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  • Genre: Comedy | Drama | Romance
  • Release Date: 18 October 2012 (Australia)
  • Runtime: USA:86 min
  • Filming Location: Ocean Shores, Washington, USA
  • Budget: $750,000 (estimated)
  • Gross: $4,007,792 (USA) (12 October 2012)
  • Director: Colin Trevorrow
  • Stars: Aubrey Plaza, Mark Duplass, Jake Johnson |See full cast & crew »
  • Original Music By: Ryan Miller
  • Soundtrack: Big Machine
  • Sound Mix: Dolby Digital | Datasat
  • Plot Keyword: Intern | Magazine | Time Machine | Classified Ad | Time Travel

Safety Not Guaranteed (2012) Writing Credits By:

  • Derek Connolly (written by)

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Safety Not Guaranteed (2012) Known Trivia

  • Some scenes were improvised, for example, when Jeff advises Arnau to raise his collar and wear sunglasses since they make him look like “a pilot that drives jets”. Safety Not Guaranteed 2012 70 of 71 found this interesting Interesting? Yes No |
  • The original classified ad upon which the film is based first appeared in Backwoods Home Magazine in 1997. Safety Not Guaranteed 2012 It was written as last-minute filler by John Silveira, an employee of the magazine, who is credited in the film as “Time Travel Consultant” and also has a cameo. Safety Not Guaranteed 2012 The ad was later featured on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (1992) in the “Headlines” segment, and eventually turned into an Internet meme before being developed into a screenplay. Safety Not Guaranteed 2012 93 of 99 found this interesting Interesting? Yes No |
  • Shot in 4 weeks. Safety Not Guaranteed 2012 Mark Duplass filmed all his scenes in the first 2 because of schedule conflicts. Safety Not Guaranteed 2012 35 of 36 found this interesting Interesting? Yes No |
  • The part of Darius was written for Aubrey Plaza, because writer Derek Connolly wanted to work with her. Safety Not Guaranteed 2012 Jake Johnson was likewise director Colin Trevorrow’s first choice for the part of Jeff. Safety Not Guaranteed 2012 43 of 46 found this interesting Interesting? Yes No |
  • There is an actual Facebook page for Liz McHollis, Jeff’s old girlfriend who he looks up while in Ocean View. Safety Not Guaranteed 2012 Anne Sellery and Jennifer Popochock, who were the hair stylists and makeup artists on the film, are her only two “friends.” Her hometown is listed as Ocean Shores (which is a real town) and not Ocean View, which doesn’t actually exist. Safety Not Guaranteed 2012 29 of 32 found this interesting Interesting? Yes No |
  • When the time travel ad is shown in the beginning, there are ads surrounding it for a Datsun and 1979 Hornet Wagon. Safety Not Guaranteed 2012 Both of these cars are seen when the magazine trio is in Ocean View. Safety Not Guaranteed 2012 Kenneth drives a first generation Datsun Z car and when Darius follows him to the “secure location” after he’s done with work, they are spooked in the alley by a 1975-1977 Hornet Wagon, as AMC did not make a 1979 Hornet. Safety Not Guaranteed 2012 21 of 23 found this interesting Interesting? Yes No |
  • The instrument that Kenneth plays for Darius is a dulcimer. Safety Not Guaranteed 2012 He mistakenly calls it a zither. Safety Not Guaranteed 2012 20 of 23 found this interesting Interesting? Yes No |
  • When Darius gives Kenneth her written phone number, it begins with area code 206, which is the code for Seattle and neighboring cities. Safety Not Guaranteed 2012 The next three digits suggest Redmond, Washington, but, as per filming guidelines, his thumb obscures the last two digits. Safety Not Guaranteed 2012 23 of 27 found this interesting Interesting? Yes No |
  • When Jeff (Jake Johnson) approaches Kenneth (Mark Duplass) about the time-travel ad, he mentions that he would like to go back in time to see living dinosaurs. Safety Not Guaranteed 2012 Kenneth later mentions being a fan of Star Wars to Darius (Aubrey Plaza). Safety Not Guaranteed 2012 Director Colin Trevorrow’s next movie would be Jurassic World (2015), which deals with an amusement park that features living dinosaurs and starred Johnson, and he has been announced as director of Star Wars: Episode IX (2019). Safety Not Guaranteed 2012 25 of 31 found this interesting Interesting? Yes No |
  • The location in the ad (1557 4TH Avenue, Prince George, BC, V2L 0B1) is now an RCMP Municipal Facility. Safety Not Guaranteed 2012 11 of 15 found this interesting Interesting? Yes No |

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Goofs: Continuity: Jeff gives Arnau the “Are you gay?” talk. Safety Not Guaranteed 2012 Jeff re-shapes Arnau’s collar BUT between walking into the room and sitting on the bed, the shape of Arnau’s collar inexplicably changes.

Safety Not Guaranteed (2012) Plot: Three magazine employees head out on an assignment to interview a guy who placed a classified advertisement seeking a companion for time travel. Safety Not Guaranteed 2012 Full summary » »

Safety Not Guaranteed (2012) Story: Darius is a young intern at a Seattle-based magazine and jumps at the chance to investigate the author of a classified ad seeking someone to travel back in time with. Safety Not Guaranteed 2012 Along with Jeff, the staff writer, and Arnau, a fellow intern, the three go on a road trip to a coastal town. Safety Not Guaranteed 2012 While Jeff just wants to chase after his high school crush and Arnau wants some kind of life experience, Darius spends her time with Kenneth, a man who believes that he has built a time machine. Safety Not Guaranteed 2012 The closer they become and the more they understand about each other, the less clear it becomes if Kenneth is just crazy or if he actually is going to successfully travel back in time. Safety Not Guaranteed 2012 Written bynapierslogs

Safety Not Guaranteed (2012) Synopsis: Darius Britt (Aubrey Plaza) is a disillusioned college graduate who lives at home with her widower father (Jeff Garlin) and interns at a Seattle magazine. Safety Not Guaranteed 2012 One of the magazine’s writers, Jeff Schwensen (Jake M. Safety Not Guaranteed 2012 Johnson), proposes to investigate a newspaper classified ad that reads:”Wanted: Somebody to go back in time with me. Safety Not Guaranteed 2012 This is not a joke. Safety Not Guaranteed 2012 You’ll get paid after we get back. Safety Not Guaranteed 2012 Must bring your own weapons. Safety Not Guaranteed 2012 I have only done this once before. Safety Not Guaranteed 2012 Safety not guaranteed.”

Jeff’s story idea is approved by his boss, Bridget (Mary Lynn Rajskub). Safety Not Guaranteed 2012 Jeff selects Darius and Arnau (Karan Soni), a studious Biology major interning at the magazine to diversify his resume, to assist him. Safety Not Guaranteed 2012 They travel to the seaside community of Ocean View, Washington, to find and profile the person behind the ad. Safety Not Guaranteed 2012 Jeff later reveals an ulterior motive for this assignment – to track down a long-lost love interest who lives in the beach community.Darius discovers that the person behind the ad is Kenneth Calloway (Mark Duplass) who works as a stock clerk at a local grocery store. Safety Not Guaranteed 2012 Jeff’s attempt to contact Kenneth alienates him, so he orders Darius to make contact.

Darius’s disaffected attitude serves her well, and she quickly endears herself to Kenneth as she poses as a candidate to accompany him on his mission. Safety Not Guaranteed 2012 While Kenneth is paranoid and believes that “secret agents” are tracking his every move, Darius gains his trust as she participates in a series of training exercises in the woods around his house, and begins to develop feelings for him. Safety Not Guaranteed 2012 She tells Kenneth about the death of her mother when she was young, and that her mission is to prevent it. Safety Not Guaranteed 2012 Kenneth says his mission is to go back to 2001 and prevent the death of his old girlfriend Belinda who was killed when someone drove a car into her house.

Meanwhile, Jeff tracks down Liz (Jenica Bergere), his fling from his teenage years, and though she does not embody his fond youthful memories, they reconnect. Safety Not Guaranteed 2012 He asks her to move to Seattle, but she believes that this is just another fling for Jeff, so she refuses. Safety Not Guaranteed 2012 Upset by her rejection, Jeff takes Arnau out on the town and they pick up some comely young women. Safety Not Guaranteed 2012 Jeff tells Arnau to not waste his youth and convinces him to spend the night with one of the young women.

The next morning, Jeff learns from Bridget, who has been following the notes on the story, that Belinda (Kristen Bell) is still alive. Safety Not Guaranteed 2012 Darius goes to interview her. Safety Not Guaranteed 2012 Belinda says that she was only friends with Kenneth, and that Kenneth had driven into her then-boyfriend’s house but no one was injured. Safety Not Guaranteed 2012 After the interview, Darius is questioned by two government agents who have been following Kenneth and believe that he may be a spy because of his communications with government scientists.

Darius returns to Kenneth’s house to confront him about Belinda. Safety Not Guaranteed 2012 Kenneth claims that if Belinda is alive then his time traveling worked. Safety Not Guaranteed 2012 Jeff then comes in to warn that the government agents are also on the property. Safety Not Guaranteed 2012 Kenneth panics and runs into the woods. Safety Not Guaranteed 2012 Darius follows him, and finds Kenneth on a boat with his time machine. Safety Not Guaranteed 2012 Darius apologizes for lying to Kenneth and tells him everything else they shared was real. Safety Not Guaranteed 2012 Darius joins him on the boat. Safety Not Guaranteed 2012 Kenneth tells Darius that the mission has changed, saying that he now wants to go back for her. Safety Not Guaranteed 2012 As Jeff, Arnau, and the two government agents watch, Kenneth activates his time machine and the boat disappears.

Produced By: Watch Safety Not Guaranteed (2012) Movie Free Online

  • Michael B. Safety Not Guaranteed 2012 Clark known as executive producer
  • Derek Connolly known as producer
  • Jay Duplass known as executive producer
  • Mark Duplass known as executive producer
  • John Hodges known as executive producer
  • Stephanie Langhoff known as producer
  • Lacey Leavitt known as co-producer
  • Peter Saraf known as producer
  • Colin Trevorrow known as producer
  • Marc Turtletaub known as producer

Safety Not Guaranteed (2012) Movie Free Download HD FullCast & Crew:

  • Aubrey Plaza known as Darius
  • Lauren Carlos known as Young Darius
  • Basil Harris known as Restaurant Manager
  • Mary Lynn Rajskub known as Bridget
  • Jake Johnson known as Jeff
  • Karan Soni known as Arnau
  • David Schultz known as Coworker (as David Leo Schultz)
  • Jeff Garlin known as Mr. Safety Not Guaranteed 2012 Britt
  • Mark Duplass known as Kenneth
  • William Hall Jr. Safety Not Guaranteed 2012 known as Shannon
  • Alice Hung known as Shift Manager
  • Hassan Cristos Messiah known as Boyfriend in Car (as Hassan ‘Cristos’ Messiah)
  • Keli Schurman-Darby known as Girlfriend in Car
  • Jenica Bergere known as Liz
  • Lynn Shelton known as Uptight Mom
  • Peter Anthony Jacobs known as Deputy Sheriff (as Peter Jacobs)
  • Eli Borozan known as Kid in Diner
  • Tom Ricciardelli known as Security Guard
  • Tony Doupe known as Smith (as Tony Doupé)
  • Xola Malik known as Jones
  • Grace Arends known as Darcy
  • Kimberly Durham known as Linsey
  • Scott Swan known as Halloween
  • Kristen Bell known as Belinda
  • Madeline Anderson known as Baby Faced Girlfriend (uncredited)
  • Jake Ryan Arzola known as High School Kid (uncredited)
  • Jason Aumann known as Big Cat (uncredited)
  • Scott C. Safety Not Guaranteed 2012 Brown known as Man in Flannel (uncredited)
  • Duane Cawthon known as Shopper (uncredited)
  • Brandon Landers known as John (uncredited)
  • Mark Martin known as Shirtless Guy (uncredited)
  • Brandon Murray known as Yard Worker (uncredited)
  • John Silveira known as Man at Post Office (uncredited)
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When an unusual classified ad inspires three cynical Seattle magazine employees to look for the story behind it, they discover a mysterious eccentric named Kenneth, a likable but paranoid supermarket ...
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Safety Not Guaranteed was reproduced on Premium Heavy Stock Paper which captures all of the vivid colors and details of the original. The overall paper size is 11.00 x 17.00 inches and the image size ...
Brand: The Poster CorpMerchant: Walmart US
Safety Not Guaranteed was reproduced on Premium Heavy Stock Paper which captures all of the vivid colors and details of the original. The overall paper size is 27.00 x 40.00 inches and the image size ...
Brand: The Poster CorpMerchant: Walmart US
A personal ad placed for a time-travel partner prompts an investigation involving three magazine reporters in this quirky comedy produced by Mark and Jay Duplass (Jeff, Who Lives at Home) and starring...
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  1. sherilcox from Northwest Florida says:

    If you like smart dialogue, an imaginative narrative, and welldeveloped character, SAFETY NOT GUARANTEED is your film. The premise iswell articulated with believable relationships portrayed by a talentedcast. Audrey Plaza’s star turn took the dopey outsider and added herown understated charm that illuminated every frame, especially thecampfire scene with Mark Duplass. His performance was perhaps theriskiest…..playing a lonely but driven crusader whose character tooka little from FISHER KING, a little from HEROS, a little more fromBEAUTIFUL MIND and added a touch of STARMAN.

    The ending might have seemed contrived without the sincerity ofdirector Colin Trevorrow. SAFETY NOT GUARANTEED was certainly the bestfilm I’ve seen so far this summer especially after my disappointmentwith Wes Anderson’s most recent effort. It was its last night inTallahasee attended by perhaps only a dozen people…..surprisinglymany stag guys who weren’t afraid to laugh out loud. I wonder how manyof them were time travelers.

  2. joel696 from United States says:

    From the get go I expected this movie to be my favorite at Sundance. Itwas. It was charming, witty, quirky and totally kicked ass chuck norrisstyle. You get to know several characters and each has their moment inthe sun, though Aubrey gets the bulk of the great lines. There couldhave been even more of her deadpan delivers. That would have suited mefine. The writer did do a good job of balancing the story lines andshowed intimate aspects of each character. I’m not sure how believablethe relationship was between the main characters, but that didn’tbother me too much (i was probably just jealous i wasn’t building myown time machine to pick up chicks). While the movie seems to survivemostly on simple ideas and witty remarks, I wanted to go on thatadventure too. He lived in a world that was about as normal as you canget in hick-sticks, USA. Like most of us as we get a little older,adventure passes us and is replaced by juice boxes and diaper changes.This move appeals to all kinds and touches us in memorable ways. Evenif you don’t have a time machine, you can always add a little adventurein your life and you can appreciate it even more when you have apartner you can trust with your life–safety not guaranteed though. ;o)

  3. Michael_Elliott from Louisville, KY says:

    Safety Not Guaranteed (2012)

    *** 1/2 (out of 4)

    Grocery clerk Kenneth (Mark Duplass) places an ad in a local paperasking for someone to go with him as he time travels. He says they’llbe paid once they return but safety isn’t guaranteed as he’s only donethis once before. A magazine writer (Jake Johnson) hears about thestory and takes a long a couple interns, one named Darius (AubreyPlaza), quickly gets caught up with the time traveler as she appliesfor the job without him knowing that she’s actually on a job. SAFETYNOT GUARANTEED is a pretty strange film to classify because it’s partcomedy and there are certainly some very light moments but the filmalso has a tremendous heart, which lets the characters actually becharacters and this leads to some pretty dramatic moments. I guess thebest way to classify this film is just by calling it life because itpretty much has a little bit of everything in it. What I found so goodabout the picture is simply how cute and charming it actually is. Thereporters go into this story expecting to find a crazy man because weall know that time travel can’t happen. What works so well with thefilm is the fact that you makes you believe that these type of thingsare possible and you really get caught up with all the characters andtheir situations. By the time the movie is over, and I won’t spoil theending, you’re leaving the theater with a smile on your face no matterwhat your brain might tell you afterwards. Duplass and Plaza are simplyperfect together as both of them bring the weirdness and loneliness outof their characters but they also have such a warm and wonderfulchemistry that you can’t help but fall for both of them. I also thoughtJohnson was extremely good in his supporting role as is Karan Soni asthe other intern. SAFETY NOT GUARANTEED is really a magical little gemthat is a breath of fresh air if you’re wanting to get away from theloud blockbusters of the summer.

  4. Glenn Soltes from Guelph says:

    I enjoyed every minute of this movie. Every character was memorable andsuperbly portrayed. It was sweet and at the same time had a cuttingedge especially if you read between the lines.

    The story was incredibly well crafted and will stand the test of timebecause it left just the right amount to the imagination. It was afairy tale, but a beautifully told and very human one.

    This was a movie crafted with care from both the mind and the heart. Ialso saw Prometheus this summer and found it sterile, empty andpointless, everything this movie isn’t.

    But in the end it was the characters and writing that made this movieso enjoyable.

  5. Tom Sharp from United States says:

    Every so often I stumble across the kind of film that captures bothheart and soul, the kind of film that makes me laugh and cry, makes mescoot forward on the edge of my seat, not because of the thrill of thechase or the climax of dramatic tension, but simply because I amcheering for the characters to make it! Because somehow my hope hasfound a way to attach to the hope of the characters, because I havefelt strangely welcomed into their journey, because I am longing tobelieve that this world is more than a cold, cynical place, and thatsomething beyond the natural may just be possible. There are lots of”feel-good” movies about relationships and love, but not quite as manythat touch a chord deep within all of us that is usually reserved forthe realm of religion or spiritual experience. Sometimes, a movie ismade that feels transcendent. For me, that is how I left the theaterafter watching Safety Not Guaranteed at Sundance. It helped that thepacked theater erupted in a cathartic cheer at the movie’s finalmoment, which tells me that something else was going on for my fellowfilm-goers as well. In short, I think that this funny, engaging,interesting, character-driven, heart-warming independent film shot on ashoestring budget on location in Oregon touched that part in all of usthat longs to believe in the unbelievable, that wonders if the”impossible” might, just might possibly be true after all.

    Safety Not Guaranteed is about Kenneth (Mark Duplass), a man who iscreating a time machine and places an ad in a local classifieds lookingfor a partner to time travel with him. The ad tells readers: “This isnot a joke. Bring your own weapons. Safety not guaranteed.” Intrigued,a local magazine decides to send a staff-writer (who has his owntime-travel agenda of revisiting a 20 year old high-school first love)and two interns to find the author and see how crazy he really is. Thefilm weaves the boy-meets-girl main storyline with two sub-plots ofself-discovery: the thirty-something writer’s encounter with his oldhigh school fling, and the classic-nerd intern encouraged to make hisown youthful fling. Initially playing the part, Darius the intern(Aubrey Plaza) starts to fall for a man driven by his passion, withwhom she finds a connection in her own past pain and regret. Not yourBack To the Future time travel story, we never see the machine untilthe end, and the director leaves us wondering if it even exists. Andyet, we are led masterfully throughout the narrative to long for, maybeeven start to believe that Kenneth is “for real” and that he hasstumbled onto the kind of adventure that transcends the pain of theordinary present. Without this hope for the impossible, this longingfor “another world,” Safety Not Guaranteed would be just like any otherromantic comedy where the misfit get the girl, and the cynical girlforgives herself and opens her heart to love.

    The beauty of the film is in its hope-filled longing, its call tobelieve. We stand at the lake beside the time machine with Darius,watching Kenneth stretch his hand out and ask us to take a step offaith, to put into action what we have been secretly hoping waspossible. For the first time Darius has to take a real step to trulybelieve, which is a great conclusion to the film. Isn’t that the heartof faith in God? There are many who say they believe and hope very muchthat it is all true. But in the end, are we willing to step out ontothe boat and commit, when the outstretched hand beckons us to put ourtrust in Another and when the whole thing looks rather silly or(worse), rather crazy? Such is the story we are all asked to live, anda movie like Safety Guaranteed gets an audience standing ovationbecause we know Darius’ step of faith is ours as well.

  6. swifterone from Seattle, WA says:

    With a budget of perhaps 10 box tops from some Cocoa Puffs, this filmmanaged to be the most entertaining thing I’ve seen all year. Theentire cast fits together and play off each other in a delightful wayand the ending is great without being sappy sweet or maudlin.

    I don’t want to get into the plot, but Aubrey Plaza’s debut as a leadactress is right on target and I see much success for her in the futurein a lot more movies. Mark Duplass and Jake Johnson are excellent, andthat new kid Karan Soni…well, you’ll be seeing more of him in thefuture is my guess.

    This is a film I would see again and again, each time it appears in thefuture. I would take a date to it, I would take kids to it, I would goby myself.

    I would see it in a box, I would see it with a fox, I would see it atyour house, I would see it with a mouse, I would see it here or there,I would see it anywhere! You’ll like Safety Not Guaranteed, go see itnow, be safe, Godspeed!

  7. FilmStallion from United States says:

    LOGLINE: Mark Duplass (Puffy Chair & Humpday) plays Kenneth, the localsmall town weirdo who bags groceries and places a classified ad seekinga companion for time travel. Aubrey Plaza (Parks and Recreation & FunnyPeople) plays Darius, an intern sent in on assignment with herco-workers (Jake M. Johnson & Karan Soni) to secretly pose as potentialtime travel candidates and get the scoop for the entertainmentmagazine.

    Obviously the guy is an insane wack-job…or is he? As Darius gets incloser with Kenneth and slowly finds out more and more about him, sheisn’t so sure anymore. Can this guy actually do what he claims, or ishe so far off his rocker that he has lost all sight of reality? WriterDerek Connolly weaves in and out the possibilities of what is true andkeeps the audience guessing until the film’s final second payoff.

    Actors Duplass and Plaza are so great radiating weirdness off of eachother. The two form an unusual friendship that rings true in everydetail. Jake M. Johnson (New Girl) and Karan Soni add several laughs tothe bizarre…yet hilarious story. The film had many chances to losesight of believability, but finds a way to stay on course.

    The film’s ending left me torn. No matter if you are the kind of personrooting for Kenneth to be vindicated, or believe he is crazy allalong…the story keeps you hooked until the credits roll. Safety NotGuaranteed was a breakout hit from the Sundance Film Festival, andcontains the spirit of what independent films strive to be. It’sauthentic, creative, unusual, and a breath of fresh air. It’s fun tosee what independent filmmakers come up with when they aren’trestrained by the annoyance of making every viewer happy. If you are upfor something different…do yourself a favor and see this one.

  8. buzzbruin from United States says:

    A wonderful film. The story is science fiction, fantasy and real-liferelationships. The plot is unique (I know some reviewers have likenedit to the back to the future series which was for fun and was fun). Itis not only funny, (laugh out loud funny) but mysterious as to what isreally going on and stir in some fantasy and science fiction– butunderneath is the inspection of all human beings and their lives andrelationships. The casting was superb and the scenic northwestphotography was great, I didn’t know any of the actors but suffice tosay they were chosen by a director of amazing talent. His idea his plotand his script were really really fine. I saw it in LA in Burbank andthe audience was mostly the internet set and they loved it. All oftheir generations electronic things were a big part of the film, butthis masterful director reached me, a senior–explaining the kids andyet reaching me with the love stories and those of friendship. Thus thedirector brought the old universal story of love among all of us. I canonly say he is in for a tough career because with this film he has setthe bar for himself and his crew very very high. Based on this work hewill be great!!

  9. Argemaluco from Argentina says:

    Travel in time is definitely my favorite sub-genus of science fiction,and even though I equally adore the creativity of the Back to theFuture trilogy, the historical humor of Bill and Ted’s ExcellentAdventure and the apocalyptic solemnity of The Terminator, I alsoappreciate the independent films which deal the subject with moresobriety and philosophy. Films like Primer and Suspension havecompensated their low budget and visual simplicity with provocativeideas which leave the mechanics of travel aside in order to focus onthe melodrama created by the characters, proving that there’s no needof flying cars or phone booths when there’s an ingenious narrativeinhabited by realistic and interesting human beings. Even though Ididn’t like it as much as Primer or Suspension, the film Safety NotGuaranteed fits into that group, even though it doesn’t necessarilyinclude too much time travel. Or maybe it does. I’m not sure…but thatuncertainty is one of the best elements from this film.

    Safety Not Guaranteed isn’t a traditional sci-fi film. There may betime travel, there may be not…but the point of the screenplay isn’tfinding temporal paradoxes nor playing with historical chronology, butgradually discovering the nature and interaction between interestingcharacters, each one of them focused into their own “adventure”.Screenwriter Derek Connolly built a complex but accessible narrativetapestry, free of unnecessary filler and with ingenious parallels whicharen’t always apparent, but eventually lead us to a satisfactoryending.

    Connolly shows an efficient control over the multiple sub-plots, andthey all share subjects in common. And then, we have the perfectperformances from the whole cast. Mark Duplass brings a simultaneouslylikable and mysterious personality to his character, something which isvery appropriate. Jake Johnson is very funny in his role; hisperformance is similar to the one he brings in the sitcom New Girl,even though it feels more emotive and sincere in here. Karan Soni iscredible in his character, and supports the other actors very well.However, the revelation of Safety Not Guaranteed is definitely AubreyPlaza, who is able to express multiple emotional levels with the grimface and cynical attitude of her character.

    On the negative side of Safety Not Guaranteed, I can’t deny that thereare a few pretentious and auto-indulgent scenes. And even though RyanMiller’s score generally complements the scenes well, it occasionallyfeels a bit affected. Nevertheless, I think Safety Not Guaranteed is avery good movie, and I can recommend it mainly because of itsscreenplay and its performances.

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