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  • Genre: Drama | Sci-Fi
  • Release Date: 26 October 2012 (USA)
  • Runtime: 172 min | China:142 min
  • Filming Location: Port de Sóller, Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Spain
  • Budget: $102,000,000 (estimated)
  • Gross: $27,098,580 (USA) (18 January 2013)
  • Director: Jaco Van Dormael
  • Stars: Tom Hanks, Halle Berry, Hugh Grant |See full cast & crew »
  • Original Music By: Reinhold Heil Johnny Klimek Tom Tykwer
  • Soundtrack: Looking For Freedom
  • Sound Mix: Dolby Digital | Datasat | SDDS
  • Plot Keyword: Future | Letter | Composer | Nursing Home | Clone

Cloud Atlas (2012) Writing Credits By:

  • David Mitchell (novel “Cloud Atlas”)
  • Lana Wachowski (written for the screen by) &
  • Tom Tykwer (written for the screen by) &
  • Lilly Wachowski (written for the screen by) (as Andy Wachowski)

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Cloud Atlas (2012) Known Trivia

  • The whole film was shot with two parallel filming units, one under the helm of Tom Tykwer and the other under the direction of Lilly Wachowski and Lana Wachowski, sharing no crew members beside the cast and the directors themselves. Cloud Atlas 2012 175 of 176 found this interesting Interesting? Yes No |
  • With a budget of over $100,000,000, Cloud Atlas is one of the most expensive independent films to date. Cloud Atlas 2012 258 of 261 found this interesting Interesting? Yes No |
  • Because of the nature of casting on the film, the directors told the actors to think of their roles as a “genetic strain” rather than a series of individual parts, with actions in one story-line affecting another. Cloud Atlas 2012 109 of 109 found this interesting Interesting? Yes No |
  • Lilly Wachowski and Lana Wachowski directed the 1849, 2144, and 2321 segments of the film. Cloud Atlas 2012 Tom Tykwer directed the 1936, 1973, and 2012 segments. Cloud Atlas 2012 163 of 165 found this interesting Interesting? Yes No |
  • In 2005, while on the London set of V for Vendetta (2005), Natalie Portman gave a copy of the original novel to Lana Wachowski, who became deeply interested in it. Cloud Atlas 2012 A year later, both Wachowski siblings wrote a first draft of the screenplay. Cloud Atlas 2012 Tom Tykwer, a friend of the Wachowskis, was invited to co-author several subsequent drafts with them in the following two years, constantly keeping in mind observations by the book’s author himself, David Mitchell, while looking for international investors. Cloud Atlas 2012 In all those years, Portman was promised the role of Sonmi-451, but had to turn down the role at the last minute after becoming pregnant in 2010. Cloud Atlas 2012 However, she is given a special thanks in the closing credits. Cloud Atlas 2012 189 of 192 found this interesting Interesting? Yes No |
  • The film went through a series of troubles to land a financial backer, including studio Warner Brothers to pull out of financing the project as they didn’t like the numbers. Cloud Atlas 2012 The directors had both waived their fees and started putting in their own money to keep the project afloat. Cloud Atlas 2012 Lana Wachowski credited Tom Hanks with helping get the film off the ground to the point where he inspired much of the cast and crew by being the first to fly to Berlin to begin shooting the film. Cloud Atlas 2012 According to Wachowski, Hanks was very enthusiastic about the project. Cloud Atlas 2012 145 of 147 found this interesting Interesting? Yes No |
  • One of the few films in history that has three directors working together as an original team who equally share directing credit. Cloud Atlas 2012 128 of 130 found this interesting Interesting? Yes No |
  • The cover of the book “The Revelation of Sonmi 451” is made from interwoven Fabricant collars. Cloud Atlas 2012 Its pages with their clothes and words stitched from strands of their own hair. Cloud Atlas 2012 95 of 96 found this interesting Interesting? Yes No |
  • When Sonmi-451 and the other Fabricants are shown, just before bedtime, drinking their daily rejuvenation drink, the large Korean letters on the drink boxes say, “Be New” in English. Cloud Atlas 2012 61 of 61 found this interesting Interesting? Yes No |
  • While on the set of this movie, Tom Hanks started calling Lana Wachowski and Lilly Wachowski, “Mom and Dad,” because they worked so well together and as leaders of the cast and crew. Cloud Atlas 2012 88 of 90 found this interesting Interesting? Yes No |

Tag Cloud Atlas (2012): Cloud Atlas (2012) – Full Cast & Crew – IMDb Cloud Atlas (2012) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more, Cloud Atlas (2012) – Rotten Tomatoes Cloud Atlas explores how the actions and consequences of individual lives impact one another throughout the past, the present and the future, Action, mystery and , Cloud Atlas (2012) | Fandango Cloud Atlas movie info – movie times, trailers, reviews, tickets, actors and more on Fandango, Cloud Atlas (2012) – IMDb Cloud Atlas , R | 2h 52min | Drama, Sci-Fi | 26 October 2012 (USA) 2:33 | Trailer, 12 VIDEOS , Title: Cloud Atlas (2012) 7.5 /10, Want to share IMDb’s , Cloud Atlas Extended Trailer #1 (2012) – Tom Hanks, Halle Berry, Wachowski Movie HD Cloud Atlas Extended Trailer #1 (2012) – Tom Hanks, Halle Berry, Wachowski Movie HD An exploration of how the actions of individual lives impact one , Cloud Atlas (2012) – IMDb IMDb > Cloud Atlas (2012) Watch It, at , Buy it at , More at IMDb Pro Discuss in Boards Update Data, Quicklinks Cloud Atlas (2012) – IMDb Cloud Atlas will take you anywhere and everywhere, It may surprise you by its sudden burst of violence, , Discuss Cloud Atlas (2012) on the IMDb message boards » Cloud Atlas – – Movies From the creators of The Matrix trilogy and the director of Run Lola Run, Cloud Atlas explores how the actions of individual lives impact one another in the past ,

Goofs: Miscellaneous: In the credits, Luisa Rey’s stunt double is misspelled as Louisa.

Cloud Atlas (2012) Plot: An exploration of how the actions of individual lives impact one another in the past, present and future, as one soul is shaped from a killer into a hero, and an act of kindness ripples across centuries to inspire a revolution. Cloud Atlas 2012 Full summary » »

Cloud Atlas (2012) Story: Everything is connected: an 1849 diary of an ocean voyage across the Pacific; letters from a composer to his lover; a thriller about a conspiracy at a nuclear power plant; a farce about a publisher in a nursing home; a rebellious clone in futuristic Korea; and the tale of a tribe living on post-apocalyptic Hawaii far in the future. Cloud Atlas 2012 Written byAnonymous

Cloud Atlas (2012) Synopsis: This film follows the stories of six people’s “souls” across time, and the stories are interweaved as they advance, showing how they all interact. Cloud Atlas 2012 It is about how the people’s lives are connected with and influence each other.

The first storyline follows a lawyer named Adam Ewing (Jim Sturgess) in the early 1800s, whose family is in the slave trade. Cloud Atlas 2012 He has been sent to the Pacific to arrange a contract for some Maori slaves with a slave trader from that area. Cloud Atlas 2012 During his return voyage home, Ewing saves the life of a native man named Autua (David Gyasi) who is a runaway slave stowing away on the ship. Cloud Atlas 2012 Ewing also realizes he is being poisoned by a doctor he trusted, Dr. Cloud Atlas 2012 Henry Goose (Tom Hanks), who is robbing Ewing as he gets sicker and sicker. Cloud Atlas 2012 Autua saves Ewing’s life and his views of the natives are changed in important ways as he comes to know the man. Cloud Atlas 2012 Adam Ewing’s journal, which chronicled his ordeal and rescue by a runaway slave, are later published into a book which is discovered by the next character in the storyline. Cloud Atlas 2012 Ewing and his wife decide to quit the family slave trade and move east to become abolitionists.

The second storyline follows the tragically short life of a talented young wannabe composer in the 1930’s named Robert Frobisher (Ben Whishaw) who finagles himself into a position aiding an aging composer, Vyvyan Ayrs (Jim Broadbent). Cloud Atlas 2012 While working for Ayrs, Robert Frobisher begins reading the published chronicle of Adam Ewing’s journal which he has found among the many books at Ayrs’s mansion. Cloud Atlas 2012 He never finishes reading the journal and it is unclear what effect it has on the creation of his own musical composition. Cloud Atlas 2012 Robert enters a sexual relationship with Ayrs’ wife, which, along with Ayrs’ own arrogance and presumption of superiority of position and class, tears him and Ayrs apart. Cloud Atlas 2012 Ayrs threatens to ruin Frobisher’s already rickety reputation when he encounters Frobisher’s own work, the Cloud Atlas Sextet. Cloud Atlas 2012 Ayrs forces Frobisher to accept second place in the credit for the Sextet. Cloud Atlas 2012 Frobisher inadvertently shoots Ayrs during an argument then flees. Cloud Atlas 2012 When Ayrs survives the shooting, and sets police after him, he realizes he is facing utter ruin, as Ayrs threatened. Cloud Atlas 2012 Frobisher completes the Sextet, then sends it to his lover and friend, a Cambridge student, Rufus Sixmith (James D’Arcy) and commits suicide. Cloud Atlas 2012 Rufus Sixsmith meets the main character in the third storyline much later in his life, and we discover Robert Frobisher’s Cloud Atlas Sextet has been recorded into an album and although it is an obscure recording, it has clearly affected people’s lives.

The third storyline is about a journalist in the 1970’s named Luisa Rey (Halle Berry). Cloud Atlas 2012 She meets Rufus Sixsmith in a chance encounter while being stuck on a broken elevator. Cloud Atlas 2012 Sixsmith by now is now a renowned physicist. Cloud Atlas 2012 After leaving the elevator, Sixsmith later attempts to re-contact Rey and reveal that there is a conspiracy afoot to cover up a report about the flaws in the design of a nuclear power reactor. Cloud Atlas 2012 When she is about to meet-up with Sixsmith, she finds him just recently dead, an apparent suicide. Cloud Atlas 2012 Her journalistic instincts kick in, telling her there is more to the story than a man committing suicide, and she discovers that a report on the reactor written by Sixsmith can reveal the terrible secret. Cloud Atlas 2012 Along with the report, Rey also finds a collection of letters written from Frobisher to Sixsmith many years earlier while Frobisher was working on the Cloud Atlas Sextet composition. Cloud Atlas 2012 A scientist named Isaac Sachs (Tom Hanks) meets Rey and helps her. Cloud Atlas 2012 The CEO, Lloyd Hooks (Hugh Grant) sends his head of security, Joe Napier (Keith David) and his agent, Bill Smoke (Hugo Weaving) to stop her. Cloud Atlas 2012 Smoke has already killed Sixsmith, and then Sachs, and attempts to kill Rey as she gets closer and closer to the truth. Cloud Atlas 2012 Smoke is stopped in the end by Joe Napier. Cloud Atlas 2012 As Napier and Rey escape death by the hands of Smoke, Luisa Rey publishes an article leading to the shutdown of the reactor after revealing the contents of the Sixsmith Report.

The fourth storyline is a modern-day tale of Timothy Cavendish (Jim Broadbent), the owner of a small publishing company, who has published a small biographical book by a lowlife thug. Cloud Atlas 2012 While the book has literally no hope of making much, if any, money, this changes when the author-thug kills a critic of his book by throwing him off a balcony to his death. Cloud Atlas 2012 Suddenly the book has legs and Cavendish is rolling in money from royalties. Cloud Atlas 2012 When friends of the thug come looking for his royalties, Cavendish is put in a tight situation, as he doesn’t have the money they are demanding, and clearly the hooligans aren’t particularly constrained by the law. Cloud Atlas 2012 While traveling by train to the hide-out address his brother recommended, Cavendish is seen reading a manuscript that was sent to him. Cloud Atlas 2012 The manuscript is titled, “Half Lives – The First Luisa Rey Mystery” and is the romanticized version of the third storyline. Cloud Atlas 2012 He arrives at the “hotel” his brother sent him to, which, only the next day is revealed to be a nursing home for the elderly. Cloud Atlas 2012 Residents are treated as prisoners, and each attempt to get out is stopped by the staff (which is revealed to be the nursing home’s primary purpose, to lock up troublesome relatives). Cloud Atlas 2012 With the assistance of three other residents, Cavendish eventually creates an escape plan and they manage to escape. Cloud Atlas 2012 Once he makes good on his escape, he writes a best-selling tale of his adventures, which is later made into a biopic.

The fifth storyline is about Sonmi-451 (Doona Bae), a clone bred for work in a Papa Song fast-food restaurant in Korea (now called Neo Seoul) in the far future. Cloud Atlas 2012 In this stark future, she lives in a day-to-day world, each day identical to the next, existing only to serve food to “consumers.” But her limited life is revealed to be less than she is capable of when another of the clones inadvertently awakens her from her daily slumber. Cloud Atlas 2012 Sonmi-451 through chance, discovers a fragment of the biopic film of “The Ordeal of Timothy Cavendish” on a cell-phone/PDA left at the Papa’s Song fast-food restaurant. Cloud Atlas 2012 This film lays the seeds of the never-ending struggle against injustice. Cloud Atlas 2012 She starts to question all the things she has seen and experienced, including the believed purpose of her existence, from which other clones, and eventually she, will “ascend” after eleven years of work. Cloud Atlas 2012 When her friend, the other clone, is killed, she meets a man named Hae-Joo Im, who it is revealed was behind her friend, and then her, being exposed to something more than their day-to-day existence. Cloud Atlas 2012 They have been attempting to prove that the clones are the equal of “naturally born” humans (“purebloods”), hearkening back to the days of slavery. Cloud Atlas 2012 Hae-Joo rescues her from her life in the restaurant and begins teaching her about the outside world as well as philosophy, art, and “higher values”. Cloud Atlas 2012 When they are captured by the authorities, he escapes, then rescues her from the authorities. Cloud Atlas 2012 He reveals he is actually a former member of the military who has become a member of a revolutionary organization, the Union, taking action against the oppressive government, that wishes to free the clones in Neo Seoul. Cloud Atlas 2012 Somni-451 is proof that the clones are capable of being more than mere slaves. Cloud Atlas 2012 He takes Sonmi-451 to meet the other revolutionaries, who arrange for her to learn what “ascension” really is, on a ship where they massacre the clones, only to reprocess them and use their bodies to feed the still-functioning clones. Cloud Atlas 2012 She agrees to assist the revolutionaries, knowing it means capture and death, by writing a Manifesto. Cloud Atlas 2012 They capture a broadcast facility, and reveal the truth, not just to all earth but to the offworld colonies as well. Cloud Atlas 2012 All of the revolutionaries, including Hae-Joo, but except Sonmi-451, are killed holding off the government’s agents so that she can keep broadcasting her Manifesto. Cloud Atlas 2012 Sonmi-451 reveals all the above while being questioned by an agent of the government, who asks her why she did it all, when the government will make everyone believe it was false. Cloud Atlas 2012 She acknowledges that she goes to her execution calmly, believing that death is only a door, and knowing that one person — her interviewer — knows it is true, and that it will not be possible to suppress the Truth.

The sixth and final storyline is about Zachry (Tom Hanks) who is a tribesman living in a low-tech post-apocalyptic Hawaii, 100 years after Neo Seoul has been swallowed by the sea. Cloud Atlas 2012 His people revere Sonmi and believe her to be holy. Cloud Atlas 2012 A member of a far more advanced group of people called the Prescients named Meronym (Halle Berry) asks to live with their tribe. Cloud Atlas 2012 Zachry’s sister takes her in, and their relationship grows. Cloud Atlas 2012 Zachry is harboring his own secret, that he hid in cowardly shame while barbarians called the Kona killed his brother-in-law and his nephew. Cloud Atlas 2012 People suspect him, and he is largely an outcast, but his sister and his niece still accept and love him. Cloud Atlas 2012 Meronym wishes to cross the mountains to get to a place she believes is inland, but it is an area fraught with superstitious dread, and no one will take her there. Cloud Atlas 2012 When Zachry’s beloved niece is taken fatally ill, and he realizes only Meronym has the ability to heal and save her, he agrees to lead her up the mountains to where she wants to go in exchange for Meronym’s assistance. Cloud Atlas 2012 Zachry’s fears, personified by his tribe’s belief in a god of Death named Old Georgie, whisper to him that he must kill Meronym, that he is risking his tribe for an outsider. Cloud Atlas 2012 He rejects the impulses, seeing in Meronym something more and better than his fears can destroy. Cloud Atlas 2012 Meronym and Zachry succeed in reaching a large facility, and he is again pushed by Old Georgie to kill Meronym, and he again resists, but barely. Cloud Atlas 2012 Meronym reveals to Zachry that the world is dying, that all humans, even the Prescients, are doomed, unless they can reach the offworld colonies, if they still exist at all (most of the Prescients believe them to be dead and Meronym on a likely fool’s errand). Cloud Atlas 2012 Meronym reveals that the place they are at is the same broadcast facility that Sonmi used to transmit her manifesto. Cloud Atlas 2012 She explains to him that his beliefs are not entirely true, that Sonmi was a human, not a goddess, and shows him pictures and things that prove it. Cloud Atlas 2012 They return to the valley of Zachry’s clan, only to see smoke in the distance. Cloud Atlas 2012 Zachry realizes his tribe is under attack by the barbarian Kona and runs ahead to assist. Cloud Atlas 2012 When he arrives, everyone in his tribe is dead, and all the Kona appear to be gone. Cloud Atlas 2012 He sees his sister’s dead body, then runs to their hut to find his niece. Cloud Atlas 2012 There he finds one lone barbarian lying in a drunken stupor, and he kills him in rage. Cloud Atlas 2012 He hears a noise and finds his niece hiding in a small niche. Cloud Atlas 2012 At the same time, the barbarians return looking for their clansman, and, seeing his horse outside the hut, begin to investigate. Cloud Atlas 2012 They see him lying there, throat freshly cut, and begin to search the hut for whoever killed him. Cloud Atlas 2012 Zachry and his niece flee, with the Kona in hot pursuit. Cloud Atlas 2012 The Kona catch up to them in the same woods where he hid in cowardice as his brother-in-law was killed. Cloud Atlas 2012 As he is about to die, in much the same place and position as his brother died (the story thus coming full circle), Meronym steps up from the place he hid in cowardice. Cloud Atlas 2012 She uses her advanced weapons and risks her own life to save him, and they kill the half-dozen Kona together. Cloud Atlas 2012 Meronym signals for her own people, and they accept Zachry and his niece in as their own, with Meronym’s urging.

Finally, it’s shown that Zachry has been telling his tale to a large group of children, and that he married Meronym, and that the offworld colonies heard their broadcast, and came to rescue the survivors… Cloud Atlas 2012 and that he and Meronym are on another world entirely.

One of the most important quotes in the film comes from Sonmi-451:

“Our lives are not our own. Cloud Atlas 2012 From womb to tomb, we are bound to others, past and present. Cloud Atlas 2012 And by each crime and every kindness, we birth our future.”

Produced By: Online Cloud Atlas (2012) Free Movie

  • Stefan Arndt known as produced by
  • Alex Boden known as producer: UK
  • David Brown known as line producer: Scotland
  • John Chong known as executive producer: Media Asia Film Production Limited
  • José Luis Escolar known as line producer: Spain
  • Peter Grossman known as associate producer
  • Grant Hill known as produced by
  • Lora Kennedy known as associate producer
  • Caroline Kwauk known as executive producer: Ascension Pictures Limited
  • Peter Lam known as co-producer
  • Philip Lee known as executive producer
  • Marcus Loges known as co-producer
  • Roberto Malerba known as co-producer
  • Ulli Neumann known as line producer: X Filme
  • Gigi Oeri known as associate producer
  • Wilson Qiu known as executive producer: Dreams of Dragon Pictures
  • Alexander Rodnyansky known as co-producer
  • Uwe Schott known as executive producer
  • Pearry Reginald Teo known as executive producer: Ascension Pictures Limited (as Pearry Teo)
  • Tony Teo known as co-producer
  • Tony Teo known as executive producer: Ascension Pictures Limited
  • Ricky Tse known as executive producer: Media Asia Film Production Limited
  • Tom Tykwer known as produced by
  • Alexander van Dülmen known as co-producer (as Alexander Van Dülmen)
  • Lana Wachowski known as produced by
  • Lilly Wachowski known as produced by (as Andy Wachowski)

Full Movie Cloud Atlas (2012) Free FullCast & Crew:

  • Tom Hanks known as Dr. Cloud Atlas 2012 Henry Goose / Hotel Manager / Isaac Sachs / Dermot Hoggins / Cavendish Look-a-Like Actor / Zachry
  • Halle Berry known as Native Woman / Jocasta Ayrs / Luisa Rey / Indian Party Guest / Ovid / Meronym
  • Jim Broadbent known as Captain Molyneux / Vyvyan Ayrs / Timothy Cavendish / Korean Musician / Prescient 2
  • Hugo Weaving known as Haskell Moore / Tadeusz Kesselring / Bill Smoke / Nurse Noakes / Boardman Mephi / Old Georgie
  • Jim Sturgess known as Adam Ewing / Poor Hotel Guest / Megan’s Dad / Highlander / Hae-Joo Chang / Adam (Zachry’s Brother-in-Law)
  • Doona Bae known as Tilda / Megan’s Mom / Mexican Woman / Sonmi-451 / Sonmi-351 / Sonmi Prostitute
  • Ben Whishaw known as Cabin Boy / Robert Frobisher / Store Clerk / Georgette / Tribesman
  • Keith David known as Kupaka / Joe Napier / An-kor Apis / Prescient
  • James D’Arcy known as Young Rufus Sixsmith / Old Rufus Sixsmith / Nurse James / Archivist
  • Xun Zhou known as Talbot (Hotel Manager) / Yoona-939 / Rose
  • David Gyasi known as Autua / Lester Rey / Duophysite
  • Susan Sarandon known as Madame Horrox / Older Ursula / Yusouf Suleiman / Abbess
  • Hugh Grant known as Rev. Cloud Atlas 2012 Giles Horrox / Hotel Heavy / Lloyd Hooks / Denholme Cavendish / Seer Rhee / Kona Chief
  • Robert Fyfe known as Old Salty Dog / Mr. Cloud Atlas 2012 Meeks / Prescient 1
  • Martin Wuttke known as Mr. Cloud Atlas 2012 Boerhaave / Guard / Leary the Healer
  • Robin Morrissey known as Young Cavendish
  • Brody Nicholas Lee known as Javier Gomez / Jonas / Zachry’s Older Nephew (as Brody Lee)
  • Ian van Temperley known as Enforcer
  • Amanda Walker known as Veronica
  • Ralph Riach known as Ernie
  • Andrew Havill known as Mr. Cloud Atlas 2012 Hotchkiss
  • Tanja de Wendt known as Mrs. Cloud Atlas 2012 Hotchkiss
  • Raevan Lee Hanan known as Little Girl with Orison at Papa Song’s / Catkin / Zachry Relative 1
  • Götz Otto known as Groundsman Withers
  • Niall Greig Fulton known as Haskell Moore’s Dinner Guest 2 / Mozza Hoggins
  • Louis Dempsey known as Haskell Moore’s Dinner Guest 3 / Jarvis Hoggins
  • Martin Docherty known as Haskell Moore’s Dinner Guest 4 / Eddie Hoggins
  • Alistair Petrie known as Haskell Moore’s Dinner Guest 1 / Musician / Felix Finch / Lascivious Businessman
  • Zhu Zhu known as Megan Sixsmith / 12th Star Clone
  • Sylvestra Le Touzel known as Haskell Moore’s Dinner Guest 5 / Nurse Judd / Aide in Slaughtership
  • Jojo Schöning known as Papa Song Punk
  • Laura Vietzen known as Young Ursula
  • Thomas Kügel known as Ursula’s Father
  • Marie Rönnebeck known as Ursula’s Daughter
  • Ruby Kastner known as Young Girl
  • Emma Werz known as Ursula’s Granddaughter
  • Mya-Lecia Naylor known as Miro (as Mya-Leica Naylor)
  • Korbyn Hawk Hanan known as Adam Grandson (as Korbyn Hanan)
  • Katy Karrenbauer known as Axwoman
  • Dulcie Smart known as Ursula’s Mother / Herbalist
  • Anna Holmes known as Scientist / Executive
  • Shaun Lawton known as Secretary
  • Moritz Berg known as Porter
  • Gigi Lee known as Zachry Relative
  • Genevien Lee known as Zachry Relative
  • Cody Benjamin Lee known as Zachry Relative (as Cody Lee)
  • Heike Hanold-Lynch known as Nurse Judd Look-a-Like
  • Victor Solé known as Mr. Cloud Atlas 2012 Roderick (as Victor Esteban Sole)
  • Kristoffer Fuss known as Lead Enforcer
  • Marco Albrecht known as Scan Enforcer
  • Gary McCormack known as Crane Operator
  • David Mitchell known as Union Spy
  • Bethany Apedaile known as Extra (uncredited)
  • Willie Bennie known as Taxi Driver (uncredited)
  • Jerome Boyle known as Male Nurse (uncredited)
  • Hannah Cooper-Dean known as News Reporter (uncredited)
  • Zsuzsanna Cseh known as Young Girl (uncredited)
  • Jon Donahue known as Moore’s Accountant / Finch’s Friend (uncredited)
  • Heiko Lehmann known as Enforcer (uncredited)
  • Valérie Lillibeth known as Muse of the Lemon Prize Winner (uncredited)
  • Barry Arthur McKay known as Student (uncredited)
  • Joseph Anthony McKenna known as Maudsley (uncredited)
  • Jeremy Paxman known as Himself – Newscaster (uncredited)
  • Daniele Rizzo known as Co-Worker in San Francisco (uncredited)
  • Lyly Schoettle known as Heroclone 02 (uncredited)
  • Yuna Shin known as Korean Computer (voice) (uncredited)
  • Liz Strange known as Newscaster (uncredited)
  • Alexander Yassin known as Board Member / Indian Party Guest / Papa Song Guest (uncredited)



Cloud Atlas (2012) Filmography links and data courtesy of The Internet Movie Database

Based on the best-selling novel, and from the creators of The Matrix Trilogy and the director of Run Lola Run, Cloud Atlas explores how the actions and consequences of individual lives impact one anot...
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