Nitin Keni known as producer (as Nittin Keni)
  • Nagraj Manjule known as associate producer
  • Nikhil Sane known as producer

Sairat (2016) Free Movie Watch Online HD FullCast & Crew:

  • Rinku Rajguru known as Archana Patil (Archie)
  • Akash Thosar known as Prashant Kale (Parshya)
  • Arbaz Shaikh known as Salim Shaikh (Sallya)
  • Tanaji Galgunde known as Pradeep Bansode (Langdya)
  • Suresh Vishwakarma known as Patil ‘Tatya’ (Archie’s Father)
  • Suraj Pawar known as Prince
  • Anuja Mule known as Annie
  • Bhushan Manjule known as Shaid
  • Chhaya Kadam known as Suman
  • Rubina Inamdar known as Sapna
  • Nagraj Manjule known as Cricket Commentator
  • Shivam More known as Aakash (Parshya-Archie’s Son)
  • Mithunchandra Chaudhari known as Lokhande Sir
  • Geeta Chavan known as Archie’s Mother
  • Dhananjay Nanaware known as Mangesh (Mangya)
  • Vaibhavi Pardeshi known as Parshya’s Mother
  • Jyoti Subhash known as Saguna Aatya
  • Sambhaji Tangde known as Parshya’s Father

If you love Rinku Rajguru, Akash Thosar, Arbaz Shaikh |See full cast & crew » you must watch and download Sairat (2016) full HD onliine…


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  1. dharmendra from Bangalore says:

    Saw the show few hours back and it was a sheer delight to watch aMarathi movie done with such elegance and crispness. Having Marathi asmy mother tongue helped me understand a lot of context that gets lostin translation for non native viewers.

    Story : I won't go into the story as I really wish you watch the movieand be surprised with the freshness of a love story seldom told withsuch honesty and rooted in reality. It could have easily succumbed tobeing another Bollywoodish love story; shallow and melodramatic. Kudosto Nagraj Manjule for not bowing to the formulaic templates beingdished out now days.

    Dialogues : The movies scores very high on the dialogs partly becausethere is no attempt made to pander to city audiences. The language iskept as close to rural Marathi from Western Maharashtra that cityslickers might easily miss the clever one liners that make even anaverage line an attention grabber. Slang used throughout the movie addsa earthy quality. I wanted to list it here, but IMDb's languagerecognition treats it as a spelling mistake. 😐

    Music & Background score : This has to be the most significant factorto 'bring' the people to the theater. In the absence of known faces,the film depended a lot on the music to get people interested beforethe release and Ajay-Atul didn't disappoint! The melodies are few ofthe sweetest ones heard in years and they are served in varying degreesof moods too. From a dreamy melody for Parshya to the melodious fusionof rock to vocals for Archie juxtaposed with the peppy dance number'Zing Zing Zingat' the music stands out for special mention. I get thefeeling of having heard parts of the score before though. Can't pinpoint exactly.

    Recording the symphony in Sony studios, LA has made the songs moreenjoyable. Personally, I would rate them very close, if not better,than soundtracks from legends like Nino Rota, Ennio Morricone, HansZimmer & James Horner.

    Direction : Nagraj Manjule proves once again that movies with a messagecan be entertaining without being preachy. Especially, with the kind ofsubject he deals with it becomes very important to make sure it doesn'tslip into a rhetoric bordering on a bias. It could be disastrous for amovie to 'hurt sentiments' in India and get away with it. He treads thenarrow path with elegance and yet manages to shove a bitter pill downthe throat of the audience without them knowing it.

    All said and done, for all those who expect it to be a run of the milllove story shall be woken up for sure as the final scene unravelsbefore them. It reminded me of the tracking shot in 'Taxi Driver'.

    Camera work : The camera-work is top notch. Beautiful locales andmagnificent vistas are captured with an equal bias to the protagonists.The slow mo shots embellish the movie without distracting the audience.In fact the audience erupted in joy to witness such slick work in aMarathi movie.

    Acting : It is Archie (Rinku Rajguru) all the way. Her screen presenceis without doubt impressive and difficult to believe her debut as well.Her face lends itself to many moments which would test even a seasonedactor. However, she carries all those scenes with a poise and honestythat the character demands. It is difficult to separate the characterof Archie from Rinku such is the grasp of Rinku throughout the movie.Her character more of less decides the direction of the movie. Anylesser actor and the film would have been boring at 3hr length.

    The rest of the characters are perfectly cast as well (good job by thecasting director). Every character seems to essay a real person'ssketch such is the honesty in the portrayal of the actors. EspeciallyParshya and his two partners in crime, Pradeep (aka Langda) & Salya(Salim).

    Parshya (Aakash) is good looking and has carried off the somewhat soberParshya's character with a lot of honesty. He emotes well and looksintimidating where it demands. He can definitely go a long way providedhe gets similar roles in the future or he adds another dimension to hisacting not demanded by Parshya's character.

    Pradeep Bansode (Langdya) is a surprise package who stands by hisfriend and adds a lot of the comic relief throughout the first half.His eagerness to help out his friend emanates from his own failure, soit seems. He even blushes on his friends behalf!

    Salim (Salya) is Parshya's neighbor and equally committed to thefriendship. He adds the third angle to the chemistry among the threefriends and is the voice of reason too. His acting evokes genuinewarmth for Parshya.

    Final comments : Nagraj has successfully coated a bitter pill in asweet first half and sour second half that strikes the right chord assoon as it 'hits' you in the end.

    *Watched again a 2nd time; heres the update*: Thank God for notreducing the length of the film. The film was equally enjoyable thesecond time around as well. Not to forget the masterstroke of a climaxliterally evoked a standing ovation from me again. Just wonderingwhether it was re-edited a bit. Either ways an excellent effort.

  2. Nitish Shete from Maidstone, England says:

    After a huge publicity and long wait, the expectations were alreadyhigh from movie, and yet this movie delivered on every level.

    'Sairat' means zeal, passion or ardour. It is not a new story, we haveseen similar plots on screen before. What makes this movie so specialis 'Beauty in Simplicity'. A guy from lower strata of caste systemfalls for a rich upper class girl, then there is 'The Great Wall ofIndian Caste System' standing between them. It is a story about theirlove, resistance, struggle and their survival. Every character feels soreal and believable that I actually forgot they are just acting infront of camera. Cinematography, screenplay, music, background score,performances, direction.. all top notch !! There is a lot I can sayabout this movie, but it would spoil the fun for those who want towatch. The first half is totally hilarious and funny, it is like asweet dream for all 'love birds' out there. The second half is a helllot of reality, but that is what makes is a masterpiece.

    The movie is released with English Subtitles, so doesn't matter whetheryou are Marathi speaking or not, I recommend you go watch this movie,specially if you want to witness the life of simple yet complex villagepeople. Of course some meaning is always lost in translation, but I amsure you won't be disappointed. Hats Off to Nagraj Sir and the entireteam.

    If such quality cinema is produced in Marathi industry, then we don'tneed to go looking for that in Bollywood and Hollywood. Keep'em coming!!

  3. nikhilkharat says:

    This is not a review of this film. It is an attempt to explain fewthings before you watch this film, so that anyone without a properknowledge of what exactly the "story" wants to express to viewers willat least get an idea of what the film is all about.

    This film is about a boy and a girl who falls in love – a boy is fromone caste and a girl from another caste. Problem rises between thembecause the fusion of different castes is not allowed in India. Whatexactly caste is? It is nothing but fabricated way of dividing apopulation into a "caste". The fusion of different castes as I said isnot allowed and it is the religion that supports this notion.

    To the people who have no idea of how caste system works – be it peoplewho live in India or live outside of India have to remember this only -It is this – Caste System works in two forms – In its preserving form,it makes intermarriage i.e. exogamy impossible and when caste switchesto its religious form, it makes Untouchability prevailing in moderntimes.

    Rest, the film will do the talking!

  4. ganeshpawar-94 from India says:

    Nagraj Manjule does it again !!! He proved that he is not a one filmwonder kind of filmmaker and he is here to stay .

    Marathi cinema is proving its greatness now and then by giving back toback gems like this movie !!!!

    I had some doubts about this movie as I felt it was same old love storybut thank you Nagraj Manjule for proving me wrong . This is the bestmovie I've ever seen on this topic .

    Sairat is love story of Parshya and Archi. Story though a bitpredictable but screenplay is excellent . First half of the movie isfunny and entertaining but it's the second half that will hit you hard. Love scenes between the leads are lovable and you can relate to them. You will feel for the pair . Like Fandry , Manjule once again showedmirror to our society .

    Music by the great duo Ajay-Atul is great as always , their music addsmore to the love story . Music will make you feel the love between theleads .

    Acting by the cast needs special mention . Not just the lead pair butwhole cast did a great job . Rinku Rajguru got a special mention atprestigious National awards , no more needed to says , she is justawesome . Akshay Thosar is very natural . He makes Parshya look veryreal .

    But the characters of Pradeep and Salim deserves accolades for theirperformance . Arbaz Shaikh as Salim is a friend in need a friend indeedkind of a friend . He is always there whenever Parshya needs him .Suraj Pawar as prince has brief but significant role , and he is justperfect. But Tanaji Galgunde as Pradeep was my favorite. He got rightunder the skin of the character . He is lovable and funny .

    Camera work was just awesome , every scene is shot so beautifully .Cinematography is one of the best features of the movie . Though movieis quit long but not at all boring . It is very real and raw movie .Second half of the movie is executed perfectly . This is the kind ofthe movie which will make you think about it even after the movie isover . It will leave you with the feeling which cannot be explained ,it's a must watch for sure !!!

  5. sur1503 from United States says:

    I was excited, thrilled after watching this movie. I must say this isone of the epic movie in the Marathi cinema industry. Its been quite anawesome experience. The direction, cinematography, and very catchy songnumbers with one of the best music ever created by duo Ajay-Atul. MrNagraj Manjule once again provided the world with very good movie. Allthe best to all the team of "Sairat". After giving hits like Pistulya,Fandry, this movie will break all the records and will be one of thebiggest hits ever in Marathi Cinema industry. Sairat movie with verywell scripted story. Every song is unbeatable with huge fan followingeverywhere – Zing Zing Zingat, the title song "Sairat", Ata ga bayaka", Yad lagla.

  6. Nilesh Khairnar from Nashik says:

    I've watched Sairat on Sunday (1st May). I enjoyed it a lot & I don'thave sufficient words for this Movie that how much I appreciated &satisfied!!

    Great acting, mind blowing music by my favorite Ajay-Atul. Hats-off toNagraj Manjule for giving us the Best ever Awesome Marathi movie. Also,

    Aakash Thosar (Prashant) have done his acting naturally which becamesuccessful. And after experienced about Rinku Rajguru (Archana's)acting, I got known that why she is nominated for the National Award!!Very well act done by this couple. I hope, in future Nagraj Manjulewill give us such an awesome movies for us.

    I also thinks that there is nothing boring or bad in this movie evenfor a minute. All 3hours entertained me a lot.

    And that's why I'm giving for this movie totally 10 STARS!!

    Thanks to SAIRAT team once again!!

  7. abhijeets001 from India says:

    After a classic like "Fandry", Nagraj Manjule has brought a trulycommercial yet true and realistic story of "Sairat". As known to allSairat is well marketed movie but it delivers what was expected frompromos and from director like Nagraj.

    Movie starts with village environment which is realistic. Director hasshown the real lifestyle of rural Maharashtra which is quite same inall rural areas in India. The execution of story is mind blowing. Itholds all your attention throughout the movie.

    The way love story of 'Parshya' and 'Archie' blossoms with theentertaining and dreamy surrounding, is awesome. You'll find first partof movie funny and entertaining, It will make you experience of love ofrural India. The methods of love expressing are very realistic andpeople from rural areas can find themselves in movie characters.

    Though Interval is delayed, it has reason due to which viewers getlocked into movie.

    Music from Ajay-Atul is fantastic as always. Songs of this movie hasalready topped charts. Background score is also nice and effective.

    Coming to climax of movie that confused many critics but that is thesole or 'soul' reason of making this movie. Nagraj has presented it assame as it happens in reality, till date, in many areas of India. Hehas raised very important issue of Honor Killing seriously yetbeautifully by means of cinema.

    After all, this is the true art work which reflects ignored realitiesin our society. Hope this movie can change those mindsets.

    Do give a watch in theaters!

    Hats off to all Nagraj Popatrao Manjule team!

  8. vaibhav-axd from mumbai says:

    Sairat means fearless, independent, unstoppable and is rightly titled.A movie can't get any better than this, Shows Love and friendship invery realistic and beautiful way. It has the rawness and innocence oflove. It sets an example of the kind of friends everyone should have.Climax will leave you speechless. the movie keeps you entertained rightthroughout. But its not only about love. This movie is more whathappens later. Unfortunately sometimes just loving someone is notenough. songs are beautifully pictured. Direction is exceptionally toogood. Nagraj Manjule is Simple Best Director India has. Cinematographyis great . One of the most interesting thing about this movie is theyhave not used a single set while making this movie. Thi is the mostsensible and entertaining film.

  9. nikhil-71178 says:

    Saw the noon show very next day of "Sairat" release day, Movie startedwith a cricket match in village, Right from the starting you are indifferent era and you came out as a full of all sort feelings exists.

    Not seen any nice movie in last few years with this very simple story,BUT its Cast and Direction and script and editing made it one hell ofromantic drama, though cinematography can be better. The Lead Actresswho is debut like many actors in movie is fabulous, you can literallyfeel her innocence, love, anger. Supporting cast especially Pratik andSallya made their presence.

    Romantic movie has redefined yet again by Nagrath Majule the directorof movie. He already has made his mark through his debut movie"Fandry". Dialogs and script is winner here. Movie wanders in your mindfor long long time after you left seat in cinema hall.

  10. Sandeep More from India says:

    'Sairat' is not just a beautifully woven film; it also has elements ofa mass entertainer. The brilliant music from Ajay-Atul, camera work,and a graph that encompasses happiness and sadness, only add to thequality. With a running time of almost three hours, one might think itto be a tedious watch. It could've been slightly crisper butthroughout, the film has a powerful grasp on its subject. The viewerdoesn't get bored because something or the other keeps happening.

    Another strong point of the film is that it doesn't rely on knownfaces. Akash and Rinku are debutantes but their performance is at parwith seasoned actors. The mass identifies with Parshya and Archi andthis is one of the prime reasons that the film stand to gain with.Tanaji provides comic relief and he does it well. Nagraj Manjule'scameo is memorable.

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