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  • Rate: 7.6/10 total 3,002 votes
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  • Genre: Action | Adventure | Drama | Horror | Sci-Fi
  • Release Date: 11 October 2016 (USA)
  • Runtime: 120 min
  • Gross: $1,908,028 (USA) (4 November 2016)
  • Director: Ishirô Honda
  • Stars: Hiroki Hasegawa, Yutaka Takenouchi, Satomi Ishihara |See full cast & crew »
  • Original Music By: Shiro Sagisu
  • Soundtrack: Famously…
  • Sound Mix: Dolby Digital (3.1)
  • Plot Keyword: Monster | Godzilla | Blood | Sequel

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  • Hideaki Anno written by

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Shin Godzilla (2016) Known Trivia

  • According to sources close to the production, Godzilla’s design in this film is mostly based on his design from the original film from 1954, and is intended to appear very frightening. Shin Godzilla 2016 69 of 71 found this interesting Interesting? Yes No |
  • Producer Akihiro Yamauchi stated that the title “Shin Gojira” was chosen for the film due to the variety of meanings the syllable “shin” could convey, such as “new”, “true”, and “god”. Shin Godzilla 2016 29 of 29 found this interesting Interesting? Yes No |
  • This is the first Japanese Godzilla movie to be a full reboot, meaning that it shows what would happen if Godzilla attacked for the first time in modern day, and there had been no previous records of him. Shin Godzilla 2016 Although Toho has “rebooted” Godzilla a few times each previous film acknowledged the original 1954 movie as canon and just ignored all previous sequels. Shin Godzilla 2016 27 of 27 found this interesting Interesting? Yes No |
  • For Satomi Ishihara, who plays a Japanese-American diplomat, the hardest part of her performance was learning English. Shin Godzilla 2016 She found out she was playing an American after being cast, and was shocked by the amount of the English dialogue she had to speak when she read the script. Shin Godzilla 2016 31 of 32 found this interesting Interesting? Yes No |
  • The day people first encounter the titular monster is supposed to be November 3, an obvious reference to March 11, the day the 2011 Tohoku earthquake commenced. Shin Godzilla 2016 It is also a reference to the Japanese release date of the original 1954 Godzilla film which was on November 3, 1954. Shin Godzilla 2016 20 of 20 found this interesting Interesting? Yes No |
  • Hiroki Hasegawa immediately accepted a role in the film, stating, “Who wouldn’t want to be involved in a Godzilla production?” 29 of 30 found this interesting Interesting? Yes No |
  • This film’s Godzilla stands 118.5 m (389 ft) tall, surpassing Legendary Pictures’ Godzilla (2014), which stood 355 ft/108 m tall, and thus making it the largest version of Godzilla to appear on film. Shin Godzilla 2016 57 of 62 found this interesting Interesting? Yes No |
  • Godzilla was portrayed in motion capture by Mansai Nomura, a Kyogen (traditional Japanese comic theatre) actor. Shin Godzilla 2016 To realize Godzilla’s slow movements, a 10-kilo weight was strapped behind him, and he incorporated the technique of the traditional Japanese dance into his performance. Shin Godzilla 2016 18 of 18 found this interesting Interesting? Yes No |
  • Despite being released between Legendary Pictures’ Godzilla (2014) and its sequel Godzilla 2 (2019), this film is not connected to Legendary’s series. Shin Godzilla 2016 44 of 48 found this interesting Interesting? Yes No |
  • The film has a rare 3.1 sound mix. Shin Godzilla 2016 13 of 13 found this interesting Interesting? Yes No |

Tag Shin Godzilla (2016): Shin Godzilla (Godzilla Resurgence) (2016) – Rotten Tomatoes Make way for the ultimate homage to one of the most enduring legends of the big screen-Godzilla! The King of the Monsters is back in Tokyo for a city-crushing crusade , Shin Godzilla (2016) – (No Spoiler) Godzilla movies including Hollywood’s 2014 Godzilla have been not able to surpass the original Godzilla, But finally, I think they did, Funimation Licenses TOHO’s 2016 Shin Godzilla Film – News , FUNimation Entertainment announced at Comic Con International in San Diego on Thursday that it will release TOHO’s Godzilla: Resurgence (Shin Godzilla) film, Shin Godzilla Movie Review & Film Summary (2016) | Roger Ebert “Shin Godzilla” is a reboot, making this the first time that the Japanese military—or the world at large—have ever encountered Godzilla, The American government , Shin Godzilla (2016) – IMDb Directed by Hideaki Anno, Shinji Higuchi, With Hiroki Hasegawa, Yutaka Takenouchi, Satomi Ishihara, Ren Ohsugi, Japan is plunged into chaos upon the appearance of a , Shin Godzilla (2016) – Dread Central As Godzilla fans, we’ve seen a lot over the course of 60+ years and 30+ films, We’ve seen Godzilla portrayed as the nightmarish manifestation of mankind’s , Shin Godzilla (2016) Movie Review on Popzara Die-hard Godzilla fans will get their fix from this monster, but others will want to run for the hills, Shin Godzilla – Wikipedia Shin Godzilla (シン・ゴジラ, Shin Gojira?, also known as Godzilla Resurgence) is a 2016 Japanese science fiction kaiju film featuring Godzilla, produced and , Shin Godzilla (2016) Shin Godzilla Synopsis, In the wake of Legendary Pictures’ 2014 reboot, Toho’s Godzilla returns to the Japanese big screen for the first time in 12 years, GODZILLA RESURGENCE US Trailer (2016) Shin Godzilla – YouTube Godzilla Resurgance US Trailer 2016 (AT: Shin Godzilla | Shin Gojira) – Coming to US Cinemas 10/11-18/2016 Subscribe for more: ,

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Shin Godzilla (2016) Plot: Japan is plunged into chaos upon the appearance of a giant monster. Shin Godzilla 2016 Full summary » | »

Shin Godzilla (2016) Story: An unknown accident occurs in Tokyo Bay’s Aqua Line, which causes an emergency cabinet to assemble. Shin Godzilla 2016 All of the sudden, a giant creature immediately appears, destroying town after town with its landing reaching the capital. Shin Godzilla 2016 This mysterious giant monster is named “Godzilla”.

Produced By: Online Shin Godzilla (2016) Free Movie HD

  • Minami Ichikawa known as chief producer
  • Kensei Mori known as line producer
  • Yoshihiro Satô known as producer
  • Masaya Shibusawa known as producer
  • Taichi Ueda known as producer
  • Kazutoshi Wadakura known as producer
  • Akihiro Yamauchi known as executive producer

Shin Godzilla (2016) Movie Streaming HD FullCast & Crew:

  • Hiroki Hasegawa known as Rando Yaguchi
  • Yutaka Takenouchi known as Hideki Akasaka
  • Satomi Ishihara known as Kayoko Ann Patterson
  • Ren Ohsugi known as Prime Minister Seiji Okochi
  • Akira Emoto known as Ryuta Azuma
  • Kengo Kôra known as Yusuke Shimura, Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary
  • Mikako Ichikawa known as Hiromi Ogashira, Deputy Director of Nature Conservation Bureau
  • Jun Kunimura known as Masao Zaizen, Integrated Chief of Staff
  • Pierre Taki known as Saigo, Combat Leader
  • Kyûsaku Shimada known as Katayama, Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • Ken Mitsuishi known as Kozuka, Governor of Tokyo
  • Shingo Tsurumi known as Yajima, Joint Staff Deputy
  • Kimiko Yo known as Reiko Hanamori, Defense Minister
  • Takumi Saitô known as Ikeda, Tank Captain
  • Takashi Fujiki known as Tokyo Lieutenant Governor
  • Yû Kamio known as Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Suzuki Matsuo known as Journalist
  • Takahiro Miura known as Journalist
  • Bob Werley known as Embassy Staff
  • Mark Chinnery known as Newscaster
  • Atsuko Maeda known as Refugee
  • Ren Mori known as Refugee
  • Kazuo Hara known as Biologist
  • Shin’ya Tsukamoto known as Biologist
  • Akira Ogata known as Marine Biologist
  • Akira Hamada known as Minister
  • Alex Hormigo known as American Military
  • Shôhei Abe
  • Makoto Awane
  • Christiane Brew known as Researcher
  • Arata Furuta known as National Police Agency Commissioner General
  • Chisako Hara
  • Jun Hashimoto known as Official of Japan Self-Defense Forces
  • Sei Hiraizumi known as Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
  • Isshin Inudô known as Ancient Organism Scholar
  • Mafia Kajita
  • Hairi Katagiri known as Official Residence Employee
  • Kôsei Katô known as National Police Agency Personnel
  • Takashi Kobayashi known as Official of Japan Self-Defense Forces
  • Keisuke Koide known as Fire Brigade Chief
  • Kreva known as Official of Japan Self-Defense Forces
  • Daisuke Kuroda known as Nuclear Regulation Authority
  • Satoru Matsuo
  • Moro Morooka known as Criminal Investigation Bureau director of National Police Agency
  • Markus Müller known as German Scientist (as Markus M)
  • Ikuji Nakamura known as Minister of State for Special Missions
  • Tôru Nomaguchi known as Bureaucrat of Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
  • Mansai Nomura known as Godzilla
  • Mayumi Ogawa
  • Takeshi Ohbayashi
  • Seikô Senô
  • Tarô Suwa known as Chief of Disaster Prevention Division
  • Issei Takahashi known as Bureaucrat of The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
  • Toru Tezuka known as Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
  • Kanji Tsuda known as Bureaucrat of Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare
  • Tetsu Watanabe known as Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary for Crisis Management
  • Ken’ichi Yajima known as Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
  • Nozomi de Lencquesaing known as US Airman (uncredited)
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  1. kaiten02 from Japan says:

    First of all, if you are expecting the stereotypical monster moviewhere the point of it is just watching a monster destroy stuff andwatch people running around, you WILL be disappointed. The majority ofthis film takes place in offices and meeting rooms.

    Japan just went through a nation-wide Earthquake that took more than15,000 lives, and triggered the second worst nuclear meltdown inhistory, both just five years ago. And this is a clear satire on thesociopolitical events since.

    The film takes us through what goes on in the government when aunprecedented crisis hits the nation. It’s a bunch of long meetings,finger-pointing, paperwork, and slow decision-making. It is the epitomeof dysfunctional bureaucracy.

    On top of all that, you start to see the US government and other UNnations start to poke their heads into the matter, treating thehometown of 15 million Japanese people like just another battlegroundfor just another war.

    There are no clear-cut heroes; Just a group of normal people who areexperts in their own fields, doing their best to contribute and putthis disaster to an end. They have to fight the politics more than theactual monster.

    The reality of all of this is astonishing, and completely believable.It starts to feel like a crisis simulation film.

    But of course, the center of it all is Godzilla:

    Godzilla himself is truly awe-inspiring in this film. What they havedone with the monster is totally new, different from any of theGodzillas in the past (be careful of spoilers out there on the web ifyou want to experience the amazement). It’s personally my favorite byfar. Throughout the film, Godzilla is dubbed as “The truly perfectorganism”, “The most evolved being on the planet”, and “A god”. So thatis the level which you should expect. His crazy power is far beyondbelief, so you can safely immerse yourself into this fictional monster.

    The tag-line for “Godzilla Resurgence” in Japan reads: “Reality(Japan)V.S. Fiction(Godzilla)”. So you are witnessing the fault line betweenreality and fiction.

    When Godzilla is turning the city of Tokyo into rubble, the Japanesedon’t see fiction. They see the events of 2011/03/11. The directorclearly took measures to parallel the tsunamis, the rubble, and thefear of radiation to the events in real life.

    Put that together with the bureaucratic mess, the internationalpolitics, and terror/awesomeness of the devastating monster Godzilla;The result is this masterpiece. It’s a movie clearly wouldn’t have comeout from the Hollywood scene.

    It does have it’s faults (like Satomi Ishihara’s cartoonish character),but the impact and significance of the film far surpasses its faults.

    A must-watch.

  2. spiritof67 from United States says:

    Spoilers abound – proceed with care. Those of you who know a littleabout Godzilla know there are multiple “origin stories”…as well asnumerous “deaths” in his history. This movie has both. I was luckyenough to be in Tokyo (thanks G-Tour!) for the opening of this newG-Film. It is different from most others in the non-series but verygood, even in Japanese I could follow it. That said, Western viewersnot really interested in the Godzilla story and/or with typically shortattention spans will probably squirm a bit. The real “story” of theplot is a background of Japan’s two recent disasters: monumentalflooding and a nuclear plant disaster out of human control and stillnot completely contained. Into this plunges Shin Godzilla. Can theJapanese bureaucrats handle an other-worldly disaster? Will individualambition and political climbing get in the way of fighting a giantmonster who seems to be destructively evolving, sometimes in minutes?Are the meager resources of the Japanese self- defense forcessufficient against said monster? And can another solution entirely befound to the problem? Yeah,I know, it sounds like you might have toactually THINK here – no good for US audiences. But rest assured, thenew Godzilla is a whole different thunderlizard with new capabilitiespreviously unseen in the genre. I really liked it. I think a subtitledversion could be relatively successful in the US, but I ain’t bettingon it. It is a good movie, though, and a meritorious addition to theGodzilla histories.

  3. poisonotter from Tokyo says:

    ** Review based on original Japanese version

    Whoever is judging the Japanese original film as a non-Japanese nativespeaker, chill and think twice before telling others. You didn’tunderstand most of what went into the scenes. The plot mostly revolvesaround what happens in the meetings. Trying to judge this movie withoutunderstanding the conversation is like judging Woody Allen movieswithout knowing English, New York and Jews, or Steven Chow’s movieswithout tasting fish ball noodles in Wan Chai. The bureaucraticconversation that goes on these meetings are ironic, pathetic andhilarious. If you have ever worked with Japanese companies and got fedup with their slow decision making process, well there you go, now youknow what’s happening.

    Like most pointed out, this is not a typical Kaiju film. It depictswhat really would happen if you throw in a monster in present-dayJapan. How would politicians, bureaucrats, academics, military andother countries react, using real political systems and real technologyavailable today? Of course being a sci-fi film, there were manyfictions added too, but they stayed within the boundaries of thiscarefully set make-believe world.

    There is no hero in this film. There is no president flying his planekamikaze-style into alien spacecraft. Reviewers complaining about thelack of character development are missing the whole point. There are300 characters in this movie and they were meant to be close toanonymous. The audience can view from 10,000 feet and see how peoplecollectively work together to fight against disaster. This how Japanesepeople function.

    The plot is designed to give catharsis to the Japanese people whodirectly or indirectly suffered from Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami, andcheer them up. It did a pretty good job at it. It also reminds themthat the fight is not over, and that they must continue their effort.

    The film includes references (homage) to past Kaiju movies and animesuch as Evangelion and Patlabor. It will give you extra smiles andgiggles if you are familiar with those work, but it doesn’t mean youcan’t enjoy this film even if you don’t know.

    To mention some downside, one turnoff was Satomi Ishihara, who wassupposed to be acting an American, but wasn’t trained enough to speaklike one. She did a pretty good job at mocking short phrases, but longphrases were disastrous. Some say that it was a parody of questionableforeign characters in past Kaiju movies. I didn’t need that, and itjust pulled me back from the fantasy-reality to my own realitywondering about the miscast. I hope the international version getsdubbed by actress with decent American accent, and no humor in all theother high-speed conversation gets lost in translation.

    I am not an expert in assessing the CGI quality, but I found somescenes being substandard, where the creatures didn’t quite blend intothe background, or it had some clunky movement. Maybe it was an homageto old Kaiju movies as well. I would like to point out that there wereother CGI scenes that were quite impressive though.

    All in all, it was a great Japanese film that comes out only once infew years.

  4. rollins-19092 says:

    The movie was a great satire on the Japanese Government during the timeof the earthquake and subsequent tsunami. The reactions by the PrimeMinister, defense minister, etc etc during Godzilla’s initialappearance perfectly recreate the indecision that lead to more peoplebeing killed in that country than necessary during the real lifedisaster. In short, this movie uses Godzilla to satirize the Japanesegovernment. A new, more decisive body of government forms in theaftermath and one end of it wants to evacuate Tokyo to Nuke him and theother wants to make a more experimental approach by analyzingGodzilla’s body chemistry (the science is actually pretty good andleads to a surprisingly tense climax that involves construction cranespumping hoses down Godzillas throat). The scenes with the humans arealso shot in a very dynamic and fast paced way. Characterizationsuffers (Japanese films do this thing where they just add an odd quirkto a characters personality and call it a day) but its all for thepurpose on finding out how to take care of the giant monster rampagingthrough the city while minimizing human casualties. Believably too,like how the government would actually react would it have happened.

    As for the big guy himself, Toho definitely plays around with him alot. He’s still a big green iconic monster, but they change his designmore than I’ve ever seen before. When he first appears in the movie,he’s more like a tadpole and over the film evolves into the monster weknow. But even then he does things like opens his lower jaw whenbreathing fire like the predator, shooting beams from his dorsal finand tail, and there’s even a VERY chilling shot at the end involvingGodzillas tail with some imagery with broader implications on whatGodzilla is able to do. But for all these new things that happen,there’s a bunch of stylistic choices that keep it rooted in itshistory. There’s music being used from the original 50’s score thanever before (they use more than just that classic brass theme),Godzilla still has his trademark roar, and when he breathes fire in away we’ve never seen before (it starts as gas, lights up into ajetstream of flame, and then concentrates into a beam) there’s aclassic sound effect played that we haven’t heard in ages. In short,there’s a bunch of new and classic stylistic choices in equal measure.Plus the scene where he destroys Tokyo is, in a weird way, gorgeous tolook at.

    In short, this is the smartest giant monster movie I’ve ever seen. It’snot for everybody but it’s certainly for people who understand whatthat means.

  5. gohyixiang from Singapore says:

    This is an excellent show that differs from the standard hack-and-slash and action-driven natures of other recent films (Independence Day2 etc.). It is one of the most narrative-driven films that I’ve watchedin the last 2 years.


    – The acting was great as a whole, comprising of much seriousness andfocus, typical of the exigency of a nation-wide disaster, in the toppoliticians of the diet.

    – It is full of political irony, satire of the Japanese government’sand bureaucracy’s indecision and red-taping. There is greatintelligence imbued into movie, and it shows that much research hasbeen done prior to filming. It also shows the way in which foreign andindigenous affairs have been interwoven together in governmentaldecision-making. I greatly appreciate this as a whole, as the narrationis full of meaning and subtlety.

    – The special effects of Godzilla were absolutely wonderful, portrayingboth scale and grandeur in Godzilla’s size and style. I greatly enjoyedthe four main scenes where Godzilla made its appearance, especially itsclimax at the latter two.

    – The pacing was fast-paced, and little time was wasted. A lot ofcontent had been packaged into a duration of just 120 minutes. Whilewatching, I thought that the film lasted for 4 hours, as there were somany occurrences!

    – The style and pace also remains true to the original Godzillaclassics. So is the provenance of Godzilla.


    – Ishihara would not have fooled us into thinking that she is aJapanese-American English speaker!

    – Overall, it is very dialogue-heavy. This is both a strength andweakness. A strength as there is much character development, but alsoexcessive to the point that it sometimes can be dreary and draggy. Thisis the greatest setback of the film, and could have been furtherstreamlined. Minus 1 star for this.


    – As a whole, I rate it 9 out of 10, and will watch it again.

    – Most people who have an appreciation for subtlety and nuance, andalso of vivid storytelling will like this film.

    – However, those who prefer a CGI roller-coaster like Independence Day2 or 2012 may be turned off by the extremely heavy dialogue.

  6. moviexclusive from Singapore says:

    ‘Shin Godzilla’ isn’t Toho’s vainglorious attempt at re-capturing thesuccess of recent Hollywood adaptations of its iconic Japanese monster.Quite the contrary, co-directors Hideaki Anno and Shinji Higuchi knowbetter than try to outdo their Western counterparts in terms ofspectacle, and instead have made the astute decision to make adistinctly Japanese ‘Godzilla’ that will most certainly resonate withtheir home audience, even at the expense of alienating somenon-Japanese viewers without the same cultural or historical context.In fact, we dare say that their film has the unique distinction ofbeing both political allegory as well as real-world horror, and issurprisingly effective on either count.

    No other recent event has been so seared in the Japanese consciousnessas that of the 2011 Tohoko earthquake and tsunami as well as theconsequent Fukushima nuclear disaster, not just because of the hundredsof thousands of people affected but also because it exposed howterribly unprepared the Japanese government was with handling a crisisof such proportions. The parallels here are unmistakable – from anindecisive Prime Minister (Ren Ôsugi) to the frustratingly bureaucraticattitude of his Cabinet ministers to the embarrassing revelation of hispoor judgment (such as during a live press conference where Godzillamakes landfall right after he specifically tells the people that thecreature will not) – and indeed meant no less than a searing indictmentof just how inept the Naoto Kan’s administration was during 3/11.

    Yet it isn’t hard to imagine how a movie based solely on such criticismwould quickly turn monotonous, not least because the lead charactershere are all political/ Government figures – among them, HirokiHasegawa’s outspoken and gutsy Deputy Chief of Cabinet Secretary RandoYaguchi, Yutaka Takenouchi’s opportunistic Aide to the Prime MinisterHideki Akasaka, and Satomi Ishihara’s Special Envoy for the UnitedStates Kayoko Ann Patterson – and each is defined only in terms of hisor her role and ambition in relation to the ongoing calamity. None toosubtle is the point, emphatically and unequivocally made, that whilepoliticians wield the ingenuity and authority it takes to manage anunprecedented catastrophe, each is also simultaneously weighting thecost or opportunity of every decision or maneuver to his or herpolitical futures.

    Just as illuminating, especially to the Japanese, is the strengths orlimits of its military might post-WWII, seeing as how it has never yetseen the need to invoke the use of its Self-Defense Forces (SDF) orcall in the help of the US military under the US-Japan Security Treaty.Under the pretense of exterminating Godzilla, Anno’s screenplayimagines what it would take not just for the SDF to be activated butalso how US intervention would likely come with some strings attached.How and if at all it is meant to play into the current Shinzo Abe’spush for an expansion of the SDF role is quite perceptively left up tothe audience’s interpretation, but there is no doubting that theintroduction of the United Nations late into the film is meant todemonstrate how powerless nations not on its Security Council may be toresolutions passed by its five members on non-member countries.

    Yes, if it isn’t yet clear, there is no intent here to highlight thehuman dimension of such an event; rather, it is domestic politics aswell as the global world order that forms the basis of this re-incarnation of Godzilla. As a reboot, ‘Shin Godzilla’ starts on a cleanslate, beginning with an underwater disturbance that briefly makes itsway onto shore before going back out to sea, then returning as a muchmore highly evolved organism that grows and grows ever more fearsome.Fans though will not be disappointed – as with past iterations ofGodzilla, this latest version not only has the ability to radiatehighly destructive atomic rays from its dorsal fins, it also can setstreets of buildings ablaze by spewing fire out of its mouth. It doestake time to get used to the new ‘ShinGoji’ design, but rest assuredthat this beast is every bit as terrifying as it should be.

    In fact, that palpable sense of fear is twofold – first, in tying theorigins of Godzilla to Japan’s ignominious nuclear history; and second,in showing with utmost realism the wanton destruction of notablelandmarks in Tokyo by the monster. The former has to do as much withthe United States’ alleged dumping of radioactive waste in Tokyo Bay inthe 1950s and 1960s as accusations of Japan’s own disposal of toxic ashfrom the burning of Fukushima’s nuclear waste into the same waters. Thelatter, on the other hand, sees entire districts in Tokyo ripped orflattened by Godzilla’s rampage, impressively staged by co-director cumVFX supervisor Anno (also known for last summer’s ‘Attack of Titan’)using a mix of old- fashioned puppetry and modern CGI. In particular,the combined US- Japan military assault on Godzilla along the banks ofthe Kano River and the finale in downtown Shinjuku is stunning,especially in imagining the magnitude of destruction that Godzillacould inflict on modern-day Japan.

    Yet if the promotional materials have given the impression that ‘ShinGodzilla’ is an action-packed blockbuster like its most recentHollywood predecessors, you’ll do best to temper those expectations.Sure, there are beautiful sequences of Godzilla wreaking havoc, butbecause the focus is on displaying different types of politicalpersonalities and their responses towards such a crisis of proportions,there is a lot of talking (as well as ‘talking heads’) throughout thefilm and especially in the beginning. By tapping into the paranoia,fear and frustration of their fellow Japanese following their ownrecent real-life crises, Anno and Higuchi have made a contemporary’Godzilla’ that is sure to roar loud with their home crowd – and bythat count, this is as its Japanese title suggests, a new and trueincarnation as relevant as it is frightening.

  7. m-bek from Japan says:

    This is a movie for the Japanese, by the Japanese, of the Japanese. AndGodzilla is originally a Japanese franchise, a mass entertainment moviebut made in defiant protest to nuclear weapons, or generallytechnologies which mankind cannot control. The new Shin Godzilla, orGodzilla Resurgence, is a movie which follows the original spirit, butwith events taking place in contemporary Japan after the 3.11 GreatEastern Japan Earthquake and subsequent Fukushima Daiichi NPP incident.Live broadcasting of natural and nuclear disaster, smartphones andsocial media, extensive bureaucracy incompetent to handle extremesituations, discourse about the adaptability of law and constitutionalorder to external threats, military alliances with US and US’sassertiveness towards Japan, all play part in this film.

    It attempts a quite realistic portrayal of the Japanese bureaucracy atwork albeit with much caricature and simplification. What was seen as areality or how it should have been handled to contain the damage isrealistically portrayed in the film- which might not quite strike achord with overseas viewers who are not so interested in the currentstate of affairs in Japan. However, this “too much talking” bypoliticians and bureaucrats criticized elsewhere is the very core ofthe film; it is a strong anti-thesis of a Hollywood-style movie with asuperhero with a cute girl in danger saving the world and detonating anuclear bomb all so casually. Shin-Godzilla does not have suchsuperheroes but average people of different backgrounds working asteams; there is no romance involved at all; and the threat of nuclearattack on the city is averted (although Godzilla is nuclear-fed andbursts out nuclear laser beams and destroys half of Tokyo and most ofthe Japanese government). All conventional weapons of the JapaneseSelf-Defense Force as well as US are tested but to Godzilla they’rejust annoying itches; I bet even a nuclear bomb won’t work for thebeast as this Godzilla have probably been consuming nuclear waste as atea snack.

    This Godzilla is a really devastatingly fearsome beast which made mealmost shouting Nooooooooo! at the theater. This is not some kindhuman-loving monster who fights another monster for the sake of humans.It’s not even simply evil. It’s just simply unsympathetic to humanslike earthquakes, tsunamis, or radiation-spills.

    In short, if you like disaster and panic movies, more than you likeaction packed comic hero movies, then you will enjoy this movie;perhaps more so if you like Director Anno’s animation works like theEvangelion series, or his earlier undertakings in The Wings ofHonnêamise or Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind and understand thereferences and similarities. Fans of past Godzilla movies might beeither delighted to find subtle homages or perhaps disgusted as how itpartly departs from the conventional formula of Godzilla movies.

    There are obvious flaws in this film. Sometimes, the line betweennatural realistic portrayal of the Japanese reacting in extremedisaster situations and just pure bad acting is blurred. And the mainactress, Satomi Ishihara, is good at acting as daikon radish is, as wesay. But Godzilla films were never about good acting.

    I really enjoyed watching this one at a local theater in Tokyo on thepremier day. It is a very timely, originally-crafted, a bit thought-provoking, visually satisfying, and overall an entertaining film from aJapanese point of view.

  8. cteavin-1 from Japan says:

    The film takes a somber, serious tone as to what would happen if Japanwere attacked — in this case, by a seemingly unstoppable foe.

    At present in Japan, there is an ongoing debate as to whether or notJapan should amend it’s constitution to allow for an offensive militaryand this Godzilla film plays to exactly how powerless Japan would be inmaking it’s own decisions during an attack of any kind. The reality isthat the Japanese Prime Minister would have to ask for permission fromthe United States President before making an offensive move against aforeign threat and this film plays to that hard reality.

    This new Godzilla starts out as an homage to its former man in amonster suit so that when you first see Godzilla, you’ll disbelievewhat you’re seeing, but this Godzilla evolves into something majesticand utterly awe inspiring in its power.

    What’s more, this film makes it clear people die. In the Japaneserelease there’s a lot of word play about how the government officialsup high (on the fifth floor) make decisions that get passed down topeople on lower floors that eventually hurt the people. I’m not surehow much will be translated, but the film is deliberately showing thedisconnect between the political and day to day realities.

    Overall, the performances are good. There is one character who they,for whatever reason, decided to make speak English in odd aninappropriate times.

    This isn’t a film for US audiences. The aesthetics will turn off a lotof non-Japanese young people accustomed to CG reality. But if you’reopen to learning about another culture, this is an excellent film, oneof the best kaiju-films you’ll ever see.

  9. mirie-10358 from Tokyo says:

    (No Spoiler) Godzilla movies including Hollywood’s 2014 Godzilla havebeen not able to surpass the original Godzilla. But finally, I thinkthey did. Godzilla is back. Japanese title is Shin-Godzilla, Shin couldmean true, new, God, shaking, and so on, and everything is right. Thisis not like heroic Godzilla we used to know, it is the new creature.But his terror, message, hopeless feeling, resemble the originalGodzilla. Finally, Japan created the real Godzilla. CGIs are reallygreat in this movie, not like ones you saw in previous movies. I’mserious. The destruction scene is amazing. You’ll be stunned and getexcited. But you can deeply feel the respect for the original Godzillamovie. They really did such a great job. This movie will blow your mindaway. Finally, Godzilla is back. He’s back!

  10. Chosokabe Otani Muramasa from Osaka says:

    It’s a very good movie but not for everyone. If you want to see onlyGodzilla destroying city may be you gonna hate it. 80% of movie focuson politicians, They’ll talk,talk and talk to find the way to defeatGodzilla. Sound normal but it’s actually amazing to watch it. For whogot spoiled already I’m gonna say It’s not effects your feeling whilewatching this movie because The best part of this movie areconversations!.

    Music are amazing, CGI still lame in some part of the movie but overallis good!. And the big surprise of Evangalion’s fans,Anno put manyEaster eggs in this movie you guys can’t miss it.

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