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  • Rate: 7.7/10 total 26 votes
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  • Genre: Drama
  • Release Date: 26 August 2016 (USA)
  • Filming Location: Nashville, Tennessee, USA
  • Gross: $70,136 (USA) (26 August 2016)
  • Director: Dave Christiano
  • Stars: Allee Sutton Hethcoat, Quinn Alexis, Sydney Marks |See full cast & crew »
  • Original Music By: Jasper Randall
  • Plot Keyword: Christian Film | Female Protagonist

Remember the Goal (2016) Writing Credits By:

    (in alphabetical order)

  • Dave Christiano

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Remember the Goal (2016) Known Trivia

  • Writer-Director Dave Christiano ran cross country in high school and college, and has coached two different high school cross country teams. Remember the Goal 2016 Is this interesting? Interesting? Yes No |
  • Actor, Cory Holland had the option of auditioning for his choice of the four rival-school coaches in the film. Remember the Goal 2016 To ensure his casting, he decided to audition for all of them. Remember the Goal 2016 Having no reader during this time, he noted where each of the four coaches would sit in the scene, set up his son’s Elmo doll for an eyeline, donned four different shirts, and filmed his audition. Remember the Goal 2016 After, Cory edited the entire scene into one video to send to director, Dave Christiano. Remember the Goal 2016 His email stated that though he’d be happy with any of the four roles, he really wanted the FRA Glenwood Coach role. Remember the Goal 2016 Cory got the part. Remember the Goal 2016 Is this interesting? Interesting? Yes No |

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Remember the Goal (2016) Plot: A new female coach fresh out of college takes over the cross country program at an all girls private Christian school and tries to lead them to their first state title. Remember the Goal 2016 Full summary » | »

Remember the Goal (2016) Story: A new Coach takes over the girls cross country program at a private Christian school and sets a goal for them to win the state meet. Remember the Goal 2016 As they begin to train for this, the top five runners each deal separately with a particular issue in life related to teens. Remember the Goal 2016 As each of these stories unfold, so does the wisdom of the young Coach as she guides the girls along the pathway of life. Remember the Goal 2016 Written byDave Christiano

Produced By: Remember the Goal (2016) Free Full Movie Online

  • Dave Christiano known as producer
  • Jordan Christiano known as assistant producer
  • Ben Graham known as associate producer

Watch Remember the Goal (2016) Free Movie FullCast & Crew:

  • Allee Sutton Hethcoat known as Courtney Smith-Donnelly
  • Quinn Alexis known as Anna Glass
  • Sydney Marks known as Heidi Olson
  • Jayla Palmer known as Shelby Opal
  • Lacy Hartselle known as Kristen Sims
  • Margaret Tant known as Rebecca Shackelford
  • McKensie Miller known as Katelyn Vann
  • Wynn Reichert known as Anna’s Father
  • Mary Meyer known as Rebecca’s Mother
  • Dean Kostlich known as Ken Prader
  • Daniel Gilley known as Chase
  • Lauren Hutchins known as Savannah
  • Robin Daugherty known as Neal Sims
  • Eric Mullett known as Dr. Remember the Goal 2016 Vann
  • Jonathan Riggs known as Eastern Valley Coach
  • Cory Holland known as FRA Glennwood Coach
  • Evan Taylor Williams known as HCA Coach
  • Casey Bond known as FCA Coach
  • Jack Young known as Courtney’s Husband
  • Claudia Church known as Anna’s Mother
  • Jim Bronaugh known as Official State Meet Starter
  • Josh Scherer known as Cross Country Runner / Youth Group Member
  • Steve D. Remember the Goal 2016 Scott known as Race Attendee (uncredited)
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  1. kfrancis427 from United States says:

    Review by Memphis Soccer Mom

    Nashville screenwriter and filmmaker Dave Christiano obviously did notselect the subject of his newest movie REMEMBER THE GOAL on thepopularity of meta-tags. He has courageously embraced perhaps the leastwell-known and least popular team sport in high schools, and written ascript about something that barely existed forty years ago in America:a girl’s high school sports team. It opened on screens Friday, Aug 26,trailing the Rio Summer Olympics.

    Runners everywhere may have to tie on their sneakers and do a littlecross country jaunt of their own to find one of the select theatersscreening it. REMEMBER THE GOAL is showing this week in Alabama,Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina,South Carolina, Tennessee (Bartlett & Nashville), Texas and Auburn, NewYork. Click on state map to see which theaters at//

    Though there was one all female sport teams in America in 1866 at thecollege level, it was not until the Title IX Educational Amendmentpassed in 1972, with these words: “No person in the United Statesshall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, bedenied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under anyeducation program or activity receiving federal financial assistance”,that a revolution of sorts was launched in sports for women.

    ‘In 1972 there were fewer than 32,000 women competing inintercollegiate athletics, according to an Associated Press article.Today more than 110,000 women participate in college sports and thenumber of female athletes in high school has increased from about300,000 to 2.13 million. (See//

    The narrative feature takes place on a campus as did favorite filmslike Good Bye, Mr. Chips (Peter O’Toole-’69), Mr. Holland’s Opus(Richard Dreyfuss), and more recently Blind Side (Sandra Bullock). Thegirls’ sport team angle differs from A League of their Own (1992)starring Geena Davis and Tom Hanks in the fictionalized account of thefirst real (AAGPBL) professional women’s baseball league in 1942, asthe team in REMEMBER THE GOAL is not historically bound, with big starsgiving their names to the production.

    The majority of the cast appear to be fresh faces and newcomers. Underthe direction of Mr. Christiano, each line is clearly articulated andbelievable. I was impressed by the minimal distractions from the storyline by props, sets, costumes, or irregular camera movements. Eachscene had what it needed to work and nothing excessive.

    I found the pace steady, deliberate and in keeping with the tag line ofthe movie, “Cross Country is a lot like Life.” This independentfilmmaker utilized the beauty of sunlight in nearly all the scenes.Using high quality digital film equipment of the Ari Ultra Primes andZeiss Super Speeds MK I lenses shot on a 4K Red Epic, the result is avisually stunning movie.

    The story line of the movie follows the basic screen formula of acharacter beset by troubles while trying to reaching a goal. In thiscase the lead character is a woman, a new coach only a few years olderthan her students. She has to endure many challenges to her authoritywhich the typical male coach would not. A few subplots provideinstructive examples of Christianity at work, the warp and woof of thisfilm’s fabric.

    The movie raises some interesting discussion points, such as obedienceto parents, which is a Biblical teaching. The girls on the crosscountry team are caught in a bind between following the rules of thecoach who is acting in loco parentis, a long honored tradition, andobeying conflicting advice of parents who choose to question thiscoach’s methods. There is no foul language in this movie despite heatedarguments.

    This is a movie set in the here and now. People have a lot of freedomand have to make choices about how to respond to undesirable situationswhich come up. But these conflicts are about words and actions, ratherthan guns, bullets and violent explosions.

    While some may question why the coach’s did not justify her strategy orbrag about previous accomplishments, others may understand that couldhave placed a heavy burden on the team. The coach makes the decision tolet her actions speak for themselves. She obviously embraced teachingsabout controlling hurtful words or was taught it wasn’t her place toargue with or contradict her employer and this belief inspires CoachSmith-Donnelly’s reserved, controlled responses during emotionallychallenging moments. Again, a discussion point to consider for viewersof this thought-provoking film.

    I enjoyed the music in the film. During the final race for the StateTitle, I would have liked to have seen a boom, or drone view shot fromoverhead, and a little longer milking of the money shot at the end ofthe State Meet, perhaps slow motion. But the scene brought me to tearsas it was anyway. And everyone knows the budget limitations anindependent filmmaker faces, as opposed to the big studios.

    This family movie illustrates the verse I Corinthians 10:31,”Therefore, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do everythingfor God’s glory.” The film is rated PG by MPAA.

  2. Tim Day says:

    In his My Year of Flops, Nathan Rabin coined the term “shitty miracle”as a twist on the “so bad it’s good” movie mentality. For Rabin,though, this designation didn’t just mean that the film was enjoyablejust because it was bad. These were films that were truly special, ahail mary of perfect badness. Rabin writes: “In a shitty miracle,everything goes awry. It’s not a matter of one sorry element draggingthe rest down; it’s every terrible component amplifying the awfulnessof everything else. These shitty miracles represent the perfect stormof bad ideas and miscalculation. Everything must line up perfectly fora shitty miracle to occur.”

    REMEMBER THE GOAL is exactly that. A film that should join the ranks ofBIRDEMIC, THE ROOM, SHOWGIRLS, and GIGLI as movies so terriblyunwatchable that they are fodder for audiences everywhere to watch andenjoy as an epic cinematic car crash. Add the Christian movie elementto the film, and miraculous is certainly an ironic term to describe theabsolute train wreck of this film.

    Where does one start? Is it with the performance of Allee-SuttonHethcoat as Courtney Smith-Donnelly and her monotone delivery ofparables and inspirational anecdotes? Also, note that both actress andcharacter have maintained hyphenated names. Hethcoat’s delivery is sodry that it is well after a humorous line is delivered that you have torewind in your head and realize it is written as a joke. Despite beingthe coach, she wears shorts to practice and yoga pants to class. As ascience teacher at the local Chrisitan Academy, short skirts seeminappropriate attire for a chemistry lab, but director DaveCHristiano’s male gaze will not be denied. Beyond ogling the leadactress, the film has more than a few uncomfortable montages of teengirls running toward the camera. Feeling more like an 80s sexploitationfilm waiting to happen, Christiano’s choice to shoot the teenage girlsfull body straight on–bounding and bouncing toward the camera ishilarious and uncomfortable all at once. But the misogyny doesn’t endthere. Coach Donnelly has a strategy to train her girls to run that thefilm promotes as some sort of secret and heretical idea (youknow…like Jesus). However, even a layman to the sport understands theidea of pacing and training to run a stronger race…so the film setsup a twist ending that has no twist at all. But even Donnelly can’texplain it to us. Another male coach from another school must firstexplain the strategy to the audience, leaving the female coach then tore-explain her master plan, which is no sort of master plan at all.Even here, men are smarter than the women. There is also aninexplicable symbol as the teammates and coach all put their fiststogether…and somehow that represents a team. Is it a cross? A “T”?Why does that represent team? So many questions.

    Why would a coach choose not to reveal their strategy at the risk ofgetting fired? I am certain Nashville has people of color in itspopulation. Where are they? Why would an Athletic Director of a privateschool fire a coach mid- season? Why would that same AD hire a parentas a coach? Why do white girls from Nashville not sweat when they haverun 3 miles? Why… ? (there are about 40 more of these)

    The film is filled with problems that aren’t really problems. A 15-year-old girl isn’t allowed to date, and apparently, that includes juststepping onto a boy’s front porch. Friends smoke weed and thenimmediately give it up for no reason at all except “the power ofprayer.” A girl has self-esteem issues until her coach lovingly tellsher that she wouldn’t sell her to anyone at any price which hilariouslyworks as a cautionary tale against human trafficking. One parentexclaims to her daughter after running a race “YOU’RE AWFUL!” as therest of the team and nearby parents gawk. It is hilariously bad. Butthat is only one of the gems from the script. There are more like:

    “I CAN’T READ!!” “Christianity doesn’t make sense.” “Remember thatthing I asked you to do after dinner?” “If I know Jesus like I think Ido, he slipped out the back door.”

    …and on and on and on. This movie isn’t occasionally awful. It isconsistent scene by scene and line by line. The parabolic platitudes ofa female coach with her plastered smile and varied hair styles solveevery issue, heal every wound, and also win championships. How does onethen rank a movie like REMEMBER THE GOAL? As a film setting out to dowhat it is trying to do…it is awful. However, as an unintentionalcomedy, I laughed out loud more in this film than any other comedy Ihave seen this year. Choose how you see this movie and you will seeeither a stinker….or a shitty miracle.

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