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  • Rate: 7.7/10 total 1,629 votes
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  • Genre: Comedy | Drama
  • Release Date: 22 July 2016 (USA)
  • Runtime: 92 min | 86 min
  • Gross: $4,333,283 (USA) (21 October 2016)
  • Director: Mike Birbiglia
  • Stars: Keegan-Michael Key, Gillian Jacobs, Mike Birbiglia |See full cast & crew »
  • Original Music By: Roger Neill
  • Plot Keyword: Overalls

Don’t Think Twice (2016) Writing Credits By:

  • Mike Birbiglia (written by)

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Don’t Think Twice (2016) Known Trivia

  • The main cast did two weeks of improv rehearsals before performing in front of live audiences. Don’t Think Twice 2016 Footage from their performances were used in the film. Don’t Think Twice 2016 11 of 11 found this interesting Interesting? Yes No |
  • Gillian Jacobs has never done improv and was given two weeks of training on improv comedy. Don’t Think Twice 2016 In addition, Kate Micucci had not done improv for years and trained along with Jacobs for their roles. Don’t Think Twice 2016 10 of 10 found this interesting Interesting? Yes No |
  • During filming of The Commune’s stage performances, the Steadicam operator improvised camera shots as the cast performed. Don’t Think Twice 2016 6 of 7 found this interesting Interesting? Yes No |
  • Was shown at SXSW ’16 in Austin, Texas. Don’t Think Twice 2016 4 of 12 found this interesting Interesting? Yes No |
  • One of American film critic Chase Whale’s top ten films of 2016. Don’t Think Twice 2016 Is this interesting? Interesting? Yes No |

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Don’t Think Twice (2016) Plot: When a member of a popular New York City improv troupe gets a huge break, the rest of the group – all best friends – start to realize that not everyone is going to make it after all. Don’t Think Twice 2016 Full summary » | »

Don’t Think Twice (2016) Story: JACK (Keegan Michael Key) & his girlfriend Samantha (Gillian Jacobs) are a perfect couple who are also Teammates on a popular improv group that perform at a struggling comedy spot in NYC. Don’t Think Twice 2016 Together, the team has a family like bond but individually they have their personal dreams of being on the weekly television show “This Weekend Live”. Don’t Think Twice 2016 Written byinhollywoodtv

Produced By: Watch Don’t Think Twice (2016) Free Movie Watch Online HD

  • Miranda Bailey known as producer
  • Seth Barrish known as consulting producer
  • Jason Beck known as executive producer
  • Jason Beck known as producer
  • Mike Birbiglia known as producer
  • Danielle Blumstein known as co-producer
  • Andy Bohn known as executive producer
  • Ira Glass known as producer
  • Jacob Jaffke known as consulting producer
  • Amanda Marshall known as producer
  • Jen Stein known as consulting producer

Don’t Think Twice (2016) Free Full Movie Online FullCast & Crew:

  • Mike Birbiglia known as Miles
  • Gillian Jacobs known as Samantha
  • Kate Micucci known as Allison
  • Tami Sagher known as Lindsay
  • Keegan-Michael Key known as Jack
  • Emily Skeggs known as Shy Sarah
  • Chris Gethard known as Bill
  • Brandon Scott Jones known as Audience Chuck
  • Sunita Mani known as Amy
  • Sondra James known as Bonnie
  • Richard Kline known as Dr. Don’t Think Twice 2016 Coughlin
  • Glenn Wein known as Psychiatrist
  • Neil Fleischer known as Pianist Seth
  • Erin Darke known as Natasha
  • Gary Richardson known as Gary
  • Steve Waltien known as Hugh Finn
  • Kati Rediger known as Alicia Bonham
  • Hallie Bulleit known as Audience Claudia
  • Garth Kravits known as Doctor
  • Jason C. Don’t Think Twice 2016 Brown known as Studio Page
  • Pete Holmes known as Pete Holmes
  • Seth Barrish known as Timothy
  • Miranda Bailey known as Producer
  • Richard Masur known as Lou
  • Adam Pally known as Robbie
  • Matt Star known as Improv Student
  • Josh Rabinowitz known as Josh
  • Maggie Kemper known as Liz
  • Lena Dunham known as Lena Dunham
  • Ben Elkins known as Elel #1
  • Jo-Jo Jackson known as Elel #2
  • Tim Cook known as Elel #3
  • Zach Tichenor known as Elel #4
  • Steve Frederick known as Elel #5
  • Frederick Weatherby known as Elel #6
  • Alex Mojaverian known as Elel #7
  • Gavin Speiller known as Autograph Speaker
  • Ben Stiller known as Ben Stiller
  • Colby Minifie known as Audience Neil
  • Rachel Pegram known as Audience Sarah
  • Tim Martin known as Audience Tony
  • Robert King known as Heckler
  • Kevin Barnett known as Writer Terry
  • Brian Edwards known as Bouncer
  • Jo Firestone known as Jo (as Joanne Firestone)
  • Connor Ratliff known as Connor
  • Jordan Kenneth Kamp known as Audience Jim
  • Elise Edwards known as Improv Intern (uncredited)
  • DeWitt Fleming Jr. Don’t Think Twice 2016 known as Subway Bucket Drummer (uncredited)
  • Angela Palladino known as Audience Member (uncredited)
  • Leetopher Scott known as Audience Member (uncredited)
  • Jo Yang known as Chinese Sewing Lady (uncredited)


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  1. LJ’s Movies says:


    “Don’t Think Twice”, directed by Mike Birbiglia, is light-heartedcomedy that follows the story of a small, six-member improv groupcalled The Commune. The Commune is essentially a closely knit team,with each member complementing the other.

    However, when Jack, an ambitious member of The Commune, gets theopportunity to join ‘Weekend Live!’ (a huge entertainment company), hefaces a unique situation. He wants to achieve greater success, butdoesn’t want to leave his faithful and hardworking team behind.

    The well-written script is elevated by the great organic performancesput forth by Keegan-Michael Key (Jack), Gillian Jacobs, Birbiglia, andthe rest of the cast. Every single character has moments of self-doubt,self-discovery, and emotional conflict.

    Overall, “Don’t Think Twice” is definitely a comedy worth watchingbecause it explores the themes of envy, loyalty, and a sense ofbelonging through dynamic characters we can all relate to.

    LJ’s Grade: B

  2. Movie_Muse_Reviews from IL, USA says:

    Actors, improvisers, comics or any kind of artist, really, shouldn’tmiss Mike Birbiglia’s “Don’t Think Twice.” Thecomic-turned-actor/filmmaker journeys behind the curtain for his secondfilm to put an honest lens on the inherent friction that occurs whenartists need each other to succeed but also have their own dreams, egosand pursuits.

    The film focuses on a modestly successful New York-based improv troupecalled the Commune, whose supportive, team-first nature (as per therules of improv) gets challenged when they learn their venue is closingand one of them has gotten his big break — a spot on the cast of”Saturday Night Live” equivalent “Weekend Live.”

    In the group are Miles (Birbiglia), who at 36 has managed to make beingin a troupe and teaching improv into an unglamorous but stable career;Sam (Gillian Jacobs) and Jack (Keegan-Michael Key), the groups biggesttalents who are in a relationship together; Allison (Kate Miccuci), anaspiring graphic novelist; Bill (Chris Gethard), another longtimeperformer who just wants to prove he’s accomplished something; andLindsay (Tami Sagher), who is unemployed, unmotivated and still liveswith her wealthy parents.

    All these carefully crafted characters “get by” despite their mutualstruggles, until Jack gets plucked by “Weekend Live,” and the groupdynamics get tested in the toughest way possible. There’s resentment,group members who hope to use Jack to land a writing job on the showand a lot of grappling with reality and what each of them really wantsout of life.

    Although “Don’t Think Twice” is steeped in the world of improv, andBirbiglia thematically asserts early on in the film that the rules ofimprov (“say yes,” “don’t think”) are echoed off stage as much as onit, his approach to writing and directing is, ironically, much morecarefully planned and controlled.

    You can see a lot of the mechanisms at work in Birbiglia’s writing playout on screen. The scenes in the film, on average, are probably aminute long each. Many are 30-second snapshots. So each scene, and inmany cases each shot, have a specific objective in the arch of thestory. This structure inherently reveals all of Birbiglia’s cards,which is a big risk, but the film’s premise is so effectively rooted intruth that it works.

    Critical to this payoff are the performances. When an actor is given somany short scenes with clear objectives, there’s not a lot of wiggleroom in the performance. You have to take what you’re given and bringthe additional layers of complexity; you must be a believable personwithin somewhat rigid confines.

    Jacobs does this the best, and will undoubtedly get her own big breaksoon unless she prefers the climate on planet indie. Her character hasa somewhat atypical personal journey and Jacobs brings a lot range toit. We also see the full scope of what Key is capable of, namely thathe doesn’t have to be over-the-top and hilarious as he is on “Key andPeele” to be successful.

    To be fair, acting isn’t the lone ingredient that makes this tight shipof a 92-minute film work as a movie we can all identify with. Birbigliamakes a lot of it happen behind the camera too. Balancing planning andprecision with rawness and authenticity is not easy and for the mostpart, he manages to do it. He’s most successful when he counteracts thetight writing composition with more relaxed shot composition. There’smostly hand-held camera work in the film, and a nice touch is how theimprovisation scenes are filmed from the stage, not the audience. Thiskeeps things loose and also keeps us closer to the characters, theheart of the movie.

    Heart is one thing Birbiglia isn’t missing, but don’t worry — there’splenty to laugh at too. Lots of Birbiglia’s great sneak-attack humorcan be found throughout. Yet the comedy isn’t the takeaway here so muchas the carefully honed theme of how we chase our dreams while wrestlingwith our realities, something so universal that it would be hard tofind someone who doesn’t get it. It’s such a true message that evenwhen Birbiglia gets heavy-handed, it’s hard not to appreciate thenobility of his purpose.

    ~Steven C

    Thanks for reading! Visit Movie Muse Reviews for more

  3. stansolomon from United States says:

    If you’re a true movie buff you see a LOT of films, but how often doyou see a film where you TRULY CARE about what happens to thecharacters? Which makes “Don’t Think Twice” truly unique.

    Maybe because the story is set in now-trendy Brooklyn, or maybe becausethe characters are all young and attractive (esp. “Sam”, GillianJacobs’ character…Ms. Jacobs is absolutely adorable!), or maybebecause I admire and respect someone who can create an alternatepersona and clever dialogue in the blink of an eye (which is whatImprov is all about), but I was totally enthralled by this film as if Iwere watching people I knew and cared about. Have to admit, the endingleft me a little misty-eyed.

    “Don’t Think Twice” is a charming story about the kind ofseemingly-ordinary people you would pass on the street without knowingthat they, once upon a stage, are ‘Gods’…as the ancient Greeksbelieved actors were.

  4. bkrauser-81-311064 from United States says:

    The rules of improv theater are displayed prominently within the firstthirty seconds of Don’t Think Twice. 1. Say yes; never deny the realityof your stage partners but instead build on that world however you can.2. It’s all about the group. Either the entire group has a good night,or like attempting to build a plane in mid- flight, the group fallstogether. 3. Don’t think. Needless to say all three rules are broken asdirector, writer and star Mike Birbiglia weaves his love letter. A loveletter to improv theater; its success stories, its pratfalls, itsfailures and those who feel the timorous high of the stage bug.

    The fierce, enthusiastic members of The Commune caught the bug long agoand have been spending their nights performing in front of an audiencefor years, with little more than a row of wooden chairs. The troupeincludes the capricious Bill (Gethard), the shy Allison (Micucci), theendowed Lindsay (Sagher), Miles (Birbiglia) the veteran sad-sack andup-and-comers Jack (Key) and Samantha (Jacobs). As per tradition, TheCommune rub a wooden bear for good luck, briefly introduce themselvesand ask the audience “who here has had a really rough day today.” Thusthey turn tragedy, or at the very least inconvenience into comedy for$25 a ticket which barely covers the cost of stage space.

    The dynamics of the group however change when word that a producer from”Weekend Live”, an SNL (1975-Present) analogue, is said to be in theaudience. Knowing this, Miles immediately warns Jack not to showboat.He insists he won’t, but a contrived Barack Obama impersonation in themiddle of a game reeks of deliberate tampering. Out of the six, Jackand Samantha are asked to audition for their big break, causing therest of the group to take stock of their lives and “careers” asstarving artists.

    Segments of the ensembles’ routine lives are interspersed with free-wielding moments on the warmly lit stage where they play their games.Those routine lives are punctuated by day jobs waiting tables,increasingly desperate attempts to bed women and unexpected personaltragedy. Yet as Bill says at one point, “I feel like I have a secretlife…I kill it up on that stage.” It’s home to this castaway group ofplayers and while their improv may not always be gold, it’s alwaystheirs.

    The strongest aspect of Don’t Think Twice is its story, which warmlyembraces all its characters with understanding and deep appreciationfor their craft. Conflict arises but it never emerges with theblood-and-thunder competitiveness and intensity of other showbizstories. Once the group is prodded by Jack’s success, they start to, asMiles puts it “look out for number one.” Yet within context everythingthey do for themselves (and occasionally to each other) is never donewith maliciousness. These are inherently good people, caught betweenthe purity of their art and the commerce of what they sell.

    Selling it the most is Keegan-Michael Key as Jack, whose newfoundsuccess brings new hurdles, challenges and pressures. He gets it fromboth sides; his Lorne Michaels-esque boss half-jokingly tells him he’dbe lucky if he’s not fired after one season. Meanwhile his formertroupe harbors jealousies and angle for writing positions he simplycan’t deliver. To add to his isolation, Jack has been dating Samanthawho seems to no longer share his ambitions.

    If there is one aspect of Don’t Think Twice that diminishes itsvitality it comes from an anti-cinematic, almost gonzo approach to itssubject matter. While never edging into navel-gazing mumblecore, improvas a catharsis to a sullen group in existential crisis mode smacks ofinside baseball. Their are extended moments of the troupe struggling tofind their groove resulting in some cringe-worthy “off-nights” whichdeflate the energy of the story for the sake of realism. Yet if theworst thing that you can say about a film is it “feels too real,” thenis it really a problem?

    Don’t Think Twice is an affectionate send up to they type of structuredchaos that sprouted out of The Compass Players, the originators ofmodern improvisational theater in the early twentieth century. Sharpand observant, Mike Birbiglia wisely edges past the drama-about- comedyclichés that torpedoed similar films like Funny People (2009),Punchline (1988) and even Birbiglia’s last effort Sleepwalk with Me(2012). It pushes back on the idea of ambition for the sake ofambition, resting on the aphorism “Art is long, life is short.”

  5. subxerogravity from United States says:

    Well the movie is a hard look at anyone in their thirties who’s stilltrying to follow that dream and it’s a struggle, but you just can’tgive up on it, even though it seems like you don’t have what it takes.

    The focus on Don’t Think Twice is on a troop of improv actors, but itcan apply literally to anyone.

    Very harsh relating to something so relateable . Especially for anyonein these situations:

    The place you’re working at is being gentrified making it moreexpensive to do what you love.

    Those who were once under your wing are now spreading theirs and seemto be flying higher than you ever did.

    But you feel you’re at the place you belong but no one else seems toget that as they move on to what seems to be better things.

    Your not that old but everyone around you makes you feel that waybecause of where society makes you believe you belong at your age.

    And you need a break, but you just can’t find one.

    If any of this rings a bell than Don’t think Twice will be highlyenjoyable for you because it’s like looking into a Mirror as itIronically, makes you think more than twice about yourself, and givesyou a feel of contempt realizing that you are not alone.

    I’m not sure the film is for everyone as it’s not as funny as I thoughtit would be considering Keegan-Michael Key is in it. It is a smartcomedy, but the thing about this intelligence is that it really doesfocus on a demographic.

    There are few things that do go over generally, like all the charactersexperience with trying to get on Weekend Live (A perfect satire onSaturday Night Live).

    Plus the improv itself made me giggle too.

    Don’t think Twice is definitely a personal favorite

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