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  • Rate: 7.1/10 total 144,091 votes
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  • Genre: Action | Adventure | Fantasy
  • Release Date: 10 June 2016 (USA)
  • Runtime: 123 min
  • Filming Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
  • Budget: $160,000,000 (estimated)
  • Gross: $47,167,650 (USA) (22 July 2016)
  • Director: Duncan Jones
  • Stars: Travis Fimmel, Paula Patton, Ben Foster | See full cast and crew »
  • Original Music By: Ramin Djawadi
  • Soundtrack: Stormwind
  • Sound Mix: Dolby Atmos | Auro 11.1 | DTS (DTS: X)
  • Plot Keyword: Orc | Portal | Magic | King | Clan

Warcraft (2016) Writing Credits By:

  • Charles Leavitt (screenplay) and
  • Duncan Jones (screenplay)

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Warcraft (2016) Known Trivia

  • Director Uwe Boll contacted Blizzard about directing the film, but Blizzard refused. Warcraft 2016 As quoted by MTV news Uwe Boll stated: “I got in contact with Paul Sams of Blizzard, and he said, ‘We will not sell the movie rights, not to you… Warcraft 2016 especially not to you. Warcraft 2016 Because it’s such a big online game success, maybe a bad movie would destroy that ongoing income, what the company has with it.” 727 of 743 found this interesting Interesting? Yes No |
  • Duncan Jones said that the original script was very one sided in terms of the two factions (Horde and Alliance). Warcraft 2016 after signing on to direct, he made major edits to the story, as well as the script, so both factions could tell their side of the story. Warcraft 2016 281 of 287 found this interesting Interesting? Yes No |
  • The source for the movie adaptation is being taken from the books “Rise of the Horde”, which tells how the Orcish Horde was formed; as well as “The Last Guardian”, which shows the human side and reaction to Orcish invasion. Warcraft 2016 156 of 159 found this interesting Interesting? Yes No |
  • The film was going to be released in December 2015 but was pushed back to May 2016 to avoid the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015). Warcraft 2016 266 of 274 found this interesting Interesting? Yes No |
  • Bill Westenhofer, the lead visual effects supervisor for the film, is a long time World of Warcraft player and has mentioned getting up at 2 AM to raid with his guild while on film sets. Warcraft 2016 Robert Kazinsky is also a die hard Warcraft player and recalls producers telling him to turn the game off while on the set of Pacific Rim (2013). Warcraft 2016 194 of 199 found this interesting Interesting? Yes No |
  • An Orcish dialect was created specifically for the movie. Warcraft 2016 193 of 199 found this interesting Interesting? Yes No |
  • Lifesize weapons and suits of armour were built for the orcs despite the orcs being played by actors via motion capture. Warcraft 2016 This was mainly for photographic references and so that they could use them as props on the set. Warcraft 2016 98 of 101 found this interesting Interesting? Yes No |
  • The scene where Medivh magically burns all Khadgar’s paperwork and study, was achieved through practical effects, rather than CGI. Warcraft 2016 58 of 59 found this interesting Interesting? Yes No |
  • When a fan asked Duncan Jones where he would be shooting the film during a Blizz-Con Q&A he was not allowed to answer but did hint at the shirt he was wearing that said “Vancouver”(where the film was shot) 82 of 85 found this interesting Interesting? Yes No |
  • The film went through 20 months of post production. Warcraft 2016 Thomas Tull the CEO of Legendary Pictures and producer of the film said that the things Duncan Jones and the special effects team are doing are truly on the cutting edge. Warcraft 2016 141 of 149 found this interesting Interesting? Yes No |

Tag Warcraft (2016): WARCRAFT Movie Trailer (2016) – YouTube Official “Warcraft The Beginning” Movie Trailer 2016 | Subscribe | US-Start: 17 June 2016 | More The film portrays the , Warcraft (2016) – MovieWeb Warcraft Synopsis, From Legendary Pictures and Universal Pictures comes Warcraft, an epic adventure of world-colliding conflict based on Blizzard Entertainment’s , Warcraft (film) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Warcraft (alternatively known as Warcraft: The Beginning) is a 2016 American action-fantasy film directed by Duncan Jones and written by Jones, Charles Leavitt and , Nonton film Warcraft (2016) | The peaceful realm of Azeroth stands on the brink of war as its civilization faces a fearsome race of invaders: orc warriors fleeing their dying home to Warcraft (2016) – IMDb Directed by Duncan Jones, With Travis Fimmel, Paula Patton, Ben Foster, Dominic Cooper, As an Orc horde invades the planet Azeroth using a magic portal, a few human , Warcraft (2016)-Watch Tamil Movie Online Home; Contact us © 2016 CoolTamil-Watch Tamil New Movies And Serials Online For Free, All rights reserved Warcraft -2016 – Plot Summary: Legendary’s “Warcraft” is a 3D epic adventure of world-colliding conflict based upon Blizzard Entertainment’s globally-renowned universe, Download Warcraft 2016 DVD Movie Torrent : aXXo Movies Release Info: Plot: The peaceful realm of Azeroth stands on the brink of war as its civilization faces a fearsome race of invaders: orc warriors fleeing their dying , Warcraft Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Travis Fimmel , Warcraft Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Dominic Cooper, Paula Patton Movie HD An epic fantasy/adventure based on the popular video game series, The Fandango , Warcraft (2016) – Screen Rant The Warcraft movie gets a second trailer that promises an immense union of arms between the unstoppable human and orc heroes of Azeroth. Warcraft 2016

Goofs: Crew or equipment visible: Shortly before facing off with Blackhand, two spotlights can be seen in Anduins eyes while he is shown in close-up.

Warcraft (2016) Plot: As an Orc horde invades the planet Azeroth using a magic portal, a few human heroes and dissenting Orcs must attempt to stop the true evil behind this war. Warcraft 2016 Full summary » »

Warcraft (2016) Story: When the world of the Orcs Draenor is being destroyed by the evil fel magic that uses life-force, the powerful warlock Gul’dan creates a portal to the world of Azeroth and forms the Horde with members of the Orc clans. Warcraft 2016 He also captures many prisoners to keep the portal. Warcraft 2016 The king of Azeroth Llane Wrynn and his brother-in-law Anduin Lothar are informed by the apprentice of magician Khadgar that he has found fel magic in dead bodies and the king decides to summon the Guardian of Tirisfal Medivh to protect his kingdom. Warcraft 2016 Lothar and Khadgar head Kharazhan to meet Medivh and a shadow points a book to Khagdar and he takes it and hides. Warcraft 2016 Anduin, Khadgar and Medivh and a group of soldiers are attacked by Orcs and they capture the slave Garona, who is released by King Llane, and she shows the location of the portal. Warcraft 2016 Garona is contacted by the Orc chief of a clan Durotan that wants to meet King Llane to stop the fel magic. Warcraft 2016 Meanwhile Khadgar learns that the gate was opened with the help of someone … Warcraft 2016 Written byClaudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Warcraft (2016) Synopsis: For ages in the region of Middle Earth, humans and orcs have been at war. Warcraft 2016 Durotan (Toby Kebbell) is the chieftain of his Frostwolf orc clan, and he wants to escape the life of war as he and his wife Draka (Anna Galvin) are expecting their first child.

The orc clans come together as The Horde. Warcraft 2016 Their land, Draenor, is on the brink of doom, so the sinister orc warlock Gul’dan (Daniel Wu) plans to guide The Horde into the land of Azeroth. Warcraft 2016 Gul’dan uses a dark form of magic called fel, which is created from death. Warcraft 2016 He has captured dozens of Draenei prisoners in cages and brings them to The Gate. Warcraft 2016 The half-human/half-orc Garona (Paula Patton) is chained up and walks past some prisoners who beg her to free them, although it is beyond her control. Warcraft 2016 After draining the Draenei of their life force, Gul’dan opens the portal to Azeroth. Warcraft 2016 The orcs storm through, but Draka conceals her pregnant belly. Warcraft 2016 Once they arrive, Draka experiences pain. Warcraft 2016 The other orcs discover he is with child and scold Durotan for allowing her to come through in her state. Warcraft 2016 She starts to give birth. Warcraft 2016 Gul’dan lends his hand, and Draka gives birth to a stillborn orc boy. Warcraft 2016 Gul’dan takes the life force of a nearby deer to give the boy life. Warcraft 2016 He presents Durotan’s son to The Horde as a new warrior.

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In Ironforge, Commander Anduin Lothar (Travis Fimmel) is meeting with King Magni Bronzebeard (Michael Adamthwaite), who presents Lothar with a boomstick. Warcraft 2016 Lothar is then summoned to the kingdom of Stormwind after a garrison has been attacked.

Lothar goes to Stormwind and meets a mage named Khadgar (Ben Schnetzer), who was caught inspecting the bodies. Warcraft 2016 They find one man’s body, which spews green smoke from the mouth, meaning he was killed with fel magic. Warcraft 2016 Lothar and Khadgar meet with King Llane Wrynn (Dominic Cooper). Warcraft 2016 They are sent to meet with the Guardian Medivh (Ben Foster) in Karazhan.

Lothar and Khadgar find Medivh sculpting a giant Golem out of clay. Warcraft 2016 As Lothar explains the situation to Medivh, Khadgar walks through Medivh’s library and sees a dark shadowy figure lurking. Warcraft 2016 The power of the figure draws Khadgar toward a certain book. Warcraft 2016 As he goes to pick it up, Medivh shows up and pins Khadgar against the wall with his magic before dropping him.

Medivh joins Lothar and Khadgar as they go with a scouting team into the forest to investigate the fel magic. Warcraft 2016 They are attacked by a group of orcs, who proceed to pound the humans, though Lothar is able to slay a good few. Warcraft 2016 Medivh casts a spell that kills the green-skinned orcs, but does nothing to Durotan, his friend Orgrim Doomhammer (Rob Kazinsky), or the war-mongering Blackhand (Clancy Brown). Warcraft 2016 Blackhand goes to attack Lothar, but Lothar shoots off Blackhand’s…hand with his boomstick. Warcraft 2016 The surviving orcs escape. Warcraft 2016 Durotan rides a horse passing Garona, still in chains. Warcraft 2016 He swings an axe to break her chain and free her. Warcraft 2016 However, Khadgar holds her down with his magic, and she is captured by the humans.

Garona is brought to Llane’s castle. Warcraft 2016 She explains that her homeworld doesn’t exist on the map of Azeroth, and that the orc army is coming to this world. Warcraft 2016 She is then kept in a cell, but is given food and comfort by Llane’s wife/Lothar’s sister Queen Taria (Ruth Negga). Warcraft 2016 Garona considers killing Taria to bring honor among the orcs, but Taria says there would be no honor among her people.

Blackhand stands before Gul’dan, who criticizes him running from the humans and allowing his men to die, saying he is weak. Warcraft 2016 Gul’dan attempts to sentence Blackhand to death, but Durotan intervenes, explaining to Gul’dan that Medivh was controlling the fel against them, despite Gul’dan claiming only he can control the fel.

Durotan and Orgrim sit together and observe the orc camps. Warcraft 2016 Durotan feels that Gul’dan’s magic is what brought forth the decay of Dreanor, and if he continues, Azeroth will suffer the same fate. Warcraft 2016 Durotan wants Gul’dan to be stopped, but Orgrim feels they must maintain a loyalty to their people.

Llane frees Garona on the condition that she be loyal to Stormwind. Warcraft 2016 She guides Llane, Lothar, and others under Llane’s command, including Lothar’s son Callan (Burkely Duffield), to a meeting between them and the Frostwolf clan. Warcraft 2016 Taria gives Garona a small dagger to defend herself.

The orcs and humans meet to negotiate a truce in order to kill Gul’dan. Warcraft 2016 Durotan comes forward to speak, with Garona translating for Llane and Lothar. Warcraft 2016 They are then ambushed by green orcs that are loyal to Gul’dan, along with Blackhand and his cronies. Warcraft 2016 The evil orcs battle the humans, along with Durotan and his clan. Warcraft 2016 Medivh creates a barrier between the humans and orcs, but Callan is left outside. Warcraft 2016 Lothar is unable to escape the barrier or pull Callan in. Warcraft 2016 Blackhand, with a new claw hand, impales Callan and tosses his body toward his father.

Medivh becomes weakened. Warcraft 2016 He is brought back to his home and placed into his mana pool. Warcraft 2016 Khadgar sees Medivh’s eyes glow green, indicating he’s been infected with the fel magic. Warcraft 2016 Khadgar also learns from the book he took from Medivh’s library that Gul’dan may have had help from someone in Azeroth with opening the portal. Warcraft 2016 Khadgar leaves to seek help, while Medivh teleports Garona back to Stormwind.

Garona finds Lothar in a room, drunken and mourning Callan’s death. Warcraft 2016 She goes to his side to comfort him. Warcraft 2016 Lothar says he no longer trusts Medivh.

Orgrim speaks to Gul’dan, who knows that Durotan has decided to side against The Horde, leading to his imprisonment while Blackhand takes out the Frostwolf clan. Warcraft 2016 Gul’dan offers Orgrim a chance to take in the fel magic to become a stronger orc.

Khadgar rides a Gryphon above the clouds to the city of Dalaran. Warcraft 2016 He meets with the other elder mages, all of whom are displeased with Khadgar for leaving them ages ago. Warcraft 2016 He explains to the mages that the fel magic is spreading through Azeroth, and that Medivh is corrupted. Warcraft 2016 Khadgar is brought to meet Alodi (Glenn Close), an older guardian and the shadowy figure from Medivh’s library. Warcraft 2016 She intentionally sought out Khadgar to summon him. Warcraft 2016 Alodi says that Medivh has been fighting a demonic entity for a while, and he has since given into it, allowing himself to be corrupted by the fel.

Medivh is helped into his pool by Moroes (Callum Keith Rennie). Warcraft 2016 The pool glows green with the power of the fel. Warcraft 2016 Medivh absorbs Moroes’ life force and he starts mutating into an orc-like creature.

Llane holds a meeting to unite others as part of The Alliance to fight against The Horde. Warcraft 2016 Lothar isn’t fond of the plan and instead thinks they should destroy the portal to prevent more orcs from invading Azeroth. Warcraft 2016 Medivh (in his human form) teleports to the meeting, getting under Lothar’s skin when he mentions Callan. Warcraft 2016 Llane has Lothar put in a cell for him to calm down.

Orgrim realizes his error and secretly frees Draka and their child, whom Durotan had named Go’el. Warcraft 2016 Orgrim then goes to free Durotan. Warcraft 2016 While he is angry at his friend, Durotan forgives him after learning that he let Draka and Go’el escape.

Llane and his men head out into battle. Warcraft 2016 Khadgar returns and frees Lothar from his cell after turning a guard into a sheep. Warcraft 2016 Khadgar then starts to use his magic to figure out a way to fight Medivh.

Draka takes Go’el to a river where she places him in a basket to send him to safety. Warcraft 2016 Another orc shows up as Go’el floats away safely. Warcraft 2016 Draka rips out the orc’s throat with her teeth, but she is fatally impaled.

Durotan challenges Gul’dan to a combat in front of the rest of The Horde. Warcraft 2016 The two of them battle, with Durotan appearing to overpower Gul’dan, until the warlock uses his magic to drain Durotan of his life force, to the outrage of the other orcs. Warcraft 2016 Gul’dan eventually kills Durotan, causing the other orcs to turn away from him. Warcraft 2016 Gul’dan kills the green orcs that walk away, forcing the others to stay by his side. Warcraft 2016 He then awaits for Medivh to start opening the portal while Gul’dan uses the life force of other prisoners to keep it going.

Llane and his army (now joined by Garona) begin to fight the orcs as they start invading. Warcraft 2016 Meanwhile, Lothar and Khadgar try to fight Medivh, but he brings his clay Golem to life, leading it to attack the two. Warcraft 2016 Lothar manages to decapitate the Golem, but its body is still conscious. Warcraft 2016 Khadgar casts a spell to bring the Golem down on top of Medivh as it turns to stone. Warcraft 2016 Khadgar exorcises the demon from Medivh, bringing him back to normal, but he lays dying beneath the Golem. Warcraft 2016 With his last breaths, Medivh switches the portal from Azeroth to Stormwind, letting some of the prisoners free. Warcraft 2016 Lothar rides his Gryphon toward the battle.

Realizing they will most likely not win, Llane tells Garona to kill him so that there may be a chance for peace between the orcs and humans. Warcraft 2016 It would also allow her to bring honor to herself among The Horde. Warcraft 2016 With total reluctance, Garona plunges her dagger into Llane’s neck before Blackhand can strike. Warcraft 2016 The orcs cheer on Garona and carry her toward Gul’dan, who welcomes her into The Horde. Warcraft 2016 Lothar shows up to try and sees Llane dead with Garona’s dagger still in his neck. Warcraft 2016 He tries to take Llane’s body, but the orcs pull the Gryphon down as he tries to leave.

Lothar is then forced into combat against Blackhand, now more powerful with fel magic. Warcraft 2016 With two swift moves, Lothar impales Blackhand in retribution for Callan’s death. Warcraft 2016 Lothar earns the respect of the orcs, but Gul’dan wants them to kill him. Warcraft 2016 He attempts to do it himself, but Garona urges him to stand down or else he will be forced to fight the other orcs. Warcraft 2016 Lothar is then left to take Llane’s body away.

Lothar is left by himself in his room until Khadgar comes in. Warcraft 2016 He finds Garona’s dagger that Lothar took out of Llane’s neck, leaving Lothar to believe that Garona intentionally deceived Llane.

A funeral is held for Llane before the whole kingdom. Warcraft 2016 Taria eulogizes her husband and has Lothar stand in front of everyone, as he is now set to lead The Alliance. Warcraft 2016 Everyone rallies behind him.

The last scene shows Go’el still floating down the river. Warcraft 2016 Durotan’s voice is heard, saying that his son will become the new leader of the orcs that may bring peace among them. Warcraft 2016 A man picks up Go’el’s basket, and the baby growls at him.

Produced By: Warcraft (2016) Free Movie Download

  • Nicholas S. Warcraft 2016 Carpenter known as co-producer (as Nick Carpenter)
  • Edward Cheng known as executive producer
  • Stuart Fenegan known as producer
  • Alex Gartner known as producer
  • Jon Jashni known as producer
  • Chris Metzen known as co-producer
  • Michael Morhaime known as executive producer (as Mike Morhaime)
  • Brent O’Connor known as executive producer
  • Rob Pardo known as co-producer
  • La Peikang known as executive producer
  • Shimu Qian known as executive producer
  • Charles Roven known as producer
  • Rebecca Steel Roven known as co-producer
  • Paul W. Warcraft 2016 Sams known as executive producer (as Paul Sams)
  • Jillian Share known as executive producer
  • Thomas Tull known as producer
  • Zhonglei Wang known as executive producer

Download Warcraft (2016) Free Movie HD FullCast & Crew:

  • Travis Fimmel known as Anduin Lothar
  • Paula Patton known as Garona
  • Ben Foster known as Medivh
  • Dominic Cooper known as Llane Wrynn
  • Toby Kebbell known as Durotan / Antonidas
  • Ben Schnetzer known as Khadgar
  • Robert Kazinsky known as Orgrim
  • Clancy Brown known as Blackhand
  • Daniel Wu known as Gul’dan
  • Ruth Negga known as Lady Taria
  • Anna Galvin known as Draka
  • Callum Keith Rennie known as Moroes
  • Burkely Duffield known as Callan
  • Ryan Robbins known as Karos
  • Dean Redman known as Varis / Caged Frostwolf
  • Glenn Ennis known as Compound Guard
  • Terry Notary known as Peon
  • Elena Wurlitzer known as Draenei Mother
  • Michael Adamthwaite known as King Magni
  • Anna Van Hooft known as Aloman
  • Callan Mulvey known as Warrior
  • Adrian Glynn McMorran known as Officer (as Adrian McMorran)
  • Kyle Rideout known as Officer
  • Michael Antonakos known as Officer
  • Elisabeth Rosen known as Westfall Woman
  • Patrick Sabongui known as Footman
  • Kent O’Connor known as Footman
  • Wesley MacInnes known as Gate Guard
  • Mackenzie Gray known as Lordaerian Delegate
  • Christian Sloan known as Elf Delegate
  • Valérie Wiseman known as Kul Tiran Delegate
  • Dan Payne known as Clansmen
  • Eugene Lipinski known as Finden
  • Christina Jastrzembska known as Archmage
  • Travis MacDonald known as Prison Mage
  • Frank C. Warcraft 2016 Turner known as Prison Mage
  • Tommy Rieder known as Young Medivh
  • Dylan Schombing known as Varian Wrynn
  • Donavon Stinson known as Prison Soldier
  • Meelah Robbins known as Scared Girl
  • One Take Charlie known as Sheep
  • Kristian Bakstad known as Gryphon Caller (uncredited)
  • Glenn Close known as Alodi (uncredited)
  • Darin De Paul known as Additional Voices (uncredited)
  • Jordan Gardiner known as Knight (uncredited)
  • G. Warcraft 2016 Michael Gray known as Tower Guard (uncredited)
  • Raj Lal known as Knight (uncredited)
  • Trevor Mack known as Warrior (uncredited)
  • Donnie MacNeil known as Squire (uncredited)
  • Jill Morrison known as Indecisive Woman (uncredited)
  • Michael Patric known as Human Villager (uncredited)
  • Joel Sturrock known as Dwarf Messenger (uncredited)

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  1. John Thomas from United States says:

    I didn’t have any expectations for this film,and it completely blew meaway!Visuals were stunning,acting really surprised me,action wasincredible.I really can’t wait for the sequel cause the ending set itup really well.Magic was also pretty damn cool.Orgrim was a ferociousbad ass.It was a damn fine film,best of the 2016 dare i say.Bring onmore,and it finally broke the video game movie curse!Go see it,youwon’t regret it!10 out of 10 for me!I think that it will have a goodreception from audiences and critics.Warcraft fans will loveit.Direction was amazing,one of the best motion capture for a film i’veseen,i really hope it does well in the box office and review departmentcause it was really amazing!

  2. subxaero1989 from Greece says:

    I was lucky enough to get an invite to watch the movie in LA 2 weeksago, in a screening about press.I was the only one foreign guythere(Cyprus but got invited since i am making my after-master practisehere).

    I have to note to everyone here that i am aware of World of Warcraftand the Warcraft games as IPs but i’ve never played any of them.

    I am a huge Fantasy genre lover and this movie exceeded myexpectations. My biggest concern minutes before movie aired was thequality of the CGI.I Knew this movie uses a lot of CGI.Well the CGI isbreathtaking easily equal or better to AVatar and Dawn of the Apes,equally to JUngle book(what a great movie!) BUT with the differencethat it is used in massive scale, which makes it even more impressive.Watching Hundreads of Orcs with unique characteristics and facials ismind boggling(with the positive way of meaning).

    Orcs are beautifully beautifully made, main character Durotan is justawesome he is my favourite character, HUmans are OK at start i had anissue with how armors looked but people told me it is exactly howin-game is.IN terms of acting Ben Foster is hands down the bestperformer also Paula Patton and Travis Fimmel are nice, rest of thecast its slightly above average not great, but serviceable. Orcsoverall are better portrayed than Humans, BUT thats the important thingif CGI was bad in this movie i would be really turned off, but the CGIis perfect so i can easily bypass the fact that 2-3 human chars weren’tthe best.

    I Loved the plot, it is so rich and u can easily understand why somepeople said that this movie isn’t even the 15% of the whole WarcraftLore.Duncan Jones has done a great job for non-fans like me to easilyudnerstand the movie, even though there are a few times that let uhanging which proposes hinds for a sequel.

    Visuals are stunning and we can see probably the best implementation ofmagic that has been made in a movie.

    Summing up this is a MUST watch for every person that loves Fantasygenre, easily the best fantasy movie after the last LoTR release(ITwould be at LOtr level with 2-3 more decent actors). ANd easily thebest video-game adaptation that has been made. 1– Breathtaking CGI 2–It feels more like a movie(rather than a video game movie) 3–Incredible and rich lore/plot, Warcraft universe is HUge and after thismovie i really want to explore it.

    Give this movie a chance i know many are sceptical to any video-gameadaptation, but this one it wont disappoint u.

  3. dularr1 says:

    Watched this movie in a IMAX 3D theater. The sound makes it well worthseeing in a theater with a state of the art sound system. The Orcs arebelievable from the start. Well rounded characters with greatmotivation. The motion capture work by the actors was a work ofpassion.

    Ben Foster and Ben Schnetzer did a wonderful job playing the magicwielding Mages. Perfect depth, effort and really showing the strainmagic has on the human body.

    Paula Patton did a fantastic job with Garona. Duncan Jones made acompelling ass kicking female character.

    But more important for the fanboys, feel comfortable bring non-WoWplaying friends and families to the movie. All non-WoW movie goers seemto enjoy the movie and really liked the CGI.

  4. derk sutts says:

    Just seen it with a bunch of friends and it was amazing. My friends whocame with me aren’t even Warcraft fans and they even said they can’twait for a sequel, they said it was nothing like they expected, whichis another shitty fantasy movie. They were on the edge of their seatsthe whole time and wanting more! Whenever they’d show Easter eggs inthe background i’d go nuts and they had no clue why but they were toobusy being into the movie to care to ask. I CANNOT WAIT to see anotherone of these movies!!! I even noticed a lot of people outside thetheater who have never played the games or know anything about it,loved it. I even talked with an older couple for a good 10 minutes wholoved it but didn’t understand a few things and i cleared it up forthem, they were very thankful. They were excited for another movie too!

  5. byount-28968 says:

    I don’t want to give away anything, but my god was this movie amazing!The motion capture was superb, the acting superb, and the plot itselfwas great. For the Warcraft fans you will see plenty of easter eggsthat will make you grin or laugh. Over all it’s what of my favoritemovies I have seen this year.

    I went to an early screening with my girlfriend and a friend of mineand even though they know nothing of the storyline or world of Azeroth,they absolutely enjoyed it. The characters were awesome (Duncan Jonesdid amazing) and so were the actors. From what I could gather, theentire crowd who went to see it enjoyed it.

  6. Theboss414 says:

    First off, i would like to point out Duncan Jones has made anotherfantastic flick. Better than source code, but me personally i lovedmoon so…. Warcraft isn’t good enough to beat it lol. So Everythingabout this movie felt right. And i would like to point out this movieis about the warcraft storyline (First game) Not World Of Warcraft. Theacting was good, the pacing was great. The CGI was amazing! Gul’dan wasan awesome villain. Never heard of Daniel Wu But i feel like he will bevoice acting more characters soon. I love how they wear that ridiculousarmor that a normal person can’t stand up in. Lothar was an amazingmain character, and I only know Travis Fimmel because he’s in the showvikings but i feel like if the rest of the critics like this movie thiscould be his breakthrough movie. If there is a sequel then i woulddefinitely go and see it. And lads, The Video game curse is broken!Hopefully Assassins Creed will live up to the hype! Fans will love it,people who like lord of the rings or the hobbit will love it, justregular people who has never played WoW will love it! All in all, ithink that the hype was well worth it and it is definitely going to bea recommend for me! After you have seen Captain America go seeWarcraft, you wont regret it.

  7. the_green_eye_t says:


    First of all i have to tell you, i am a Warcraft fan and i had noexpectations from this movie at all. I am NOT a Blizzard fan boy and iknow when they do something poor and when they do something good.

    If you like the cinematics that they make and if you like LOTR like meand fantasy, you will absolutely love this movie.

    I was really scared about this movie being another video game moviechaos. Not by a landslide.

    Warcraft is astonishing. The visuals are ground breaking, the acting isvery strong and the emotional involvement between the viewer and themovie is breath taking. The familiar zones from Warcraft universe areall and are built exactly how they are suppose to be built, everyWarcraft fan will feel like home and on the brink of shedding tears. Iwill watch this movie again in 10 June and gather all my friends thatwere not lucky enough to see it yet and go again, maybe twice. I needmore, there has to be more Warcraft movies. Dunca Jones workingalongside with Blizzard was a genius move and it shows throughout themovie. Almost 2 hours of pure awesomeness. 10/10 from me. GO SEE THISMOVIE, you will not regret it !

  8. Duke Weaselton from Australia says:

    I actually thought this film would be bad. Like most other video gamemovies I thought this was going to be a massive flop and just suck.This movie broke the video game movie curse with style. WarCraftsurprised me even though I am a WarCraft fan.

    If there are sequels WarCraft could easily be this generationsequivalent of The Lord of the Rings. The acting was great, the effectswere spot on and the action was epic. I was really impressed with themotion capture on the orcs, they looked amazing. Travis Fimmel asAnduin Lothar was a good choice. He did a really good job of portrayingthe lion of Stormwind. WarCraft has a lot of lore that could easily bemade into a film series and I think this film did a good job ofestablishing the world of WarCraft for future sequels. Do I recommendwatching WarCraft? Yes, WarCraft is a movie everyone can enjoy,although it may be too intense and violent for younger children. If youwere a fan of the games there are Easter eggs for you. If you havenever heard of WarCraft you will be amazed by the world and want more.

  9. Nate Nimbus says:

    …but oh was I thankful for it!!! All through the movie I kept onhaving this big large smile sculpted into my face. For the record, I’m25 years old, and I’ve played warcraft and wow for many years sincewhen I was 13 or 14 years old. Ever since then, I haven’t stoppedplaying. Therefore you can count me as a fan. Now onto the movie…Gosh, I saw it at a pre-screening, and I kept wanting more of it. Itjust never gets boring! I really enjoyed the little stuff that is foundthroughout the movie for the fans. I also incredibly enjoyed the introsequence.

    Those who argue the movie cuts too many parts or that it changes thestory too much are totally wrong. This movie could not have shown thewhole first time in its entirety – keep in mind that the lore lastswell over ten hours, making a movie this long would, well, make it waytoo long and besides, how would you financially sustain such a project?

    OK, so there are changes in the movie – well, this is Duncan’s visionof it. All of us have our own visions of the lore and books which mayor may not be compatible with that of Duncan’s, but I can safely assumethat nobody can say they have a hundred percent the same vision of thestory as Chris Metzen; that’s the thing with story: each player /reader has a different vision of it. As for me, I was blown away. Neverbefore have I felt so much at home in a movie, it is as if I had takena walk in the town where I grew up, Stormwind, Goldshire, Ironforge,everything felt so much like home, I was moved. I cannot tell ofanother movie that had me shed tears just by seeing a landscape onscreen.

    As for the changes, well, I found good reasons behind all of them, andlet me tell you right away, yes, maybe coming from a fan it will looklike absolute heresy, but I enjoyed the story a lot. The actors weregreat, they were a lot into their characters, and for the first time, Ihad never seen orcs in such detail before, hulky, robust, terrifyinglybut also relative.

    Quite frankly, I can’t wait for the next movie… In the meantime, I’llwatch this one over and over again when I can. This movie haseverything that a good movie needs to have, and more. Plus, it justmight bring more people to actually play WoW. Parents, maybe somescenes will frighten your kids, but this movie has almost NO blood(even though it has a good share of battle) and the foes are undeniablyevil, plus it has good values in it – friendship, courage,responsibility, sacrifice for a good cause, and the belief that anyonecan help to change things. That will go down in history as being one ofthe best ever, for sure.

  10. danny-47730 says:

    Combining primitive textures (hides and sun-bleached bones) with theglowing whoosh of magical elements, Warcraft is a big-screen, 3D gamethat the viewer enters, to the martial beats of the elegantly ominousscore by Ramin Djawadi (composer of the Game of Thrones theme). Its useof multiple cameras to film the motion capture performers in the sametake as those playing human characters is one of the ways that it’snew. And then there’s Durotan’s eyes, and Garona’s grit. Dramaticallyand technically, Warcraft gives the concept of “hybrid” new punch

    the movie’s story is as simple as its visuals are elaborate. Beneaththe richly textured layers of motion capture, animation and 3D modelinglie the basics: conflict, survival, family, loyalty.

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