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  • IMDb page: Watch Blue Jay (2016) Online Free Megavideo
  • Rate: 7.3/10 total 3,235 votes
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  • Genre: Drama
  • Runtime: 80 min
  • Gross: $5,159 (USA) (7 October 2016)
  • Director: Alex Lehmann
  • Stars: Mark Duplass, Sarah Paulson, Clu Gulager |See full cast & crew »
  • Original Music By: Julian Wass
  • Soundtrack: Jim Cain

Blue Jay (2016) Writing Credits By:

  • Mark Duplass (written by)

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Blue Jay (2016) Known Trivia

  • There was no script. Blue Jay 2016 The actors were given a summary of the movie and their characters and the rest was improvization. Blue Jay 2016 73 of 73 found this interesting Interesting? Yes No |
  • Filmed on a canon camera without built in recording or built in power source, that was created as an army or security camera. Blue Jay 2016 8 of 8 found this interesting Interesting? Yes No |

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Blue Jay (2016) Plot: Meeting by chance when they return to their tiny California hometown, two former high-school sweethearts reflect on their shared past. Blue Jay 2016 Full summary » |  »

Blue Jay (2016) Story: The two main characters, Jim and Amanda (Mark and Sarah) were high school sweethearts, but as time has passed they moved on with their lives and they have now become adults who have had their own different experiences along the way and now that they have reunited, we find they still have that chemistry between them. Blue Jay 2016 This was great casting, these two actors work really well together, normally I throw 9’s and 10’s all over the place These characters are so natural, so done with this earth in the sense that they live in our world, they are believable and now need an escape even if it is just for a single day. Blue Jay 2016 This movie focuses on just them, these two people for the entire film and I cannot thank Mark Duplass for this (he is the screenwriter) because I have not seen a film where the two main characters are the only characters, I didn’t get sick of them, I did not find them boring, ever, they were very fleshed out and they felt like genuine, real people who were put in this situation and … Blue Jay 2016 Written byIsabel Aghahowa

Produced By: Watch Blue Jay (2016) Online Free Megavideo

  • Xan Aranda known as producer
  • Ian Bricke known as executive producer
  • Jay Duplass known as executive producer
  • Mark Duplass known as executive producer
  • Mel Eslyn known as producer
  • Sydney Fleischmann known as co-producer

Watch Full Movie Blue Jay (2016) Free HD FullCast & Crew:


  • Mark Duplass known as Jim
  • Sarah Paulson known as Amanda
  • Clu Gulager known as Waynie
  • James Andrews known as Background
  • Harris Benbury known as Background
  • Daniel Brooks known as Background
  • Mary Brooks known as Background
  • Bill Greer known as Background
  • Cindy Greer known as Background
  • Ana Iovine known as Background
  • Leo Munoz known as Background
  • Loretta Munoz known as Background
  • Brady Rice known as Background
  • Karen Rice known as Background

If you love Mark Duplass, Sarah Paulson, Clu Gulager |See full cast & crew » you must watch and download Blue Jay (2016) full HD onliine…


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  1. wxgirl55 from Canada says:

    I love this film. It's perfect. I would not change a thing.

    It's the gem I always hope to discover when I go to TIFF, and it'sironic that the large costly studio films seen earlier in the week fellflat… and here's this little two-character indie film shot in just 7days… and it blows the heavyweights out of the water.

    Sarah Paulson is at the top of her game. She should be nominated andwin many awards for her portrayal of Amanda. Yes, she is that good.

    The direction, acting, cinematography, editing, script, music… allcoalesce to create this perfect little gem. It is bliss to watch andexperience.


    Jim is back in his childhood home sorting through family belongingsafter this mother's death.

    Amanda is back in town to visit with her sister who's expecting a baby.

    Jim and Amanda run into each other at the local grocery store and havea difficult and awkward time acknowledging each other's presence. Whatis making them so uncomfortable? Grab your popcorn and watch theirstory unfold.

    That's it. That's all I'm saying about the film's story line. The lessyou know, the sweeter the experience of finding out about these two.But I fell in love with both of them.

  2. Solvi Fannar ( from Iceland says:

    Beautifully written, directed, filmed, recorded and edited – this filmbrings forward a magical chemistry seldom seen on the 'big screen'.

    One can hardly but integrate with the wonderfully true performances ofSarah Paulson and multi-talented Mark Duplass through thefirm-yet-relaxed direction of Alexandre Lehmann's uniquecinematography, cemented ever so subtly by Christopher Donlon.

    Clu Gulager reminds us that true talent, like love, is ageless.

    Getting to take part in and leave a legacy like Blue Jay would be adream come true for almost any actor, filmmaker or expressive artist.

    But anyone can take a trip into their own Universe of emotions withthis masterpiece.

  3. David Ferguson ( from Dallas, Texas says:

    Greetings again from the darkness. Mark Duplass is the master ofawkward. As a writer he excels in awkward encounters, awkwardconversations, awkward situations … and awkward people. He can evencreate awkward out minimalism – two people in a simple and normalenvironment.

    A bearded Mr. Duplass stars as Jim, a seemingly normal guy who hasreturned to his small hometown to pack up his mother's house after herpassing. While at the local market, he bumps into his old high schoolsweetheart Amanda, played by Sarah Paulson, who just happens to be intown visiting her expectant sister. Their awkward grocery aisle reunionleads to a very unusual … and yes, awkward … evening.

    First time director Alexandre Lehmann uses his extensive experience asa cinematographer, and a black & white motif, to create a beautifullyfilmed story that is both simple and layered. Only one other actorappears in the movie … one scene with the great Clu Galager ("TheVirginian", The Last Picture Show) as a local merchant who provides alink to the past for Amanda and Jim. The bulk of the time is spent inJim's mother's house – a literal time capsule that allows forreminiscing for the two former lovers.

    Amongst the old familiar clothes, photos, letters, books and audiotapes, Jim and Amanda somehow progress to a bizarre form of roleplaying/play acting as if they had married young and were nowcelebrating their 20th wedding anniversary. You guessed it … awkward.Dinner, dancing, acting silly, jelly beans, Annie Lennox and cuttingloose leads them to an awkward bedroom encounter. This moment finallyproduces an explosion of emotion which uncovers the long-buried sourceof their break-up … shutting down their fantasy game of recapturing thepast.

    It would be pretty easy to compare the film to Richard Linklater'sBefore Sunrise (1995) or Before Sunset (2004), and though it has morein common with the latter, this one comes across more raw andmelancholy than those more celebrated films. We never once doubt thissituation could play out, but the only word to describe two formerlovers exploring "what could have been" is … awkward. It's acaptivating movie to watch and yet another feather in the cap ofDuplass Productions.

  4. aidellero from Morocco says:

    It's the first review I'm writing. Actually, I've never felt the needof writing a review- thought that the score I give is already a goodcontribution. But Blue Jay is something else. It's the most genuinefeeling I've ever felt while watching a movie, in the sense the once Ifinished it, I didn't feel than it was far from my own reality at all.The way nostalgia was pictured is fascinating. The words that were usedwere so close to the words that I would have used myself in such asituation that sometimes, I've found myself saying out loud, at thesame time, what one of them were saying.

    Magical, genuine, sweet, emotional, simple, true. Brilliant.

  5. Red_Identity from United States says:

    I didn't even know this film existed until today (thanks to the peoplementioning it!). I think it's good. Something about it didn'tcompletely hit me in the way the film wanted to. Sarah Paulson isdefinitely the best thing about it. She's a revelation, unsurprisingly.She's such a talented actress and I really hope she continues to getmore film roles until she eventually wins an Oscar. On the flipside, Ido like the writing from Mark Duplass, as I usually do. However, I'mjust not too big on him as an actor, as usual (aside from Creep, theonly time he impressed me). He's fine, but I feel like a better actorcould have given more justice to the role. He's solid, for the mostpart. His breakdowns and emotional outbursts were not well acted at alland I could see him struggling to convey any deep emotion. I justdidn't buy him, he was very surface-level and definitely wasn't in thesame league as Paulson. I hope she gains some traction for this.

  6. cnycitylady from Brooklyn says:

    Blue Jay is a soft film about everlasting love and reuniting with theversion of yourself that you understand the most; one that you probablydidn't realize you missed. It follows the same stream of consciousnessthat most Duplass Brothers film adopt, but it keeps it feeling freshwith the help of a luminous and scene stealing Sarah Paulson.

    Our characters are full of that common, but hard to capture on screen,insecurity and awkwardness that makes adulthood so difficult. Theyclearly want to spend time together but are unsure of the "rules" thatthey must follow. Their past weighs heavily on them but their affectionovershadows, at least for a time, a dark corner of it.

    Duplass and Paulson have a fantastic and organic chemistry, saying morewith their eyes and body language than most actors can say with aspeech. You follow their trepidation with interest and root for them tofind some closure or happiness, whether with or without each other, andaren't left unsatisfied. The movie's melodic rhythm drives its durationso smoothly that before you know it you are saying goodbye tocharacters who seem more like family than friends, both to each otherand to the viewer.

    A throwback to the Golden Age of Hollywood, this movie is a gem to anymovie lover who appreciates the art of storytelling. 7.5/10

  7. Kevin Lynch says:

    Mark Duplass has written a screenplay of subtle beauty that really istransfigured by both actors that grace the stage. I got this film forfree and I must say that I feel a bit guilty for it. It heralds joy andnostalgia and reality in subtle measures. It is beautifully crafted; Ithink shooting in black and white was a strophe. I usually avoid b & wbut I think it complimented the tone and the titillation here. Thechemistry between the two main actors speaks of colour.

    I will buy this film or it will pass like a mandala.

    Either way, It is quietly beautiful, I hope someone reading this canenjoy it in new ways.

  8. Murtaza Ali from India says:

    Are you in love? Or, do you want to fall in love? Or, are you heartbroken? Whatever the case may be, Alex Lehmann's Blue Jay is theperfect remedy. Here is a film so honestly made that it will make yourheart melt. Blue Jay is essentially a two handler about two former highschool lovers who bump into each other for the first time in twodecades.

    It is an awkward situation at first. But soon it develops into a verymemorable day for the both of them. There are moments of immense joyand pain as they revisit their past through their present. It's likeexperiencing catharsis. Indie films, when they are really good, canreally pack a punch because they are not bound by the liability toplacate the Studio bosses, thereby allowing greater liberty to thefilmmaker. And, Blue Jay is a very well made indie film and certainlyone of the better indies that I have ever seen.

    One of the greatest strengths of the film are the acting performancesof Mark Duplass and Sarah Paulson. The two of them look so natural (thechoice monochrome of course helps… color would have drastically toneddown the intensity). Both the actors demonstrate a great range ofemotions. Duplass looks the more volatile of the two but it is as perthe demand of the character. As for Paulson, her smile seems capable ofspeaking a thousand words. Together, they create magic, which, Idaresay, most Hollywood A- listers fail to create these days.

    The film has its share of flaws but overall it makes for a wonderfulmovie viewing experience. If you are a hopeless romantic then this filmis certainly for you

    For more on the world of cinema, please visit my film blog "A Potpourriof Vestiges".

  9. dimaandreea from Onești, Romania says:

    This movie reminds me a very known quote by a Romanian author, OctavianPaler: "Something you don't feel at the right moment, you will neverfeel it again." It's that kind of movie that motivates you to live yourlife as long as you have it and never forget about your old friends andthe place you grew, especially the persons you once loved. I learnedthat something written is more powerful than spoken words. You caneasily find out that if you are not surrounded with love, if you don'thave someone you want to share your life with, you became lost,confused, sad and maybe depressive (Jim). I finish this movie withtears in my eyes, realizing that this story may be something true amongus.

  10. Isabel Aghahowa says:

    Their relationship is very touching, you can tell they were very closeand still are very close but circumstances have changed. You start tosee that Amanda has found it hard learning how to become an adult andis not really sure when it all happened or when we learnt it all, Jimstill feels immature (referring to a four year old as his soulmate) andwe see them both tackle issues together or at least confront them andthey just happen to be together. It is very obvious they will not betogether, their lives are two very different things now and that hurtsbecause constantly throughout the film, the way Amanda looks at Jim,you can sense there is something she feels and wants to say but itfeels like she won't. It seems like Amanda feels sorry for Jim and shewants to help, she wants to know what has happened to him over theyears and Jim simply has no direct answer to her questions all thetime. The film breaks and shows beautiful scenery, landscapes, peopleand beautiful stills of them walking around, talking, It felt verynatural, real and sincere, It felt like I had known these two peoplefor years and now they reunite. It just feels very true to how thissort of situation would go.

    Amanda seems to have her life 'sorted out' or at least on track whilstJim does not look very certain about his. He seems very lonely andlooks like he is going through a difficult patch in his life at themoment and running into his closest friends is exactly what he needed.

    Every time Amanda mentions her husband it ruins the mood, any time theyrefer back to their present, the mood completely gets ruined, you cantell Jim gets a bit frustrated and quiet when she brings him up and itis obvious there is no likeness between them. There are moments that Ifeel they have nothing, but then there are moments where I know thereis something, It is very strange, when films like The Notebook try todo something like this it ends up looking like bullshit rom com clichésbecause it didn't come from anywhere, the main characters of theNotebook suck and have no depth, these two characters have apersonality, they have lives, they exist and I can see and understandthat, I am willing to know these characters and that is what goodwriting and directing is. They have a moment where they are lookingthrough his diary and she realises the past, she remembers again whatit was like back then, reminiscing about when they used to be'lovebirds', she finds a letter that is addressed to her and takes itbefore Jim finds out she had it, at this point I am heavily interestedin what is happening, these character's pasts and their relationship,their lives and who they are now, when she finds the letter I am evenmore intrigued by what is in it, they kept me invested.

    At this point they find some old tapes and listen to them. It is anincredibly touching scene where they remember role playing and theyhave two kids, Jessica and Jason and at this point they remember whothey thought they were going to be in the future, they remember thegood days where they just had a good time, Amanda looks into the voidand thinks of what it all was back then and what changed since, theexpression on Jim's face when he hears them talking about theirimaginary kids always gets to me because of how close they were to thatreality but something changed.

    You can get the subtle hints that their personalities have changed, thepeople around them have changed who they are, Jim more or less stayedthe same but just lost his footing, Amanda seems like she has it undercontrol but it doesn't feel like she is truly happy. There is a momentwhere they are outside looking at the stars and Amanda finally tellsthe truth, she has been taking anti-depressants and claims she shouldbe happy and that her life is fine, there have been hints from the verybeginning that Amanda was not truly happy with her life, who really isbut she just felt closed up, similar to Jim at the beginning. Shediscusses how things are changing, and how she has not told anyoneabout this, she feels this inner sadness and she is unaware of where itis coming from, I think it is because they are aware of the cruelty andthe hardships of living within society, the constant changes and havingto deal with life's constant issues and stresses and growing up, it ishard and challenging, hard to move past.When reality steps in and itstarts to kick in that this is not going to last forever, this peace isgoing to fade and it will fade fast. Things have not been the same forthem and things are changing quickly and ever since things movedforward, life hasn't been that way for the both of them.

    This entire film felt very improvised because it just felt so raw andgenuine and that it is hard to come by nowadays in modern cinema,actual people on screen. Even TDOER felt disingenuous once or twice,this movie nails it from beginning to end.

    Beautiful, emotional, funny, reflective, sincere, honest.

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