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  • IMDb page: Man of Steel (2013) Movie HD
  • Rate: 7.2/10 total 545,874 votes
  • Genre: Action | Adventure | Fantasy | Sci-Fi
  • Release Date: 14 June 2013 (USA)
  • Runtime: 143 min
  • Filming Location: Lone Pine, California, USA
  • Budget: $225,000,000 (estimated)
  • Gross: $291,021,565 (USA) (13 September 2013)
  • Director: Zack Snyder
  • Stars: Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Michael Shannon |See full cast & crew »
  • Original Music By: Hans Zimmer
  • Soundtrack: Seasons
  • Sound Mix: Dolby Digital | Datasat | SDDS | Dolby Atmos | Dolby Surround 7.1
  • Plot Keyword: Planet | Clark Kent | Military | Lois Lane | Army


Man of Steel (2013) Writing Credits By:

  • David S. Man of Steel 2013 Goyer (screenplay)
  • David S. Man of Steel 2013 Goyer (story) &
  • Christopher Nolan (story)
  • Jerry Siegel (Superman created by) &
  • Joe Shuster (Superman created by)

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Man of Steel (2013) Known Trivia

  • Henry Cavill refused to take steroids to muscle up for the role. Man of Steel 2013 He also refused any digital touch-ups or enhancement to his body in his shirtless scenes. Man of Steel 2013 He said it would have been dishonest of him to use trickery while playing Superman and he wanted to push his body to the limits to develop his physique into one that was worthy of the character. Man of Steel 2013 1,229 of 1,257 found this interesting Interesting? Yes No |
  • The film released in June 2013, the 75th anniversary of Superman. Man of Steel 2013 327 of 333 found this interesting Interesting? Yes No |
  • Henry Cavill said that the most difficult part of making the movie was definitely his two shirtless scenes. Man of Steel 2013 He had been training for months prior to filming began but for his shirtless scenes, he specially went on extremely difficult calorie restriction diet and training regimen that cut his calorie intake from 5000 to near 1500 for 6 weeks. Man of Steel 2013 After 6 weeks he reached a body fat level of just 7% which is the level achieved by professional body-builders during competitions. Man of Steel 2013 Henry said this was done because he wanted to make his abs as pronounced and his muscles as defined as humanly possible to create the best possible Superman physique. Man of Steel 2013 Cavill returned to a more manageable routine after the scenes were shot but felt his effort was rewarded when audiences and critics alike praised his physique for the true embodiment of what Superman would look like. Man of Steel 2013 After he had shot his shirtless scenes, director Zack Snyder gave him a tub of ice cream and pizza to reward him for his Herculean effort for the shirtless scenes. Man of Steel 2013 949 of 976 found this interesting Interesting? Yes No |
  • Rumors say that Zod’s broadcast to Earth is made in several languages including the “Star Trek” Universe’s Klingon, but there is no proof for this. Man of Steel 2013 690 of 714 found this interesting Interesting? Yes No |
  • The idea that Superman’s S-Shield means “hope” is taken from Mark Waid’s “Superman: Birthright” comic: the S-Shield is the Kryptonian symbol for “hope”, and Superman (1978) created the concept of the Shield being a Kryptonian herald for the house of El. Man of Steel 2013 252 of 258 found this interesting Interesting? Yes No |
  • In an early Smallville scene near the Kent house, a double tanker truck passing by in the background bears the “Lexcorp” brand name. Man of Steel 2013 Also, a building in Metropolis and a tanker truck later bear the name as well. Man of Steel 2013 This is the company run by Superman’s arch rival, Lex Luthor. Man of Steel 2013 337 of 347 found this interesting Interesting? Yes No |
  • Henry Cavill and Russell Crowe had met years prior to playing father and son when Henry was an extra in Proof of Life (2000) and received words of encouragement to pursue acting and an autographed picture from Crowe, who was his favorite actor. Man of Steel 2013 424 of 438 found this interesting Interesting? Yes No |
  • Henry Cavill naturally has a hairy chest and left it untouched for the shoot of this movie. Man of Steel 2013 He insisted that Superman has chest hair in this film; he rejected the notion that just because you are muscular, you should not have chest hair and cited the Superman comic book “The Death Of Superman” as being an iconic representation in which Superman had a hairy chest. Man of Steel 2013 503 of 522 found this interesting Interesting? Yes No |
  • Clark’s line “Can’t I keep pretending I’m your son?” and Jonathan’s response “You are my son” are taken from “Superman: Secret Origin” by Geoff Johns. Man of Steel 2013 201 of 207 found this interesting Interesting? Yes No |
  • Director Zack Snyder said that he really wanted to include a shirtless scene of star Henry Cavill in the film because throughout the film, you see him in a form-fitting body suit where he appears extremely muscular. Man of Steel 2013 He said the audience would think it was all rubber muscles, but it was important to show them it was indeed Cavill’s body in that suit and that it was all real. Man of Steel 2013 341 of 355 found this interesting Interesting? Yes No |

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Goofs: Errors in geography: At one point in the Zod Vs. Man of Steel 2013 Superman fight, Superman is, while floating mid-air, knocked out after being shot-put through several buildings. Man of Steel 2013 Zod then hits him from below and elevates him towards space at high speeds. Man of Steel 2013 From the looks of it, the two of them go up in a vertical line until they hit a Wayne Industries Satellite. Man of Steel 2013 The moment they are going back down, it is most noticeable that they are doing so at a certain angle. Man of Steel 2013 It’s not straight down at all. Man of Steel 2013 Even when they enter the atmosphere and start catching fire, the audience can really perceive them approach the Earth’s surface diagonally. Man of Steel 2013 However, when they land, they are still within Metropolis. Man of Steel 2013 Much more surprisingly, they’re only but a couple of blocks away from where they started–an idea to be introduced by Lois Lane’s rather quick appearance. Man of Steel 2013 Basing on the distance they traveled up into space and the angle they fell at, Zod and Superman should have impacted at a location miles away from the origin point of the battle, even more so, miles away from Metropolis itself.

Man of Steel (2013) Plot: Clark Kent, one of the last of an extinguished race disguised as an unremarkable human, is forced to reveal his identity when Earth is invaded by an army of survivors who threaten to bring the planet to the brink of destruction. Man of Steel 2013 Full summary »  »

Man of Steel (2013) Story: A young boy learns that he has extraordinary powers and is not of this Earth. Man of Steel 2013 As a young man, he journeys to discover where he came from and what he was sent here to do. Man of Steel 2013 But the hero in him must emerge if he is to save the world from annihilation and become the symbol of hope for all mankind. Man of Steel 2013 Written byWarner Bros. Man of Steel 2013 Pictures

Man of Steel (2013) Synopsis: The story opens on the Planet Krypton, wherein Lara Lor-Van (Ayelet Zurer), has just given birth to a son. Man of Steel 2013 She and her husband Jor-El (Russell Crowe) have birthed their son naturally and in violation of the basic laws of the planet, where babies are to be bred through genetic engineering with a planetary ‘Codex’ that imprints what a person’s place in life is to be (leader, scientist, general, etc).

Jor-El and his wife have chosen this path as their planet is on the brink of destruction. Man of Steel 2013 Harvesting their planet’s core for resources has made it unstable and it will destroy itself. Man of Steel 2013 After the birth of his son, Jor-El appears before the Kryptonian Leaders, pleading with them to allow him to save the planet’s Codex, and to search for a habitable world beyond Krypton. Man of Steel 2013 However, even with destruction imminent, the council will not abandon its ways.

The council is set upon by General Zod (Michael Shannon) and numerous followers, intending to take control of the planet. Man of Steel 2013 Though Jor-El does disagree with Council, he refuses to join Zod’s coup. Man of Steel 2013 Zod orders Jor-El to be arrested, but Jor-El escapes and flees to an area nearby, wherein the planet’s birthing chamber resides. Man of Steel 2013 Right before he leaves, he tells Lara to prepare the small spacecraft he has built to transport his son from Krypton and to find a suitable world to send him to.

Stealing the Codex from the chamber, Jor-El races back to his home where his wife Lara has found a planet to send their baby to: Earth. Man of Steel 2013 Though Lara is sad at the loss of their child, Jor-El claims he will live his life in a new way: free of the limitations imposed by Kryptonian society. Man of Steel 2013 Their son, Kal-El, will be able to choose his way in life. Man of Steel 2013 Lara worries about their son’s ability to survive on his new planet; Jor-El assures her he will be stronger, faster, invulnerable and possess powers that will make him a super-being there because of Earth’s yellow sun. Man of Steel 2013 Jor-El places the Codex into a device that bonds it to his son’s living cells.

As they prepare to launch the pod containing their son, Zod and his followers force their way into the Els residence, demanding that Jor-El hand over the Codex. Man of Steel 2013 Jor-El claims it is in the pod with his son. Man of Steel 2013 Zod becomes enraged and attacks Jor-El, eventually stabbing him to death. Man of Steel 2013 During the fight, Lara engages the pod’s engines and it shoots into the sky.

Angered that Jor-El and his wife have doomed the Kryptonian race with the removal of the Codex, Zod orders his followers to shoot down the pod. Man of Steel 2013 However, his orders are suddenly cancelled when Kryptonian security ships appear, destroying the attacking vessel and arresting Zod and his minions. Man of Steel 2013 In the confusion, a Phantom Drive engages on the pod, rocketing the baby away in the blink of an eye.

Zod and his followers are banished to The Phantom Zone. Man of Steel 2013 In a fury, Zod lashes out, declaring the leaders will not grant him and his followers a quick death. Man of Steel 2013 He also swears to Lara (who is present), that he will find her son. Man of Steel 2013 Zod and his followers are placed in a giant craft, the Black Zero, that is sent into the Phantom Zone.

Shortly after, Krypton’s core collapses as Lara passively watches the planet breaking apart. Man of Steel 2013 Many worlds away, the pod carrying Kal-El rockets into Earth’s atmosphere, touching down somewhere in the Great Plains of the United States.

The scene then shifts to ocean waters, where we see a bearded man (Henry Cavill) working aboard a fishing vessel and having trouble concentrating on his duties.The crew are soon alerted to a distress call for help from a flaming oil rig. Man of Steel 2013 The bearded man quickly disappears from the ship but is on the rig moments later, rescuing the crew and getting them to board a Coast Guard chopper. Man of Steel 2013 He is unable to join them, as he rushes to keep a part of the rig from collapsing on the landing pad. Man of Steel 2013 As the chopper flies away with the rig’s crew, the rig collapses down on him and he ends up floating in the water.

We soon learn that this is Clark Kent, as in a deep mental state, he recalls when he was younger, and manifested X-Ray vision, and super-hearing. Man of Steel 2013 Scared at what he was seeing and hearing, Clark runs from his classroom and locks himself in a closet. Man of Steel 2013 His Mother Martha Kent comes to the school, and manages to coax him out, helping him to focus his powers, quelling the myriad sounds he hears.

Back in the present-day, Clark has managed to return to land and steals some clothes. Man of Steel 2013 As he attempts to figure out where he is, he sees a school bus nearby. Man of Steel 2013 Clark has another flashback to when he was 13. Man of Steel 2013 He recalls being picked on by a boy named Pete Ross (Jack Foley), before the school bus they were on suddenly blows a tire, and careens off a bridge into a river. Man of Steel 2013 Thinking quickly, Clark escapes out the rear emergency door, and pushes the bus to shore. Man of Steel 2013 Clark jumps back into the water and pulls the very boy who harassed him to safety.

Though Pete’s mother claims that Clark miraculously saved the occupants of the bus, Clark’s father Jonathan Kent (Kevin Costner) tries to convince her otherwise. Man of Steel 2013 Needless to say, Clark feels even more conflicted, as his father has tried to tell him to suppress his powers, but Clark was torn by a need to help others.

When Clark demands to know what’s wrong with him, Jonathan shows his son the pod he came to Earth in, along with a strange metallic item that was found with him. Man of Steel 2013 Jonathan claims he had a metallurgist examine it, but it is comprised of elements not found on Earth. Man of Steel 2013 Imprinted on the small fragment of metal is a shield-like shape containing an “S”.

The scene then returns to the present day, where Clark has a job at a truck stop in Canada. Man of Steel 2013 As he works, he hears some military men talking quietly about some object found in the ice a ways north of the stop. Man of Steel 2013 When a trucker comes in and starts harassing one of the waitresses, Clark attempts to stop him, but afraid others will see his powers, stands there and takes the trucker’s taunts. Man of Steel 2013 Without saying a word, Clark takes off his apron and leaves the stop. Man of Steel 2013 Later, as the trucker leaves, he is shocked to find his rig impaled on several of the tree logs he was hauling.

The scene then cuts to Lois Lane (Amy Adams), landing at the base in Canada, where she is met by Professor Emil Hamilton (Richard Schiff), and Colonel Nathan Hardy (Christopher Meloni). Man of Steel 2013 Drilling is still commencing within the ice to get to uncover the craft, but ice drilling tests have at least confirmed that the ice surrounding the object is thousands of years old.

Going out in the evening to shoot some pictures, Lois is shocked when she checks them to see a man walking on a ridge near the drilling site without cold-weather clothing. Man of Steel 2013 She sneaks up to where he was, and finds a tunnel bored into the ice. Man of Steel 2013 The tunnel is Clark’s doing, as he had followed the word of the military men, and made his way to the site, using his heat vision to tunnel into the ice. Man of Steel 2013 He then finds a strange spacecraft, and going inside, finds a panel that opens up. Man of Steel 2013 It contains a hole that seems to match the shape of the object his father found with him in the pod. Man of Steel 2013 Inserting the object the hole causes a person to suddenly appear nearby. Man of Steel 2013 He doesn’t say a word, simply walking off. Man of Steel 2013 Clark attempts to catch up to this person, but he always seems to be several steps ahead of him.

Meanwhile, Lois has found her way onto the ship, but is attacked by a sentry. Man of Steel 2013 Her screams cause Clark to come running. Man of Steel 2013 After dismantling the sentry by crushing it with his bare hands, he sees that the sentry has wounded Lois in her lower abdomen. Man of Steel 2013 He tells her she’s bleeding internally and uses his heat vision to cauterize the wound. Man of Steel 2013 Shortly after, military forces nearby are all amazed when the ice starts to crack and a giant ship emerges, flying off.

Lois is found the next day and shortly thereafter she writes up an article about what she experienced. Man of Steel 2013 However, her editor at the Daily Planet, Perry White (Laurence Fishburne), refuses to publish it. Man of Steel 2013 Even the Pentagon has denied her ‘aliens and spaceships’ story. Man of Steel 2013 Lois then attempts to play hard ball. Man of Steel 2013 Going to a contact of hers named Glen Woodburn (Chad Krowchuk), she allows him to publish her story. Man of Steel 2013 Though he cautions that she could get in trouble for leaking the story, she claims she wants to do this, in hopes that it will catch the attention of the person she met.

Meanwhile, Clark has piloted the spaceship to another remote location in the Arctic. Man of Steel 2013 It turns out the figure he was following is a hologram of his father Jor-El, who is appearing via the ‘key’ Clark inserted into the ship. Man of Steel 2013 Jor-El explains the history of the planet Krypton and that the ship Clark found was a sentry ship sent out many years before, when the the council of Krypton had attempted to colonize other planets.

Jor-El shows Clark a dark blue and red suit bearing the shielded “S”. Man of Steel 2013 Jor-El explains that it is the emblem of the House of El and a symbol of hope. Man of Steel 2013 Jor-El also explains that the Earth’s sun has made Clark stronger, and has been helping him manifest powers for some time. Man of Steel 2013 Jor-El tells Clark that the suit will symbolize his mission: to help the people of Earth and act as their guardian. Man of Steel 2013 Stepping outside the ship, Clark begins to push his powers: first taking flying leaps, before eventually being able to fly at great speeds, breaking the sound barrier and flying great distances around the world.

Back in Metropolis, Perry White is furious that Lois leaked her story to the internet, and suspends her for three weeks. Man of Steel 2013 Lois uses this time to begin tracking down leads to her mystery man. Man of Steel 2013 Her sleuthing leads her to Smallville, and eventually, Martha Kent.

Visiting the grave of Jonathan Kent, she is surprised when her mystery man appears (albeit in nondescript clothing). Man of Steel 2013 Lois claims she wants to tell Clark’s story, but he tells her of how he abides by his father’s request to not reveal himself until the world ‘was ready.’

Clark then relates how Jonathan died. Man of Steel 2013 After the two have an argument during a drive, which mostly concerns Clark frustration over his true ancestry and how he is forbidden to reveal his powers to anyone but his parents, they stop when a tornado forms, threatening everyone on the road nearby. Man of Steel 2013 Clark gets his mother and several others to safety, with Jonathan attempting to get the family dog free of their vehicle. Man of Steel 2013 The dog makes it out safely, but Jonathan ends up injuring himself, unable to make it to the overpass where everyone has taken shelter. Man of Steel 2013 Clark had wanted to help his father, but a gesture from Jonathan cautioned him to not reveal himself, leaving Jonathan to be swept away by the tornado. Man of Steel 2013 Hearing his story, Lois respects Clark’s wish for privacy, and stops trying to pursue a story from him.

Clark returns to his mother, and happily tells her that he has found where he came from, and who his true parents are. Man of Steel 2013 Though Martha fears that her son will now be taken from her, Clark assures her it won’t happen.

Meanwhile, the military has received word of a strange ship in geosynchronous orbit around the planet. Man of Steel 2013 Soon, others report the strange sighting, but are surprised when power is cut off to all parts of the world, and a message is broadcast from General Zod. Man of Steel 2013 Zod demands that the people of Earth hand over Kal-El within 24 hours or there will be consequences. Man of Steel 2013 A worldwide manhunt is initiated to find this “Kal-El”. Man of Steel 2013 Glenn Woodburn is interviewed about the aliens and drops Lois’ name, which soon results in numerous FBI agents being sent to take her into custody. Man of Steel 2013 Lois tries to flee from them, but she’s quickly intercepted and turned over to the US Army.

Back in Smallville, Clark goes to a local church, and confesses to the pastor there that he is the one the aliens want. Man of Steel 2013 Though he admits he is conflicted: he doesn’t trust that Zod will leave Earth in peace, but he is also wondering if he should trust humanity. Man of Steel 2013 His decision is made when the Pastor tells him that sometimes one must take a leap of faith.

Clark then appears before the Army in his Kryptonian suit, willing to surrender on condition that he can meet with Lois and that she be freed. Man of Steel 2013 Clark is handcuffed (he allows them to, as a gesture of trust and to help them feel more secure), and he and Lois have a short conversation. Man of Steel 2013 She asks him about the “S” on his chest which he tells her is not an S as Earthlings know it, but a symbol of hope. Man of Steel 2013 When she suggests a new moniker, her voice is cut off by feedback from the audio system observers are using behind a 2-way mirror — but Clark shows he is easily able see through it and identify the people standing behind it. Man of Steel 2013 Clark stands up and effortlessly breaks his handcuffs and tells the observers he’ll allow them to turn him over to Zod and that he’ll protect the planet from whatever danger Zod presents.

In a remote desert, a black craft appears to bring him to Zod’s ship. Man of Steel 2013 The craft is commanded by Faora-Ul (Antje Traue), who also demands of General Swanwick (Harry Lennix), that Lois also be taken with them. Man of Steel 2013 Though Swanwick points out that the deal was originally for only Kal-El to be handed over, Lois goes along. Man of Steel 2013 Before they reach Zod’s ship, Lois is fitted with a breathing apparatus, as the atmosphere on the ship will be toxic to humans. Man of Steel 2013 When Faora is distracted, Clark slips Lois the key he used to restart the Arctic ship.

On board the ship Zod welcomes Clark, who a few moments later collapses to the floor of the ship, seemingly unable to breathe. Man of Steel 2013 Though Lois is worried for him, Zod assures her that Clark’s body is simply adjusting to the Kryptonian atmosphere aboard the ship.

Clark passes out, and finds himself in a dreamlike vision of his family’s farm. Man of Steel 2013 Zod explains to Clark that after the destruction of Krypton, the portal to the Phantom Zone where they were trapped was opened again. Man of Steel 2013 After modifying the portal’s Phantom Drive, they were able to transport themselves all across the galaxy in the Black Zero. Man of Steel 2013 Visiting the various planets which colonizing ships were sent, their searches for a new planet proved unfruitful, as each of the colonists sent to these various planets were found to have perished. Man of Steel 2013 However, Zod and his followers took what they could from the remnants of their civilization, including a terraforming machine called a “World Engine”.

When Clark activated the ship in the Arctic, it sent out a signal, which lead Zod to Earth. Man of Steel 2013 Zod claims that he intends to turn Earth into a New Krypton, but Clark is unwilling to go along with this plan since it will mean Earth’s annihilation and the deaths of all humans.

Awakening from the vision, Zod tells Clark that with or without him, he will revive their civilization. Man of Steel 2013 As well, Clark’s adjustments to the ship have made him no stronger than the other Kryptonians on it. Man of Steel 2013 This allows one of Zod’s men, Jax-Ur (Mackenzie Gray), to obtain a blood sample from Clark.

Meanwhile, Lois is thrown into a holding cell, where she comes across a panel with a small hole. Man of Steel 2013 Lois notes it is the same shape as the key she has. Man of Steel 2013 Inserting it allows the information from Jor-El to appear before her. Man of Steel 2013 The key causes the ship’s atmosphere to alter towards more suitable conditions for Clark and Lois, and Jor-El gives Lois valuable information for stopping Zod, along with leading her to an escape pod. Man of Steel 2013 As she activates the pod a guard suddenly shoots at her, damaging the pod. Man of Steel 2013 The change in the atmosphere returns Clark’s strength, allowing him to break his bonds, and Jor-El appears before him, pointing out that Lois needs to be saved because of the damage to the pod.

Clark saves Lois from the pod, but his attention is soon drawn to his mother, who is set upon by Zod and Faora. Man of Steel 2013 Zod goes to the Kent farm, looking for the Codex. Man of Steel 2013 Faora finds Clark’s pod, but no sign of the Codex. Man of Steel 2013 When Zod threatens Martha, Clark races to save her, hitting Zod with such force that the two end up thrown into the heart of downtown Smallville.

Upon recovering, Zod’s face-mask malfunctions and his body begins to adapt to the Earthen environment, as he suddenly gains X-Ray vision, and his hearing begins to take in everything at once (just like Clark did when he gained these powers long ago). Man of Steel 2013 The effect is debilitating to Zod as his senses overload and he is forced to retreat.

Clark claims that his parents helped him hone his skills to control the sensory overload, but his assurance is thrown aside when a ship recovers the stunned Zod, and Faora and a larger Kryptonian (Nam-Ek) attempt to bring Clark down. Man of Steel 2013 A battle erupts between Clark and his enemies, causing huge amounts of destruction.

Word of the alien presence in Smallville has reached the Army, and Col. Man of Steel 2013 Hardy approaches with helicopters and planes. Man of Steel 2013 Hardy claims that all three of the aliens (including Clark) are hostile, and all forms of weaponry are thrown at them. Man of Steel 2013 Though Faora and Nam-Ek escape, Clark is able to change Hardy’s mind when he saves the Colonel along with several other soldiers.

Clark returns to his mother, but also encounters Lois, who explains to him what Jor-El told her on the ship.

Back on his ship, Zod is informed what happened to the Codex. Man of Steel 2013 Jor-El had diffused it into Clark’s cells, making him the source to create new Kryptonian life. Man of Steel 2013 When Zod is informed that Clark does not need to be taken alive to retrieve the Codex, he puts his plan into effect.

Zod separates the World Engine from the Black Zero. Man of Steel 2013 As it touches down in the South Indian Ocean, the Black Zero hovers over Metropolis. Man of Steel 2013 Using the Phantom Drive, Zod activates the World Engine, which creates a link with the Black Zero through the Earth’s core, beginning the process of terraforming Earth into a planet more like Krypton. Man of Steel 2013 Dr. Man of Steel 2013 Emil Hamilton determines that the process is creating a stronger gravitational pull and making the planet more dense. Man of Steel 2013 The effect causes massive destruction, flattening cars and shaking skyscrapers apart. Man of Steel 2013 The force of the machine also causes objects to repeatedly rise and plummet to Earth.

As Swanwick contemplates what to do, he receives word that Clark (now being called “Superman” by some of the soldiers), has a plan. Man of Steel 2013 Using the information that Lois obtained, Clark reasons that if the pod that brought him to Earth is activated by the key he has it will start up the Phantom Drive inside. Man of Steel 2013 If the pod collides with Zod’s ship which also has its drive activated, a black hole will warp the Black Zero and it’s occupants back into the Phantom Zone.

Meanwhile, Zod leaves his ship, and heads for the ship Clark found in the Arctic. Man of Steel 2013 On board the ship is a gestation chamber with many unborn Kryptonian fetuses. Man of Steel 2013 The projection of Jor-El speaks to Zod, telling him to halt his operation. Man of Steel 2013 Zod refuses to listen to the words of a ghost. Man of Steel 2013 and will stop at nothing to revive Krypton and it’s people. Man of Steel 2013 Zod’s key eventually overrides Jor-El’s, and the ship now responds to Zod, causing Jor-El’s hologram to disappear.

Col Hardy, Dr Hamilton, and Lois board a plane to take the pod to Metropolis, while Superman flies around the world to try and stop the World Engine. Man of Steel 2013 However, he is assailed by a Kryptonian defense mechanism within the machine that attempts to fend him off with long tentacles.

The situation over Metropolis grows more desperate as none of the planes sent by the Air Force are able to get close to the Black Zero. Man of Steel 2013 Zod’s ship and the World Engine have created a gravitational vacuum that keeps the transport unable to properly launch Clark’s pod. Man of Steel 2013 Realizing there’s no way he can fight off the tentacles, Clark goes deep under the World Engine and punches his way through it, causing the connection to sever and the machine to explode. Man of Steel 2013 With the gravitational disruption gone, Hardy flies the transport closer to Zod’s ship but it is intercepted by Faora, who attempts to stop them.

As well, Zod has arrived in Metropolis with the ship. Man of Steel 2013 As he attempts to destroy the Air Force plane, Clark swoops in and crashes into the ship’s control panel. Man of Steel 2013 Zod yells for Clark to once again let him complete his plan to revive Krypton. Man of Steel 2013 “Krypton had its chance,” yells Clark, who then uses his heat-vision to tear apart the ship, causing it to crash and the gestation chamber to fracture.

Faora’s attempts fail as well as Hardy steers the plane into the ship. Man of Steel 2013 As Lois was on the rear of the plane as it tilted down towards the ship, she loses her balance and falls to Earth. Man of Steel 2013 The collision of the two Phantom Drives causes the military aircraft and the Black Zero (along with the people on the vessels) to disappear.

Clark manages to save Lois again and puts her safely on the ground. Man of Steel 2013 Nearby, the sound of moving metal is heard, and Clark finds Zod, thoroughly enraged. Man of Steel 2013 Zod tells Clark that he was engineered to be a General of Krypton and to protect it and its people. Man of Steel 2013 With nothing left to revive the planet, Zod seethes that Clark has taken his soul and promises to kill the humans one at a time in retribution for what Clark has done.

The two then battle across Metropolis, smashing through buildings. Man of Steel 2013 During the fight, Zod adapts further to Earth’s atmosphere, spawning heat-vision and the ability for flight. Man of Steel 2013 The battle soon ends with them in a train station, where Zod blasts his heat vision at a nearby family. Man of Steel 2013 “If you love these people so much, then you can mourn for them,” he shouts. Man of Steel 2013 Clark begs Zod to stop but when Zod claims he will never stop, Clark snaps the General’s neck, killing him. Man of Steel 2013 It is clear that Clark did not want to exact such a terrible judgement, and he agonizes over having not only killed another person, but one of the last of his race. Man of Steel 2013 Lois appears and comforts him.

Some time later, Swanwick and Black Ops Mercenary (Christina Wren) find Superman downing an Air Force drone. Man of Steel 2013 Superman claims that he knows they had sent it to find his home on Earth but he wants the search to stop. Man of Steel 2013 He vows that he will continue to fight for what is right and the security of Earth. Man of Steel 2013 The General questions Superman’s commitment to which Clark replies that he’s from Kansas and can be trusted. Man of Steel 2013 As he flies away, the General’s adjutant smiles, clearly won over by how handsome and forthright he appears to be.

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Clark then returns to Smallville, where he and Martha visit Jonathan’s grave. Man of Steel 2013 Clark claims he wishes his father could have seen what he accomplished, but Martha Kent says he did. Man of Steel 2013 When she asks what Clark intends to do now, he claims he’ll get a job where he can be updated on what is going on with the world, where he won’t be questioned about visiting dangerous places, and where he will be able to ask questions if needed.

We then see him in the Daily Planet building, being introduced to Lois Lane. Man of Steel 2013 Though he is now sporting a pair of black-rimmed glasses, it is apparent that Lois knows just who this new employee is.

Produced By: Man of Steel (2013) Movie HD

  • Wesley Coller known as co-producer
  • Curt Kanemoto known as associate producer
  • Christopher Nolan known as producer
  • Jon Peters known as executive producer
  • Lloyd Phillips known as executive producer
  • Charles Roven known as producer
  • Deborah Snyder known as producer
  • Emma Thomas known as producer
  • Thomas Tull known as executive producer

Man of Steel (2013) Movie Free Download FullCast & Crew:

  • Henry Cavill known as Clark Kent / Kal-El
  • Amy Adams known as Lois Lane
  • Michael Shannon known as General Zod
  • Diane Lane known as Martha Kent
  • Russell Crowe known as Jor-El
  • Antje Traue known as Faora-Ul
  • Harry Lennix known as General Swanwick
  • Richard Schiff known as Dr. Man of Steel 2013 Emil Hamilton
  • Christopher Meloni known as Colonel Nathan Hardy
  • Kevin Costner known as Jonathan Kent
  • Ayelet Zurer known as Lara Lor-Van
  • Laurence Fishburne known as Perry White
  • Dylan Sprayberry known as Clark Kent (13 Years)
  • Cooper Timberline known as Clark Kent (9 Years)
  • Richard Cetrone known as Tor-An
  • Mackenzie Gray known as Jax-Ur
  • Julian Richings known as Lor-Em
  • Mary Black known as Ro-Zar
  • Samantha Jo known as Car-Vex
  • Michael Kelly known as Steve Lombard
  • Rebecca Buller known as Jenny
  • Christina Wren known as Major Carrie Farris
  • David Lewis known as Major Laramore
  • Tahmoh Penikett known as Jed Eubanks
  • Doug Abrahams known as Heraldson
  • Brad Kelly known as Byrne
  • David Paetkau known as Northcom Threat Analyst
  • Elizabeth Thai known as Northcom Threat Analyst
  • Ian Rozylo known as Northcom Threat Analyst
  • Alessandro Juliani known as Officer Sekowsky
  • Kwesi Ameyaw known as Canadian Airman
  • Mike Dopud known as Canadian Airman
  • Jack Foley known as Teenage Pete Ross
  • Jadin Gould known as Lana Lang
  • Robert Gerdisch known as Whitney Fordham
  • Ryan Mitchell known as Bus Boy
  • Alexa Gengelbach known as Bus Girl
  • Caroline Thomas known as Bus Girl
  • Stephanie Kraft Song known as Bus Girl (as Stephanie Song)
  • Coburn Goss known as Father Leone
  • Lesley Bevan known as Ms. Man of Steel 2013 Rampling
  • Chad Krowchuk known as Glen Woodburn
  • Ian Tracey known as Ludlow
  • Carmen Lavigne known as Chrissy – Waitress
  • Howard Siegel known as Weaver
  • Heidi Kettenring known as Helen Ross
  • Justin Butler known as Student
  • Jacqueline Scislowski known as Student
  • Danny Coonley known as Student
  • Sally Elting known as Student
  • Joseph Cranford known as Pete Ross
  • Clint Carleton known as Roughneck
  • Mark Gibbon known as Roughneck
  • Stuart Ambrose known as A-10 Pilot
  • Tom Nagel known as A-10 Pilot
  • Jackson Berlin known as F-35 Pilot
  • George Canyon known as F-35 Pilot
  • Kyle Riefsnyder known as Little Bird Gunship Pilot
  • Aaron Smolinski known as Communications Officer
  • Carla Gugino known as Kelor (voice)
  • Bruce Bohne known as Ace O’ Clubs Bartender
  • Rowen Kahn known as Ken Braverman
  • Robert Moloney known as News Show Host
  • Sean Campbell known as Bar Buddy
  • Aaron Pearl known as Bar Buddy
  • Rebecca Spence known as Young Mother
  • Joe Minoso known as Metropolis Policeman
  • Brian King known as Train Station Family (Father)
  • Madison Moran known as Train Station Family (Daughter)
  • Gabe Darley known as Train Station Family (Son)
  • Bridgett Newton known as Train Station Family (Mother)
  • Revard Dufresne known as Dev-Em
  • Apollonia Vanova known as Nadira
  • Dan Aho known as FBI Agent
  • Ronald W. Man of Steel 2013 Gibbs known as FBI Agent
  • Chris Palermo known as Sergeant Vance (as Christopher Palermo)
  • Edmundo Raul Sanchez known as Smallville Gas Station Attendant
  • Nicholas W. Man of Steel 2013 von Zill known as Council Member
  • Allison Crowe known as Singer at Cassidy’s
  • Nick Touchie known as Coastal Villager
  • Eileen Touchie known as Coastal Villager
  • Malcolm Scott known as Tractor Repair Shop Owner
  • Elle Anderson known as Extra (uncredited)
  • Darlene Benigno known as Metropolis citizen (uncredited)
  • Brandon Berk known as Extra (uncredited)
  • Benjamin Blankenship known as Hardy Boy (uncredited)
  • Luke Burnyeat known as Pedestrian (uncredited)
  • Lacy Katherine Campbell known as Pediatric Nurse (uncredited)
  • Peter J. Man of Steel 2013 Chevalier known as Military Soldier (uncredited)
  • Roberta Chung known as Metropolis Citizen (uncredited)
  • Kelly J. Man of Steel 2013 Compeau known as Woman in Bar (uncredited)
  • Kyle Cornell known as Soldier (uncredited)
  • David Coupe known as Daily Planet Employee (uncredited)
  • Cowboy the Dog known as Clark’s Childhood Dog (uncredited)
  • Mary Beth Dolan known as FBI Agent (uncredited)
  • Lewis Duval known as Daily Planet Employee (uncredited)
  • Kelvin Felix known as Extra (uncredited)
  • Victor Formosa known as Train Ticket Buyer (uncredited)
  • Evan Gilliam known as Toddler (uncredited)
  • Elan Goldstein known as Air Force Security (uncredited)
  • Jenny Hale known as Daily Planet Employee (uncredited)
  • Sam Hanover known as Metropolis Citizen (uncredited)
  • Charlotte Hansen known as Northcom Threat Analyst (uncredited)
  • Sirius Hu known as Herder (uncredited)
  • Rob Kolinsky known as Soldier (uncredited)
  • Michael Kuster known as Everett Melvin (uncredited)
  • Raj Lal known as Rubble Survivor (uncredited)
  • Dave LeBlanc known as Dock Worker (uncredited)
  • Ina Lereine known as Girl in Red (uncredited)
  • Trevor Lerner known as Man in Bar (uncredited)
  • Barbara Elizabeth Maleski known as Metropolis Commuter (uncredited)
  • Andres Markwart known as Soldier (uncredited)
  • Samuel Meadows known as Train Station Commuter (uncredited)
  • Roy Metcalf known as Pedestrian (uncredited)
  • William Nero Jr. Man of Steel 2013 known as Kid (uncredited)
  • Johnny Otto known as Cop (uncredited)
  • Carl Paoli known as FBI (uncredited)
  • Ilya Pikus known as Daily Planet Mail Clerk (uncredited)
  • Andrew Price known as Soldier – U.S. Man of Steel 2013 Air Force (uncredited)
  • Steven James Price known as Train Station Survivor (uncredited)
  • Diezel Ramos known as FBI (uncredited)
  • Rondel Reynoldson known as Kelor (uncredited)
  • Juan Gabriel Ruiz known as Metropolis City Person #1 (uncredited)
  • Anthony J Sacco known as Pedestrian (uncredited)
  • Jose Sanchez known as Pedestrian (uncredited)
  • Ryan Stasell known as Metropolis Commuter (uncredited)
  • Joel Thingvall known as Metropolis Policeman (uncredited)
  • James Tomlinson known as Extra (uncredited)
  • John Andrew Vaas known as Barfly (uncredited)
  • Chas Valencia known as Metropolis Commuter (uncredited)
  • Jennifer Wilkens known as Daily Planet Executive (uncredited)



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