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  • Genre: Action | Crime | Thriller
  • Release Date: 24 October 2014 (USA)
  • Runtime: USA:101 min
  • Filming Location: New York City, New York, USA
  • Budget: $20,000,000 (estimated)
  • Gross: $42,996,986 (USA) (9 January 2015)
  • Director: Antoine Fuqua
  • Stars: Keanu Reeves, Michael Nyqvist, Alfie Allen |See full cast & crew »
  • Original Music By: Tyler Bates Joel J. John Wick 2014 Richard
  • Soundtrack: jazz Joanne Higginbottom
  • Sound Mix: Dolby Digital | Auro 11.1
  • Plot Keyword: Dog | Car | Gangster | Russian | Gift


John Wick (2014) Writing Credits By:

  • Derek Kolstad (written by)

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John Wick (2014) Known Trivia

  • According to Keanu Reeves, he did 90% of his own stunts in the film. John Wick 2014 777 of 780 found this interesting Interesting? Yes No |
  • Bacon grease was placed on Keanu Reeves’ face to attract his dog to jump on him when he wakes up in bed. John Wick 2014 291 of 291 found this interesting Interesting? Yes No |
  • Director Chad Stahelski was Keanu Reeves’ stunt double in The Matrix movies. John Wick 2014 478 of 482 found this interesting Interesting? Yes No |
  • Keanu Reeves learned and memorized the nightclub fight sequence the day that the scene was filmed. John Wick 2014 695 of 706 found this interesting Interesting? Yes No |
  • According to the directors’ commentary, when they shot the top-level nightclub fight sequence Keanu Reeves had the flu and was running a 104° Fahrenheit fever. John Wick 2014 413 of 421 found this interesting Interesting? Yes No |
  • The security guard who waves Wick onto the airport runway is reading the 1970s thriller novel “Shibumi” by Rod Whitaker, under the pen name Trevanian, also about a retired master assassin dragged back into the game. John Wick 2014 The story Viggo tells about how Wick once killed three men “with a pencil” is describing a crucial scene from the same novel. John Wick 2014 384 of 395 found this interesting Interesting? Yes No |
  • Michael Nyqvist cut his entire head open during a shooting of a scene with a stuntman, leaving his ear resting on his right shoulder. John Wick 2014 This resulted in 80 stitches. John Wick 2014 Some of the last scenes had to be re-done to hide Nyqvist’s scar. John Wick 2014 72 of 72 found this interesting Interesting? Yes No |
  • John Wick smoothly transitions between several shooting styles depending on the situation. John Wick 2014 During close-quarters battles and while moving through tight hallways, he employs a Center Axis Relock stance. John Wick 2014 When moving and shooting at longer ranges, he changes into more traditional Weaver and Isosceles stances. John Wick 2014 585 of 614 found this interesting Interesting? Yes No |
  • John Wick is referred to as the one who you send to kill “Baba Yaga”. John Wick 2014 In Slavic lore, Baba Yaga is usually portrayed as a witch that lives in a house standing on chicken legs. John Wick 2014 She is often portrayed in a scary way but tends to act more like a trickster. John Wick 2014 Even so, she has been known to be helpful to those who are pure of heart. John Wick 2014 185 of 192 found this interesting Interesting? Yes No |
  • During hand to hand combat scenes, John Wick shows himself to be a Judoka and use japanese traditional jujutsu. John Wick 2014 Judo is a Japanese martial art emphasizing throws. John Wick 2014 Specifically, Wick repeatedly uses head throws and arm throws. John Wick 2014 On the other hand, his rival assassin, Ms. John Wick 2014 Perkins, uses Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (employing a Kimura shoulder lock, the crucifix position and using her leather jacket as a Gi to perform a wing choke in her fight against Wick in the hotel room). John Wick 2014 337 of 355 found this interesting Interesting? Yes No |

Tag John Wick (2014): John Wick (2014) – IMDb Directed by Chad Stahelski, David Leitch, With Keanu Reeves, Michael Nyqvist, Alfie Allen, Willem Dafoe, An ex-hitman comes out of retirement to track down the , John Wick Official Trailer #1 (2014) HD – YouTube John Wick Official Trailer starring Keanu Reeves, Willam Dafoe, A former hit man is pursued by an old friend who was contracted to kill him, Release Date , John Wick Don’t F*#% With John Wick; Calling In The Cavalry; Assassin’s Code; Red Circle; NYC Noir John Wick – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia John Wick is a 2014 American neo-noir action thriller film directed by Chad Stahelski and David Leitch, and starring Keanu Reeves, Michael Nyqvist, Alfie Allen , John Wick 2014 – You will get a notification at the top of the site as soon as the current price equals or falls below your price, You can also optionally receive an email , John Wick (2014) | Fandango John Wick movie info – movie times, trailers, reviews, tickets, actors and more on Fandango, John Wick for Rent, & Other New Releases on DVD at Redbox Rent John Wick and other new DVD releases and Blu-ray Discs from your nearest Redbox location, Or reserve your copy of John Wick online and grab it later, John Wick (2014) – Rotten Tomatoes Directors Chad Stahelski and David Leitch schedule a dinner reservation with John Wick, Despite showcasing a linear storyline with a lack of depth, John Wick manages , John Wick (2014 Movie – Keanu Reeves) – Official Trailer , Don’t set him off, John Wick opens in theaters October 24, 2014, #JohnWick , John Wick (2014) – Trivia – IMDb During hand to hand combat scenes, John Wick shows himself to be a Judoka and use japanese traditional jujutsu, Judo is a Japanese martial art emphasizing throws. John Wick 2014

Goofs: Errors in geography: In New Jersey, when John Wick first encounters Iosef, they are both pumping their own gas. John Wick 2014 However, self-serve gas stations are banned in that state.

John Wick (2014) Plot: An ex-hitman comes out of retirement to track down the gangsters that took everything from him. John Wick 2014 Full summary » »

John Wick (2014) Story: John Wick is a mob hit man who, upon falling in love, quits. John Wick 2014 5 years later, his wife dies and to make sure he’s not alone she arranges for a dog to be brought to him after her death. John Wick 2014 Later, some men wanting his car break in and beat him up and kill his dog. John Wick 2014 When he recovers, he sets to get the ones who killed his dog. John Wick 2014 He learns that the leader is the son of his former employer. John Wick 2014 And the man wanting to protect his son, tries to take care of Wick but he’s still as good as he was. John Wick 2014 Written

John Wick (2014) Synopsis: John Wick (Keanu Reeves) crashes an SUV into a wall. John Wick 2014 He staggers out of the vehicle, bloody and wounded. John Wick 2014 He puts pressure on a wound in his gut. John Wick 2014 As he crawls to the side, he takes out his phone and watches a video of his wife Helen (Briget Moynahan) on the beach. John Wick 2014 John slumps over and shuts his eyes.

Several days earlier….

John wakes up on a cloudy day. John Wick 2014 He has flashbacks of him being with Helen, up until recently when she collapsed in his arms. John Wick 2014 She had an illness that eventually claimed her life. John Wick 2014 It is the day of her funeral. John Wick 2014 After the service, John’s old friend Marcus (Willem Dafoe) approaches him to offer his condolences.

That night, a delivery arrives for John. John Wick 2014 It’s a small beagle. John Wick 2014 John finds a note from Helen. John Wick 2014 She wrote to him that she has made peace with her death, and now she wants John to find his. John Wick 2014 John weeps. John Wick 2014 He takes the dog out and looks at its collar, which has a flower on it, leading John to figure out Helen named the dog Daisy.

Daisy follows John on his day as he takes his Mustang out. John Wick 2014 He stops to get gas at the same time as three Russian mobsters, including Iosef Tarasov (Alfie Allen), son of mob boss Viggo Tarasov (Michael Nyqvist). John Wick 2014 Iosef comes up to John’s car and compliments it, and then asks how much he wants for it. John Wick 2014 John says it’s not for sale. John Wick 2014 Iosef then goes over to Daisy, but John scares him away. John Wick 2014 One of Iosef’s buddies peeks his head into the car and wishes John a good day.

As John is getting into bed, Daisy needs to use the bathroom. John Wick 2014 When they get downstairs, there are two men in shadows standing before John, while a third takes a bat and whacks John in the head. John Wick 2014 He starts beating on John while Daisy whines. John Wick 2014 One of the men goes over to the dog and breaks her neck. John Wick 2014 The man pulls off his mask to reveal Iosef, who knocks John out. John Wick 2014 John later wakes up and goes over to Daisy, stroking her head.

Iosef takes John’s car to a shop run by Aurelio (John Leguizamo). John Wick 2014 Aurelio immediately recognizes the car and demands to know where Iosef got it. John Wick 2014 Iosef brags about who he stole the car from and that he killed this person’s dog. John Wick 2014 Aurelio slugs Iosef in the face. John Wick 2014 Later, John comes by the shop and asks if Iosef came by, and Aurelio gives John his name to confirm that’s who took his car and killed his dog. John Wick 2014 Even later that night, Viggo calls Aurelio to ask why he struck Iosef. John Wick 2014 Aurelio says because he stole John Wick’s car and killed his dog. John Wick 2014 Viggo simply replies, “Oh.”

Meanwhile, John takes a sledgehammer into the basement and begins smashing the floor open. John Wick 2014 He uncovers a stash of weapons and gold coins.

Viggo meets with Iosef in his home to discuss the situation. John Wick 2014 He hits his son twice in the solar plexus to reprimand him, reminding him who he just committed a crime against. John Wick 2014 Viggo tells Iosef that John Wick was associated with him once, until he met Helen and decided to leave. John Wick 2014 John apparently had a reputation as “The Boogeyman”, or rather, the guy they called to kill the Boogeyman. John Wick 2014 Viggo calls John up to try and resolve the matter, but John hangs up on him.

Viggo sends a team of 12 hitmen to John’s home that night to kill him. John Wick 2014 John dispatches all of them with relative ease, fighting with the last few before stabbing the last guy through the heart. John Wick 2014 A police officer knocks on the front door. John Wick 2014 John greets him by name and asks him if there’s been a noise complaint, and the cop says yes. John Wick 2014 He asks if John is back in the business, referring to the body visible behind John. John Wick 2014 John says he’s just sorting some things out. John Wick 2014 The cop wishes him well and leaves.

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John summons a clean-up crew that he is done business with in the past to clean up the scene and dispose of the bodies. John Wick 2014 They have done business with John before and they know it won’t be the last.

Viggo meets with Wick’s friend Marcus and asks him to kill Wick, offering a contract worth $2 million. John Wick 2014 He also instructs his assistant Avi (Dean Winters) to call for others to take the job. John Wick 2014 Marcus readily accepts.

John arrives at the Continental Hotel where he stays while he conducts business. John Wick 2014 He recognizes Perkins (Adrianne Palicki). John Wick 2014 John meets another old friend, Winston (Ian McShane)- the manager and owner of the Continental. John Wick 2014 John asks and Winston tells him that Ioseph is at a club called Red Circle.

John goes into the club where Iosef and his buddies are. John Wick 2014 As soon as they spot John, he begins shooting at them while Iosef runs away. John Wick 2014 John kills every hitman in his path, but he loses Iosef as he flees in a getaway car.

At night, Marcus gets to the roof of the building across the street and sets his sights on John in his bed. John Wick 2014 From the mirror, he sees someone entering. John Wick 2014 He fires a shot to warn John. John Wick 2014 It’s Perkins. John Wick 2014 She starts shooting at John while he dodges her. John Wick 2014 She tells him that Viggo has doubled the contract to $4 million if she breaks the rules of the hotel and kills him. John Wick 2014 He fights Perkins with difficulty until he gets her in a headlock and offers her mercy for information. John Wick 2014 She tells John that Viggo keeps most of his assets (cash and blackmail evidence) in the basement of a church. John Wick 2014 John knocks Perkins out and leaves her with Harry (Clarke Peters), a business acquaintance.

Harry keeps Perkins cuffed to a chair, unaware that she has dislocated her thumb to slip out. John Wick 2014 She gets out and puts a pillow over Harry’s face before shooting him.

John goes to the church where Viggo keeps his secret stash of money. John Wick 2014 After shooting the other guards in the church, John forces the priest to guide him to where the money is. John Wick 2014 He lights it all on fire.

Viggo learns of the fire moments before he is caught in a hail of gunfire courtesy of John. John Wick 2014 Although he kills most of Viggo’s men, he is knocked out when an SUV rams into another, knocking John to the ground. John Wick 2014 Viggo captures him and wonders why he’s gone to such great lengths for revenge over a car and a dog.

John tells him that the dog was a gift from his dying wife, and that Iosef took that from him. John Wick 2014 Viggo leaves him with his henchmen for them to suffocate him with a plastic bag. John Wick 2014 However, Marcus is watching from the next building, and he shoots one hitman in the head to let John take out the other. John Wick 2014 John gets his gun and shoots at Viggo’s getaway car, leaving only him alive. John Wick 2014 Viggo is forced to tell John that Iosef is hiding in a safe house in Brooklyn.

The safe house is guarded by armed men, but none of that stops John from killing them and storming the place. John Wick 2014 Iosef once again tries to make a run for it, but John catches him and finishes him off.

In retaliation for Iosef’s death, Viggo has his goons find Marcus at his home. John Wick 2014 There, they beat him until Viggo and Perkins shoot him to death. John Wick 2014 Viggo calls John to tell him this, just before leaving for a helicopter to get out of the city.

While waiting for John to come to Marcus’s home, Perkins is called to a meeting with Winston, the owner of the Continental Hotel. John Wick 2014 She is met Winston and four men. John Wick 2014 Winston tells her she’s broken the rules of the Continental and her membership has been terminated. John Wick 2014 The four men execute her.

John finds Marcus’s body and sets off to take down Viggo. John Wick 2014 He finds the villains heading to the chopper and tries ramming into them with his car. John Wick 2014 Viggo makes Avi go out and kill John, only for John to ram into him with his car. John Wick 2014 Viggo tries to push John’s car over the edge, but John gets out safely. John Wick 2014 The two then fight hand-to-hand in the rain. John Wick 2014 Viggo tries to stab John, but John pushes the blade into himself (to gain leverage to break Viggo’s arm) before grabbing the knife (from his stomach) and sticking it in Viggo’s neck. John Wick 2014 He leaves him to die.

We go back to the first scene where John is still bleeding. John Wick 2014 After watching the video with Helen, he is inspired to keep on going. John Wick 2014 He goes into a dog shelter and tends to his stab wound. John Wick 2014 He then takes a pit bull puppy with him, and they go home together.

Produced By: John Wick (2014) Free Movie Watch Online

  • Darren Blumenthal known as executive producer
  • Sam X. John Wick 2014 Eyde known as executive producer
  • Tara Finegan known as executive producer (as Tara Moross)
  • Kevin Scott Frakes known as executive producer (as Kevin Frakes)
  • Basil Iwanyk known as producer
  • Peter Lawson known as executive producer
  • Erica Lee known as executive producer
  • David Leitch known as producer
  • Noel Lohr known as co-producer
  • Eva Longoria known as producer
  • Doug Monticciolo known as co-producer
  • Andrew C. John Wick 2014 Robinson known as executive producer
  • Raj Brinder Singh known as executive producer (as Raj Singh)
  • Jared Underwood known as executive producer (as Jared D. John Wick 2014 Underwood)
  • Mike Upton known as executive producer
  • Joseph Vincenti known as executive producer
  • Jamie Wing known as co-producer
  • Mike Witherill known as producer (as Michael Witherill)
  • Stephen Hamel known as executive producer (uncredited)
  • Keanu Reeves known as executive producer (uncredited)
  • Chad Stahelski known as producer (uncredited)

John Wick (2014) Movie Streaming FullCast & Crew:

  • Keanu Reeves known as John Wick
  • Michael Nyqvist known as Viggo Tarasov
  • Alfie Allen known as Iosef Tarasov
  • Willem Dafoe known as Marcus
  • Dean Winters known as Avi
  • Adrianne Palicki known as Ms. John Wick 2014 Perkins
  • Omer Barnea known as Gregori
  • Toby Leonard Moore known as Victor
  • Daniel Bernhardt known as Kirill
  • Bridget Moynahan known as Helen
  • John Leguizamo known as Aurelio
  • Ian McShane known as Winston
  • Bridget Regan known as Addy
  • Lance Reddick known as Hotel Manager / Charon
  • Keith Jardine known as Kuzma
  • Tait Fletcher known as Nicholai
  • Kazy Tauginas known as Ivan (as Kazimieras Tauginas)
  • Alexander Frekey known as Alexander
  • Thomas Sadoski known as Jimmy
  • Randall Duk Kim known as Continental Doctor
  • David Patrick Kelly known as Charlie
  • Clarke Peters known as Harry
  • Kevin Nash known as Francis
  • Gameela Wright known as Delivery Woman
  • Vladislav Koulikov known as Pavel
  • Munro M. John Wick 2014 Bonnell known as Priest
  • Patricia Squire known as Elderly Woman (as Pat Squire)
  • Vladimir Troitsky known as Team Leader
  • Joseph K. John Wick 2014 Bevilacqua known as Man on Bus Reading the New York Times (uncredited)
  • Carolyn Blair known as Red Circle Club Goer (uncredited)
  • William Andrew Brewer known as Tattooed Security Guard (uncredited)
  • Kenneth Carrella known as Red Circle Security (uncredited)
  • Courtney Cooper known as Bath House Model (uncredited)
  • Samantha Crawford known as Red Circle Club Goer (uncredited)
  • Johnny DiGiorgio known as Nephew (uncredited)
  • David Douglas known as Assassin (uncredited)
  • Annoula Dritsas known as Red Circle Club Goer (uncredited)
  • Tim Falter known as Assassin (uncredited)
  • Thayr Harris known as Red Circle Security (uncredited)
  • Nadia Kay known as Hot Girl (uncredited)
  • Natalia Kiriya known as Red Circle Model (uncredited)
  • Christopher Kolling known as Red Circle Club Goer (uncredited)
  • Ilan Krigsfeld known as Bathhouse Thug (uncredited)
  • Mack Kuhr known as Sniper #1 (uncredited)
  • Luke Lesko known as Luke (uncredited)
  • Erik Martin known as Russian Thug (uncredited)
  • Meghan Mazurczyk known as Bath House Model (uncredited)
  • Yana Milanberg known as Nightclub Dancer (uncredited)
  • Julian Mileta known as Club Promoter (uncredited)
  • Roman Mitichyan known as Red Circle Security (uncredited)
  • Inna Muratova known as Girl in the Club (uncredited)
  • Karen Nazarov known as Red Circle Club Dancer (uncredited)
  • Joseph Oliveira known as Yuri (uncredited)
  • Luc Owono known as Nigerian Prince (uncredited)
  • Matt Parker known as Tenor saxophonist (uncredited)
  • Andrew Paterini known as Red Circle Club Goer (uncredited)
  • Charles Pendelton known as Doorman (uncredited)
  • Brian James Pepe known as Russian Bodyguard (uncredited)
  • J.J. John Wick 2014 Perry known as Bathroom Security (uncredited)
  • Jennifer Pientka known as Red Circle Club Goer (uncredited)
  • Elizabeth Saint known as Russian Model (uncredited)
  • Lysane Sanchez known as Red Circle Club Goer (uncredited)
  • Courtney Sanello known as Red Circle Waitress (uncredited)
  • George Schroeder known as Hitman (uncredited)
  • Paugh Shadow known as Assassin (uncredited)
  • DiFenni Shi known as Red Circle Club Goer (uncredited)
  • Marija Skangale known as Red Circle Cage Dancer (uncredited)
  • Polina Strelkova known as Red Circle Club Goer (uncredited)
  • Tuna Tekeli known as Russian Nightclub Patron (uncredited)
  • Manolo Tenes known as Goon (uncredited)
  • Scott Tixier known as Violinist (uncredited)
  • Uzimann known as Store Cashier (uncredited)
  • Arthur Vint known as Burlesque Drummer (uncredited)
  • Chris Wilson known as Guy in the Club (uncredited)
  • Sam Yazbeck known as Red Circle Valet Driver (uncredited)
  • Zenon Zeleniuch known as Team Leader (uncredited)
  • Alex Ziwak known as Assassin (uncredited)



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