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  • Genre: Action | Crime | Thriller
  • Release Date: 3 September 2010 (USA)
  • Runtime: 105 min
  • Filming Location: Austin, Texas, USA
  • Budget: $10,500,000 (estimated)
  • Gross: $26,589,953 (USA) (12 November 2010)
  • Director: Robert Rodriguez
  • Stars: Danny Trejo, Michelle Rodriguez, Robert De Niro |See full cast & crew »
  • Original Music By: Chingon
  • Soundtrack: Cascabel
  • Sound Mix: Dolby Digital | DTS | SDDS
  • Plot Keyword: Machete | Set Up | Senator | Revenge | Mexican

Machete (2010) Writing Credits By:

  • Robert Rodriguez (written by) &
  • Álvaro Rodríguez (written by)

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Machete (2010) Known Trivia

  • As Robert Rodriguez tells it, after conceiving of the character of Machete and telling Danny Trejo about it, Rodriguez started receiving phone calls at random hours of the day from Danny, trying to convince him to make the film. Machete 2010 One day, Robert said to Danny that he was busy and asked why Danny can’t just send a text message instead of constantly calling, to which Trejo replied: “Machete don’t text.” This became one of his character’s catchphrases in the film. Machete 2010 101 of 103 found this interesting Interesting? Yes No |
  • Jessica Alba had a “no-nudity” clause in her contract, which is why her clothes were digitally removed for her “nude” scenes. Machete 2010 60 of 61 found this interesting Interesting? Yes No |
  • This is Danny Trejo’s fifth movie appearance as Machete Cortez. Machete 2010 The first was in Spy Kids (2001) and the rest were in its sequels. Machete 2010 However, the Spy Kids character and this movie’s character cannot be the same person as their backstories and family connections are completely different. Machete 2010 44 of 45 found this interesting Interesting? Yes No |
  • This film was made because of the popularity of a fake trailer for a non-existent “Machete” film that was featured in the theatrical version of Grindhouse (2007), along with other fake trailers and advertisements featured in the film. Machete 2010 “Thanksgiving” is the other popular fake trailer included in the film and was directed by Eli Roth and it is in development to be made into a full-length film. Machete 2010 43 of 45 found this interesting Interesting? Yes No |
  • While Steven Seagal has played an anti-hero on more than one occasion, this film is first time he ever played a full-out villain. Machete 2010 44 of 47 found this interesting Interesting? Yes No |
  • When Sartana pulls up Machete’s file on her laptop, it shows the following information: Birth Name: Machete Cortez; Nationality: Mexican; Race: Hispanic; Date of Birth: 16 May 1944 (actual birth date of Danny Trejo who plays Machete); Place of Birth: Juarez, Ch, Mexico; Aliases: Cuchillo, Navajas (names of characters played by Danny Trejo in other movies directed by Robert Rodriguez; Height: 5′ 11″; Weight: 210 lbs; Military Status: Ex-Federale; Whereabouts: Unknown; Identifying Marks: Tattoo of woman wearing a sombrero on chest. Machete 2010 24 of 25 found this interesting Interesting? Yes No |
  • Robert Rodriguez wrote the script back in 1993 after he wrote Desperado (1995). Machete 2010 26 of 28 found this interesting Interesting? Yes No |
  • Actor Chris Cooper reportedly turned down a role in the movie saying “it’s the most absurd thing I’ve ever read” after getting the script. Machete 2010 25 of 27 found this interesting Interesting? Yes No |
  • The two young boys that hang around with Luz are played by Daryl Sabara and Gilbert Trejo. Machete 2010 Gilbert is Danny Trejo’s son, and throughout the whole film, he never wields a weapon and never says a word. Machete 2010 19 of 20 found this interesting Interesting? Yes No |
  • Lindsay Lohan filmed her role in three days. Machete 2010 23 of 25 found this interesting Interesting? Yes No |

Tag Machete (2010): Watch Machete (2010) Online Free Putlocker | Putlocker , Watch Machete (2010) (2010) Online Free Full Movie Putlocker, The highly skilled Federale Machete is hired by some unsavory types to assassinate a senator, But just , Machete (2010) – Full Cast & Crew – IMDb Machete (2010) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more, Machete (2010) – Rotten Tomatoes Critics Consensus: Machete is messy, violent, shallow, and tasteless — and that’s precisely the point of one of the summer’s most cartoonishly enjoyable films, Machete (2010) – IMDb Directed by Ethan Maniquis, Robert Rodriguez, With Danny Trejo, Michelle Rodriguez, Robert De Niro, Jessica Alba, After being set-up and betrayed by the man who hired , Machete (2010) – Box Office Mojo Machete summary of box office results, charts and release information and related links, Machete Trailer (2010) – YouTube Originally posted on Ain’t It Cool News, the trailer for Machete is one of the best things we’ve seen so far this year, The , Machete (2010) – YouTube Cast: Robert De Niro, Don Johnson, Steven Seagal, Danny Trejo, Jeff Fahey, Michelle Rodriguez, Cheech Marin, Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Alba, Electra Avellan , Machete (2010) – Wikipedia Machete ist ein Exploitationfilm von Robert Rodriguez und Ethan Maniquis mit Danny Trejo in seiner ersten Hauptrolle, Weitere Darsteller sind Steven Seagal, Robert De , Watch Full movie Machete (2010) Online Free | Watch Full movie Machete (2010) Online Free.After being set-up and betrayed by the man who hired him to assassinate a Texas Senator, an ex-Federale launches a Machete (film) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Machete is a 2010 American action film written, produced, and directed by Robert Rodriguez and Ethan Maniquis, This film is an expansion of a fake trailer that was ,

Goofs: Continuity: During the monologue leading to the showdown between Torrez and Machete, two actors can be seen fighting behind and to the left of Torrez. Machete 2010 During the dialog, they can be seen in and out of frame multiple times.

Machete (2010) Plot: After being set-up and betrayed by the man who hired him to assassinate a Texas Senator, an ex-Federale launches a brutal rampage of revenge against his former boss. Machete 2010 Full summary » »

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Machete (2010) Story: The highly skilled Federale Machete is hired by some unsavory types to assassinate a senator. Machete 2010 But just as he’s about to take the shot, he notices someone aiming at him and realizes he’s been set up. Machete 2010 He barely survives the sniper’s bullet, and is soon out for revenge on his former employers, with the reluctant assistance of his brother Cheech Marin, who has become a priest and taken a vow of nonviolence. Machete 2010 If you hire him to take out the bad guys, make sure the bad guys aren’t you! Written byrmlohner

Produced By: Machete (2010) Free Movie Download

  • Ashok Amritraj known as executive producer
  • Elizabeth Avellan known as producer (as Elizabeth Avellán)
  • Alan Bernon known as executive producer
  • Ed Borgerding known as executive producer (as Edward Borgerding)
  • Alastair Burlingham known as co-executive producer
  • Dominic Cancilla known as co-producer
  • Jerry Fruchtman known as co-executive producer
  • Peter Fruchtman known as co-executive producer
  • Jack Gilardi Jr. Machete 2010 known as co-executive producer (as Jacky Gilardi Jr.)
  • Anthony Gudas known as co-executive producer
  • Myles Nestel known as executive producer
  • Darby Parker known as co-executive producer
  • Tom Proper known as associate producer
  • Steve Robbins known as co-executive producer
  • Robert Rodriguez known as producer
  • Rick Schwartz known as producer
  • Michael Z. Machete 2010 Gordon known as co-executive producer (uncredited)

Watch Machete (2010) Free Movie Online FullCast & Crew:

  • Danny Trejo known as Machete
  • Robert De Niro known as Senator McLaughlin
  • Jessica Alba known as Sartana
  • Steven Seagal known as Torrez
  • Michelle Rodriguez known as Luz
  • Jeff Fahey known as Booth
  • Cheech Marin known as Padre
  • Don Johnson known as Von
  • Shea Whigham known as Sniper
  • Lindsay Lohan known as April
  • Daryl Sabara known as Julio
  • Gilbert Trejo known as Jorge
  • Ara Celi known as Reporter
  • Tom Savini known as Osiris Amanpour
  • Billy Blair known as Von’s Henchman
  • Felix Sabates known as Doc Felix
  • Electra Avellan known as Nurse Mona (as Electra Avellán)
  • Elise Avellan known as Nurse Lisa (as Elise Avellán)
  • Marci Madison known as Nurse Fine
  • Vic Trevino known as Federale Officer
  • Mayra Leal known as Chica (Naked Girl)
  • Alejandro Antonio known as Chief
  • Juan Gabriel Pareja known as Rico (as Juan Pareja)
  • Alicia Rachel Marek known as June (as Alicia Marek)
  • Jason Douglas known as Patrolman #1
  • Mitchell Lance Adams known as Patrolman #2
  • Brent Smiga known as Sniper’s Henchman
  • Chris Warner known as Hospital Security Guard
  • Jim Henry known as Guard
  • Tina Rodriguez known as Tristana
  • Roland Ruiz known as Luis
  • Greg Ingram known as Cristos
  • Tito Larriva known as Culebra Cruzado
  • Cheryl Chin known as Torrez’s Henchwoman (as Cheryl ‘Chin’ Cunningham)
  • Hugo Perez known as Driver (Van)
  • Nina Leon known as Machete’s Wife
  • Doran Ingram known as Billy’s Henchman
  • James Brownlee known as Henchman
  • Nimród Antal known as Booth’s Bodyguard #1 (as Nimrod Antal)
  • Alcides Dias known as Bodyguard #2 (as Al ‘Train’ Dias)
  • Dimitrius Pulido known as Bodyguard #3
  • Scott Jefferies known as Bodyguard #4
  • Edgar Arreola known as Dishwasher #1
  • Tommy Nix known as Dishwasher #2
  • Rose McGowan known as Boots McCoy (scenes deleted)
  • Dave Buckman known as Man in Assassination Video Looking at Camera (uncredited)
  • Corina Calderon known as Poolside girl (uncredited)
  • Joseph T. Machete 2010 Campos known as (uncredited)
  • JenelleRae Cardenas known as Mexican Protestor (uncredited)
  • D.J. Machete 2010 Castillo known as Day Laborer (uncredited)
  • Andy Clark known as Militia Man (uncredited)
  • Martina Griffin known as Protester (uncredited)
  • Mark E. Machete 2010 Howell known as Border Patrol Guard (uncredited)
  • David Karave known as Mclaughlin’s Videographer (uncredited)
  • Stacy Keach known as Doc Franklin (uncredited)
  • R.C. Machete 2010 Keene known as Political Rally Attendee (uncredited)
  • D.J. Machete 2010 Morrison known as Dignitary (uncredited)
  • James Parks known as Edgar McGraw (uncredited)
  • Michael Patrick known as Mulisha Man (uncredited)
  • Kenny Peters known as Henchman (uncredited)
  • Ben Rigsby Jr. Machete 2010 known as Protester (uncredited)
  • Jaime De La Rosa known as EMT (uncredited)
  • Cory Scarborough known as Mumble (uncredited)
  • Mary Skaggs known as Hairdresser to Senator McLaughlin (uncredited)
  • Scott A. Machete 2010 Stevens known as Senator McLaughlin Supporter (uncredited)
  • David Sturgeon known as Security Gaurd (uncredited)
  • Ty Suite known as Civilian (uncredited)
  • Gary Teague known as Militia Member (uncredited)
  • Matthew Tompkins known as Guard #2 (uncredited)
  • Mariah-Rae Vincent known as Poolside girl #1 (uncredited)
  • Heath Young known as Militia Member (uncredited)



Machete (2010) Filmography links and data courtesy of The Internet Movie Database

From director Robert Rodriguez (Grindhouse, Sin City) comes an action-packed, cutting-edge serving of carnage asada! Set up, double-crossed and left for dead, Machete (Danny Trejo) is a tough-as-nails...
Merchant: Walmart US
IA fast moving odyssey into the subterranean world of the rarely explored province of Filipino genre filmmaking.
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  1. Michael Donelly from Poland says:

    When I saw the trailer for this film I thought it had to be trash but Ilaughed almost from the beginning to the end. Tongue in cheek humour -it’s all intentional, there is nothing unfunny about Machete.

    I was ready for a lot of gore but it was all done in such a hilariousway that I hardly noticed how disgusting it was. I fact, I was stilllaughing 5 minutes after I left the cinema.

    If he wasn’t already so old I would say Danny Trejo was an undiscoveredtalent set for a meteoric rise, but the guy is already 64. I nevercould have guessed as the adrenaline and action pumped incessantly….and hysterically this weather-beaten old dude also managed effortlesslyto bed any chiquita he came across, and in style too.

    Machete kills and maims and has sex all the way through the movie, butamazingly he is also a gentleman. you have to love him.

    The best movie I have seen this year and the best movie of this genrefor some time. Top marks for not taking itself one bit seriously butknowing exactly how to entertain!

  2. tanelteder from Estonia says:

    The big hour of Danny Trejo (Machete) has finally arrived. Yes, this isthe first movie where the ex-convict and a man who’s face looks like aMoon’s landscape, is in a leading role. He does well in his role. Thisis exactly what he is good at. And it is killing (bad) people. He isdoing that extremely stylish I gotta tell you. Just look at the firstscene.

    Robert Rodriguez has his own earmark. This is something you know whatto expect, but you still looking forward to see, cause you wanna seehow is he doing that this time. It’s called riot. A crazy rumble whichis out of control. It happens here too. And it’s solid and quite fun.

    This is a good entertainment. It’s not for everybody. Rodriguez fanslove it, others just feel a bit entertained.

  3. Andrew Gold from United States says:

    Machete is one of the funnest movies I’ve ever seen. Right from thebeginning you know this movie doesn’t take itself seriously. It’sessentially a live-action cartoon with A-list actors. You have DannyTrejo – the antithesis of a leading man – carrying the movie asMachete, the unkillable badass Mexican James Bond. If you want to talkplot, this is basically a revenge story. Steven Seagal kills hisfamily, then years later Machete gets caught up in a political scandalwhere Robert De Niro is playing a cross between George Bush and DonaldTrump, and somehow Seagal’s character is pulling the strings. It’s asamazing as it sounds. Then you have Don Johnson as the head of borderpatrol or something, mowing down Mexicans all over the place, and JeffFahey as one of Seagal’s enforcers in Texas. Now you may be thinking,”Four villains? This sounds more convoluted than Spiderman 3!” Andyou’d have a point if this was a traditional action movie, but it’snot. At all. It’s a comedy more than anything with some ridiculousaction sequences and gratuitous T&A all over the place. Thesecharacters just serve to forward the plot, and to give us some bellylaughs, and somehow it all works beautifully.

    Jessica Alba is one of the officers assigned to this scandal. MichelleRodriguez serves as the leader of a Mexican resistance, oh and there’sLindsey Lohan playing Jeff Fahey’s “religious” daughter. There are somany characters and somehow they all fit the movie perfectly. All ofthe acting is great (well, Alba is never “great” but she serves herpurpose and she’s as hot as a supernova so who cares). But you can buyRobert De Niro as a corrupt senator, Don Johnson as this racistmegalomaniac, Fahey as this hard-ass enforcer, and Seagal as a Mexicandrug lord. Yeah. And the best part is they’re all having a blast. It’spure mayhem going on, and you’re not bored for a second. Danny Trejo asthe title character deserves much props though. He just looks like aguy who would have a wide array of knives stashed under his vest, andthe guy is making out with some of the hottest women on the planet.It’s the role of a lifetime.

    Robert Rodriguez is amazing for making this an actual movie, and thecast are amazing for agreeing to be part of this project. It’s so, so,SO entertaining. It’s damn near impossible to sit through this moviewith a straight face. I had a big fat grin throughout the whole thing.If you like silly action movies with fantastic actors and asurprisingly good plot, then look no further than Machete.

  4. Scott Baldwin (Meven_Stoffat) from Canada says:

    I have a question for a lot of the positive reviewers on here: Did youREALLY like this movie, or are you just gushing out of respect forRodriguez??? I’m a Rodriguez fan too, in case you didn’t know.Tarantino and Rodriguez are the kings of b-movies. They know how tomake a good b-movie and their extensive filmography has shown. WithTarantino you have Kill Bill, Jackie Brown and Inglourious Basterds,with Rodiriguez you have Planet Terror, From Dusk Till Dawn and theking of all things “Visually gorgeous”, Sin City. What I love aboutboth of them is that while their films are indeed exercises in StyleOver Substance, they’re aware of it and don’t take themselves tooseriously.

    I still stand by Grindhouse as the most fun I’ve had at the theatre.Two great movies from two fantastic directors with some hilarious faketrailers thrown in there for the price of one. After “Hobo With AShotgun”, “Machete” showed. I laughed so hard! And then the news brokethat Machete was going to be a full movie. I was excited.

    Turns out, some fake trailers should just stay fake trailers.

    As I mentioned earlier, Rodriguez’s films are Style Over Substance. Butthey are aware of it, and don’t take themselves too seriously, and forthat, come off as awesome. Was this movie Style Over Substance? Yes.Did it follow its “Don’t take yourself too seriously” rule? Well, itdid… for the first 20 minutes.

    I was liking the first 20 minutes. Even as a gore hound, I waswondering if I should be eating during that scene! Then of course, weget the awesome betrayal scene and the hospital scene… I especiallyloved when Machete cut the man’s abdomen open and used his intestine asa rope to escape through a window. I laughed!!! Then it went downhillfrom there.

    First off, Jessica Alba was annoying. Take her out of the movie and itwouldn’t be different. All she does is just run around and scream theplot out loud. The most cringe worthy scene was near the end when shegot up on the bonnet of the car and made that speech. That brought backmemories of “Robin Hood” of earlier this year (you know what scene I’mtalking about). Second, this film has too much plot in it, and too manycharacters. For a movie that’s supposed to be a b-flick, this movieshouldn’t be about political mumbo jumbo.

    The characters are a big letdown here. Or at least the representationof characters. Let’s begin. “She” is a great character. About halfwaythrough the film she is killed off… then near the end she survived!!!Or the Priest. He is a likable character too. Then he gets killed off 5minutes after his first appearance. Or what about Daryl Sabara’scharacter? He’s a funny guy and he has (what feels like) 30 seconds ofscreen time… and yet he’s one of the main actors in the openingcredits!!! Bigger yet, what about the villain? WHO’S THE VILLAIN? Is itSegal, who has a total of 6 minutes of screen time, De Niro, or Fahey,who easily out of the three supposed villains gets the most screentime… except he dies 10 MINUTES BEFORE THE CLIMAX. Or LindsayLohan… why is she even in there, other than the fact that she’sFahey’s character’s daughter??? The climax is a total anticlimax.There’s no excitement in the battle at all, it’s incredibly dull andboring. Even the iconic bit shown in the trailer with the bike wasunderwhelming. And Segal’s character’s death even felt copped out andlazy.

    By the time the film was done, I was so glad I was out of the theatre.The film bored me enough with its slow pace. For a movie that claims tobe an ultra gory action b-flick, there’s about 10 minutes of action, 90minutes of boring dialogue. This is supposed to be a b-movie, not somepolitical crap. I like slow paced films, but not when they’re supposedto be fun b-movies.

    Sorry, Mr. Rodriguez, but I think your days are numbered!

  5. jdesando from United States says:

    Padre Benito del Toro: It’s not safe for you to be here. Machete: I’mnot looking for “safe.” Padre Benito del Toro: No, I mean it’s not safefor me for you to be here!

    When you can sit back and relax with a Grindhouse satire like Machete,then you are a cinema devotee who accepts outrageous violence and a bitof skin in a Mexploitation fun house.

    Robert Rodriguez (whose El Mariachi started his career) is theco-writer/co-director (with Ethan Maniquis) of arguably his bestproduction since Sin City—Machete. Or maybe his and Quentin Tarantino’scult fav, Grindhouse (2007). At any rate, Rodriguez has becomesynonymous with outright bloody business reminiscent of cheap B moviesin the ’70’s, and he’s the best at it.

    Machete, played by Danny Trejo, is as ugly as you could hope for in anunstoppable warrior with restless knives. He is a Mexican federaleseeking revenge for his family slaughtered by drug lord Torrez (StevenSeagal with a bad toupee). Although the hearty laughs don’t last thewhole film (after all, too many severed limbs are not sustainablecomedy), Rodriguez has other moments to keep us interested, such as abare-breasted Lindsey Lohan in a pool scene and in another with amachine gun in nun’s garb.

    All of this fun is in the service of a message, albeit too obvious formy tastes as it slows the latter part of the film with stagey speechesabout the crimes against illegal immigrants. The bad guys promote atougher border presence to deter the aliens, not because they are doinganything immoral, but because tighter borders mean higher prices.

    Machete puts an amusing end to a tepid cinema summer (with theexception of the challenging Inception)—after all, if Robert De Niro,Jessica Alba, Jeff Fahey, Cheech Marin, and Don Johnson can have fun inthis mayhem, so can we.

  6. D_Burke from United States says:

    As I was in the theater watching “Machete”, I could not help but seecertain scenes and keep a list in my head of people who would hate thismovie. When Machete (Danny Trejo) takes out the knife whose nickname hebears and cuts people’s heads off, “people who hate violence in movie”made my list. When Sartana (Jessica Alba) takes a shower and leansagainst the wall in a way that millions of men probably fantasizedabout, “most, if not all, women” found its way onto my list. When Padrethe Roman-Catholic priest (Cheech Marin) says “God has mercy. I don’t.”to a guy before blowing his brains out with a rifle, I couldn’t helpbut mentally pencil in two other groups of people: Catholics, andpeople who hadn’t seen “Grindhouse” (2007) when it came out in theatersthree years ago.

    Well, I love violent action films, I think Jessica Alba is gorgeous, Iam Catholic but am not easily offended, and I was one of a surprisingfew who saw the aforementioned ambitious tribute to B-movies of the70’s and 80’s. Therefore, I enjoyed “Machete” a lot, but I imagineothers would have to take it with a grain of salt.

    “Machete”, based on a fake trailer made exclusively for “Grindhouse”that director Robert Rodriguez decided to expand into a feature-lengthfilm, is not meant to be taken seriously. If anything, it’s a cleverfilm with a lot of great action sequences, intriguing characters, manyinteresting subplots, and a good story at its base. For starters, italso has an impressive roster of talented actors in it. There is aninteresting mix of the usual Rodriguez players (Danny Trejo, CheechMarin, Jeff Fahey), really good actors (Robert De Niro), notoriouslybad actors (Steven Seagal, Don Johnson), and talented players that havemade some bad film choices over the last few years (Jessica Alba,Lindsay Lohan). The funny thing is that, good or bad, most of theseactors seem perfect fits for this movie, and work well off each other.

    Trejo may have been an action star if he came to fame in 1970’s cinema.Nowadays, it’s not unusual to see good looking celebrities like TomCruise and Ryan Reynolds headline action films. Thankfully, Rodriguez,like Quentin Tarantino (who co-produced this film, but for some reason,remained uncredited) saw something in this 66-year-old ex-convict,because Trejo makes a great lead for an action film. Just one look athim, and you may want to start running. He’s rugged, doesn’t take anycrap from anyone, and it is what action stars should be. It’s just toobad the villains in this movie are not aware of that fact, and thereare many villains.

    There’s Torrez (Steven Seagal), a drug kingpin who betrayed Machetewhile he was a Federale in Mexico. There’s Booth (Jeff Fahey) who hiresMachete to assassinate a Republican senator (De Niro) who’s staunchlyagainst illegal immigration. There’s also a corrupt border patrolman(Don Johnson) who kills illegal immigrants with no mercy. AlthoughJessica Alba plays an INS agent, you really can’t stay mad at her forlong.

    Although “Death Proof” and “Planet Terror” found a separate followingon DVD, “Grindhouse”, which combined the two films along with fakepreviews, did not do well at the box office despite rave reviews. Sothe timing may have been bad for “Machete” had it not been for thecontroversial Arizona immigration law that coincidentally coincidedwith this film’s release. Whether or not this movie can be seen as aHispanic-American revenge fantasy is not up to me to decide, althoughMichelle Rodriguez’s turn as Luz, who is suspected of aiding illegalimmigrants, raises some interesting questions. The film does seem toforget that it’s a parody of exploitation films of years past at times,but never ceases from being fun. Just as Rodriguez brought “Machete”from a coming attraction to a feature film, I hope Rob Zombie does thesame for his “Werewolf Women of the SS” preview.

  7. Pulp_Usual_Fiction_Suspect from Canada says:

    I caught a screening of this film not too long ago, and all I have tosay is that it was an adrenaline rush! The violence was overwhelming,and the writing was cornily witty. Pretty good performances all aroundfrom Alba, Trejo, DeNiro, Seagal, Lohan and many a more. Greatentertainment, perfect to sit down with some buddies on a Saturdaynight and have a good laugh.

    No doubt in my mind this will do well in the box office, and well, notso well with the critics. But forget what the critics say this is agreat flick, and a damn fun one too!

    Plot: After being betrayed by the organization who hired him, anex-Federale launches a brutal rampage of revenge against his formerboss.


  8. jjohns33 from United States says:

    This film is what it says it is. Nothing less. And perhaps a littlemore.

    Most of Machete’s critics that have given overall negative reviews,have fallen into a trap of their own devices. Machete is anexploitation film and was advertised as such. By definition, andexploitation film will include excessive violence, gore, nudity, and behigh on intentional corny lines while low on plot devices and characterdevelopment. To give low ratings to Machete because of one’s distastefor the genre, would be like saying “The Shinning was awful because Idon’t like horror.”

    This is one of Rodriguez best films to date, side by side with Sin City(2005). Machete delivers on all accounts of action, gore, nudity, andcorny lines. The plot is simple, but honestly, that’s how it should be.The thing that sets this apart from other exploitation films is thatthe acting is top notch. I personally found that the three main femalecharacters to be the most intriguing and diverse.

    Jessica Alba plays the part of an ICE agent struggling with her loyaltyto her nation and her people. She slowly begins to question her ownlogic on if people should follow law simply because they are laws. Wesee this struggle immediately, when she approaches a taco stand(apparently once every week) to by a coffee and lunch, despite her ownpeople feeling from her site. Why does she continue this ritual? Shesays it is to check the papers of the character Luz, but really it isto try and hold onto a sliver of identity among her people.

    Michelle Rodriguez plays said Luz (aka She) as an underground leader ofillegal immigration. The character of Luz is a simple woman whobelieves in not bending to the broken system, but fighting for herpeople (the mirror image of Alba). “She” is only a myth on which Luzhas built a cult following, understanding that sometimes being a mythcan do more damage than flesh and blood. By the end of the film, Luz isreborn as the mythical She, just in time for the bloody battle.

    Finally, the actress that surprised me the most was Lindsay Lohan.Despite only receiving 10-15 minutes of screen time (most are which sheis undressed), she plays her character perfectly and flawlessly. Therole seems to be written specifically for her and I applaud her forstepping up and taking on such a mature role. One of her first scenesis a tongue-in-cheek conversation about how she needs to give thepeople of the internet what they want, and that is more of her. Lohanplayed the part beautifully (in all aspects) and specks of talent areclearly visible. I hope that filmmakers and audiences (as well asherself) continue to allow her opportunities to showcase that talent.

    Machete is an exploitation film at its finest. And, for the most part,if you are the type of cinema attendee who wants to see a movie calledMachete in the first place, chances are you will be thoroughlyentertained.

  9. Mrswing from Brussels says:

    Robert Rodriguez strikes (out) again. Stringing together some cruelmoments of gore with lame comedy, a few bare breasts (how people canrave about the copious nudity in this movie when there’s hardlyanything on show is beside me), heavy-handed political satire whichmakes his sincere message come across as racist stupidity and some ofthe least exciting action scenes ever, Machete is a complete failure.Acting performances are weak across the board, and Danny Trejo is afrightening figure, yet he doesn’t cut it (ooh, look, I made a pun) asan interesting lead character. He doesn’t have the charisma totranscend the extreme simplicity of the character. And while I know hecould crush me with his bare hands, he certainly doesn’t convince whengoing up against villainous henchmen half his age. The finale is theworst part of the film. The heroic Mexicans attack the racist Americanvigilantes, and much slaughter ensues, but without any tension at all,with extremely weak choreography and telegraphed ‘cool’ momentsreferencing ‘classic’ exploitation characters which are largelyembarrassing. Nothing is quite as embarrassing as the final battlebetween Trejo and Steven Seagal, though. No choreography to speak of,shot and edited in the least effective way (I’ve seen better fights inTV-series), and with an utterly lame ending, it has absolutely noredeeming features. Except that it’s short (barely one minute of screentime). Maybe one day Rodriguez will accept the fact that he can’t writeor tell stories, and start working from scripts by other people whocan. Until that day, we’ll be stuck with crap like Machete, however.

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